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What is the classics of the room? This, in fact, a combination of types of design, among them may be present Empire, Rococo, etc.

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That is, the classic bedroom is a synthesis of many design directions.

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Basic principles of classics

Symmetry of the location of objects

All the details of those taking part in the interior must be arranged in a single composition. The disorder of their placement in the classics is unacceptable. Just the entire image of the bedroom will be destroyed.

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The decorators are able to perform the bedrooms in different styles, basically it will be:

  • bright classic bedroom;
  • dark classical bedroom.

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Colors in the bedroom

When decorating a bedroom it makes sense to give preference to warm colors. It is advisable to use yellow, peach or olive shades. The decorator should avoid using color contrasts.

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Material used in finishing a classic bedroom

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When constructing a beautiful classic bedroom, you need to be prepared to use a lot of wood.

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It is used for furniture, as wall and floor coverings, while using expensive varieties of wood - oak, beech, Karelian birch and others. For decoration of wood, bronze or golden coatings are used, mother of pearl is widely used.

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In addition to wood, natural stone and metal are widely used.

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Without stucco, the bedroom in the classical style will lose a lot. In the photo of a bedroom in a classical style, you can see various details of the interior. To produce it, use gypsum or polyurethane.

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Accessories and architectural elements

The interior of the bedroom in the classical style is unthinkable without decorative items. Decorators try to use as many vases, statuettes, paintings, engravings, etc.

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The design of the bedroom in the classical style implies the use of architectural elements such as arches; colonnades. Of course, for their installation, the room should have a large area.

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Of course, one of the main places in the design of the classic bedroom is occupied by antiques. It can be mirrors, watches, massive baguettes, etc.

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When carrying out work on the finishing of premises it is advisable to use such materials as:

  • Venetian plaster coating;
  • ceramic elements;
  • natural and artificial stone;
  • paint and varnish materials of reserved tones.

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Modern classic bedrooms are finished with wallpaper. For decoration it is advisable to use high-quality materials, for example, including fabric.

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Most importantly, they should not be too bright. It is not uncommon for some customers to use decorative painting instead of wallpaper. As it is used ornaments made in a strict style.

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Floor and floor covering

Classic bedroom interior is unthinkable without the use of appropriate floor and ceiling coverings. For the flooring, parquet tiles or boards are most often used, which are made from valuable types of wood.

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Ceiling, as a rule, perform in light shades. Ideal is the white ceiling in the white classic bedroom. Even in ancient times, ceilings are used to arrange ceilings.

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It is allowed to use paint and varnish coatings, but the foundation will have to be brought to an ideal state. On the surface of the ceiling there will be no stucco.

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Furniture for a classic bedroom

In numerous photographs you can see which elements are used to decorate the bedrooms. If it has enough area, then it makes sense to use the full set of headset.

Traditional Chinese Bedroom Interior Design

The center of the bedroom, of course, is the bed. As a rule, it is installed in the center of the room. In its design it is permissible to use carved components. Classic bedroom furniture has a somewhat heavy look, but it is easy to use.

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By the way, many decorators use simple bedspreads for the bed, especially for those designs that are densely decorated with decorative elements. In addition to the bed, a wardrobe, curbstones, ottomans and much more must be installed in the room.

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Application of tissues

When designing a bedroom, the wide use of fabrics is appropriate. To do this, apply velvet, satin, silk, etc.

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