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Every kid, including his tender body. Therefore, it is very important that there is exclusively positive energy around it. But the development of the child depends directly on the overall design of the interior, including.

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For example, on the walls of the famous M. Curie were lessons in physics, which she had studied since childhood. Naturally, on this subject she became the best in the school years, as the formulas told by the teachers she already knew by heart. And it turned out that, maybe even an accidental parental act, but how much it entailed.

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So, we offer to view photos of children's bedrooms, as well as listen to the advice of specialists regarding the design of the children's bedroom.


How to arrange a children's bedroom correctly?

Registration should be thought through in advance. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account some nuances.

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· Literally from the age of four, personal space is very important for every kid. Nevertheless, for this you do not need to re-equip either storerooms or closets. If you can not separate the room, we recommend making a corner in the main room. The task is to organize comfort. To create this corner, use a screen, a cabinet or even, put a wall from the GCR. The wall may not be up to the ceiling height. To allow air to circulate freely, leave some space at the top. Look at the photo of the interior of the children's bedroom to be inspired by original and interesting ideas.


· It is very important and what kind of wallpaper you choose in this room. It is not recommended to experiment with bright variants. After all, for children "brightness" will be enough after walking down the street. Accordingly, in his room, in his personal space, the situation should be more calm and quiet. The choice for the design of a children's bedroom for children can be left on a pastel color scheme. To make the interior look more fresh, you can use bright pillows. A variety of color cases will also help. Read: Gray bedroom - photo of the best interiors of the bedroom in gray


· With all this, it is important to remember that the quality should be very good. Materials for this should be used environmentally friendly. For example, it can be dispersion types of paints, wallpapers. If your baby loves to show creativity on the walls of his room, we recommend to paste them with a paper, or buy a special board for this kind of creativity. It is important to explain to the kid where he should draw. Cloth also timely update, as it is "filling".


· Do not forget that the kid spends a lot of time on the floor, which should be warm and comfortable. Today it is not difficult to find suitable carpeting. Here you can build on your own preferences, and on the environmental friendliness of materials. But the main criterion is the issue of hypoallergenic products.


· You should also remember that this is the room, first of all. Do not make it expensive items. After all, you just have to follow every movement of the baby so that he does not touch anything else, break it, etc.

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When designing a children's bedroom, we also recommend that you consider all the needs of your baby. Despite the fact that the choice of materials and other things for decorating a room, depends very much on your financial capabilities, you need to be aware of some points.

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There should not be anything traumatic. Furniture is always with quality fittings, the bolts do not stick out anywhere, the handles are very beautiful. Children's furniture should be child's, and not some old sofa.


Furniture is necessarily functional. For example, for the first time the child will have enough beds / sofas with a closet, drawers / shelves for toys. But, over time, he will need more and more items. So, you need to buy more cabinets for textbooks and books, a writing / computer desk, etc. An excellent variant of furniture here - modern transformers.


Even if you are building a children's bedroom for two kids, do not forget that there can not be chaos in the house. However, it can only be minimized. For toys, be sure to stock up the box, for the dolls - for the house, for the cars - for the garage. This will turn into a game every cleanup!


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