Combined bedroom wallpaper

Most often, the interior of the bedroom is associated with a very calm and often modest design.

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Mostly during the repair work is carried out with a very small room, where it is possible to place only a minimal set of necessary furniture. The interior of the bedroom with combined wallpaper in the familiar walls carries a special cosiness, novelty.

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Consider a new version of the finishing of the bedroom - the use of combined wallpaper. The solution is convenient because it saves money, but the interior is fresh.

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How to realize the long-standing dream of a modern bedroom design in reality, using a combined wallpaper in the bedroom of 2017?

Material selection

When viewing the numerous building catalogs, eyes are simply scattered, especially if an option is chosen when wallpaper is used in two different ways.

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What factors are important? First of all, the environmental friendliness of the material, as well as the performance characteristics.

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Sleeping is a place where there are no unfavorable factors, in particular such as temperature changes, unpleasant odors, high humidity, and therefore most likely, the wallpaper will be safe.

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Actually, because the surface of the walls are finished can be absolutely any kind of material. With all this, take note of how often the bedroom will be repaired.

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In the bedroom can be used fabric wallpaper, paper and non-woven fabric. It is necessary to carefully choose a vinyl wallpaper, liquid, because the repair will quickly become faded.

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In a certain care need fabric wallpaper, paper, but with this, the option is more eco-friendly. Even paper-based wallpaper looks very attractive today. Their main advantage, a very reasonable cost.

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Two types of wallpaper and their combination

Welcome wallpapers for the bedroom combined, because thanks to such a solution it is easy to open new facets for your imagination.

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To be the right choice, it is important to use special samplers of the wallpaper you like, combining them to see if the combination is successful or not, and you should look for other options.

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To be successful it turned out the option, it is important to pay attention to the thickness of the wallpaper. In addition, you need to think over the masking of joints in advance.

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Color combination

Before you start to combine wallpaper, creating the very unique design of the room, it is important to choose the color scheme of the future room.

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Do you want to add passion to your spouse? In this case, it is better to use red, pink, orange, but in moderation. The basis for the design of the wall colors are not, but only as an accent.

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The main purpose of sleeping is a serene time, and therefore you should choose warm and calm tones, as an example, white, brown.

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If the working area is in the room, then blue and green are selected.

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If you like more evening time, then it is necessary to decorate the room in this style, the combination of blue, the color of the sunset, and if inspiration comes in the morning, then you should choose light yellow colors, pink, light green, coral.

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The combined bedrooms are considered before the first steps are taken to implement the new project. The combination of wallpaper is carefully considered. So, maybe a combination of monochrome materials, but it looks much more impressive combination of monochrome wallpaper with a similar background color, but with a pattern.

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Unacceptable combinations

What does a stylish modern interior look like? To ensure that it has turned out, you should avoid certain mistakes. The design is thought through to the smallest detail, and an awful combination is not permissible in the wallpaper.

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These combinations are not used:

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Neatly combined warm shades with cool shades, if in the rainbow palette they are distant from each other, as an example, green with purple, or blue with red.

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Different stylistic colors, for example, pink with steel, yellow with brown.

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When we combine the wallpaper in the bedroom, we stick to these rules, remembering that there can always be an exception. If you are chosen the best, in your opinion, the combination of colors, and you are delighted with it, then use it boldly. The basic rule is a harmonious design.

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Successful options

Do not just find the best combination? Is it bad to spoil the interior with a choice? In this case, the ideal solution for wallpaper, which is not like the background, is to cover the ledges and niches, the partitions.

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Of course, it is worthwhile to work out the layout of the room, create niches and partitions, so that in the end the interior was fresh and original.

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In the photo of the combined bedrooms, you can see how harmoniously combined wallpaper in one tone with photo wallpapers. If the wallpaper will be in the bedroom, it is important to choose the right color, and stylistics.

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Masking the shortcomings of the bedroom

If the room is oblong, then the parameters are aligned by combining the tone of the wallpaper.

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Use shades of the same color - dark and slightly lighter. Dark-colored wallpapers are glued to wide walls, and to narrow the same wallpaper, but a couple of tones are lighter.

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The combined ceiling in the bedroom has returned to fashion again. A solution can be realized by using new materials, for example, liquid wallpaper is selected in the tone of the walls.

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Most often glued to the ceiling wallpaper on a non-woven basis, because they also look like expensive plaster.

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Often, when combined wallpaper two tones, textures, and used for bedroom furniture, that is, when the suite, as an example, a light shade, but on the facade there are inserts of natural wood. This design perfectly complements any modern environment.

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Remember that you need to apply a decor such as fringe, baguette, tape, to hide all the defects that appeared during the pasting of the material. In addition, such a decor makes the design more harmonious.

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Picture of a combined bedroom

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