Curtains for the bedroom - 100 photos of the best novelties

You have just a wonderful opportunity to dress up your bedroom with the help of a selection of our photo curtains in the bedrooms!

curtains for bedroom

Modern curtains - universal!

In those models that are produced for today, included a huge number of styles and types, corresponding to a different interior. Thanks to this diversity, everyone can make the right choice, regardless of what exactly is being talked about, kitchen curtains or curtains in the bedroom. After all, colors, a variety of colors and patterns are the most unique! And, first of all, before you buy curtains, you should choose the option of the cornice, which must necessarily harmonize not only with the color, but with the design with all the decorative elements of the room.

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Typically, the design of bedroom curtains has a very important aesthetic role, decorating the room. In addition, to date, curtains can play a significant role and from the practical side. Thanks to the continuous improvement of the production of textiles, as well as the development of designs, modern types of curtains are decorative and functional.

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They can very well isolate sound waves, rays of light, and also retain heat. Based on what you prefer color, material, composition, sewing quality, the room can be made more joyful or calmer, warmer or colder, but you can also play by the amount of space by making it more or less visually.


In the representations of modern design, you can see a minimum of decor, where completely blank walls, and the lines are clean. At the same time, such aspects are only some in the modern world. For bedrooms is used many different materials, as well as styles that have their own characteristics. So, for example, among the popular trends is the bedroom in the style of the seventies. Here it is customary to mix, as you have already noticed in the photo designs of curtains for bedrooms, the best of that time in an updated, modern form, while using a rather colorful and bright palette of colors. If you choose this option of a modernized bedroom, the curtains are ideal for brown tones, while the blue and pastel shades will not be categorical.


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Classics - always remains

The classic bedroom looks always gorgeous, very beautiful and elegant and spacious, there is nothing superfluous here. In such a room is calm and stable, which is quite important for each of us. On the other hand, there are still drawbacks to which the high cost of design applies. Indeed, this style is the most expensive among the most popular and famous. You can judge this by furniture, among which there should be only natural products, from natural materials. Quite often it is made for individual orders. The same goes for curtains, curtains. For classic interior design methods, not only the novelties of bedroom curtains are chosen, but it is also important to carefully choose the fabrics used, they must be heavy, complemented necessarily with full / half transparent tulle. With / without lambrequins - the case of each individual case, as well as the options for their finishing. The limit in the design of some and maybe, of course. But, this applies only to the peculiarities of each style solution.


Most often these curtains are silk or velvety, made of chintz, jacquard or brocade. In some cases, you can use silk with taffeta, at the same time with flax and cotton, to accent the details. The main feature is that all elements must be very harmoniously combined. As for textiles, the materials should be at least "somewhere" similar to each other.


Accordingly, if the curtains are sewn from a shiny version of fabrics, other items can not be made in cotton / linen. The most ideal variant when using the same color scale, differing in different shades. For example, an excellent option would be to decorate the bedroom with light furniture, complemented by curtains of blue color, or cherry.

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The basis of classics is in order and balance and harmony is necessary in everything. A tradition is necessarily born. Do not use modern elements, as well as new trends. Here the task is to create a symmetry, which should be ideal, given the curtains with lighting and other small things. Everything should be just perfect! When the designer has already chosen the focus of the bedroom, already starting from it, the arrangement of other objects is made, so that the overall impression is strengthened. Among the popular options, the colors of curtains in the bedroom are noted: dark blue, and dark green, as well as grass / earth, brown.

In Empire-style bedroom curtains necessarily chosen luxurious, their fabrics are rich, with a variety of drawings, and the color spectrum is quite rich. The features are: symmetry and the use of fringe, drapery, satin ribbons, lambrequins, ties with tassels. It is quite appropriate to use wreaths from laurels, torches and various military attributes. Cornices have original shapes, they can be silver or bronze, gold.


Fantasies of lavender

Provence is a French style, where a variety of ruffles, plant motifs, pastel variants are used together with bright tones to create accents. This style will give you thoughts about the fields with lavender, groves with olives.

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A set of bedroom curtains here is able to create a kind of charm in the room. The veil of their cotton in creamy, white, with delicate notes of lilac or amethyst / dark green, will give the room warmth, filling it with lavender aroma. The so-called rustic style in the modern way of decoration has acquired new notes. Fabrics must be used natural, they can be decorated with flowers, other patterns, for example, a cage, a strip, different in size with peas.


"Simple" curtains

If you do not like the above options, and you prefer certain colors, lines, look at the options for decorating photos of modern curtains in the bedrooms. Minimalism is a modern and fairly practical style, where high organization is not required. To the room was monochrome and clear, you should choose the right curtains on the windows. Adhere to the rule that everything should be in one color. Ideal curtains in white, cream shade, giving a dreamy room.

drapes, curtains

As for the transparent curtains, they can be of different thicknesses. Nevertheless, in each individual case, you should choose exactly what you need. After all, one of their main purposes is to protect the premises from the sun, letting only the amount of light that is necessary.


Select the curtains based on the size of the window opening, which must be closed, while focusing on the design of the entire bedroom. Use variations of warm, bright colors, for example, yellow, beige, kiwi or orange, if the windows from the bedroom go to the north side, or there are no large open surfaces in it.

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Bright interior

Nevertheless, there are some moments thanks to which the white color in the interior is always in a trend! Many people like it, and they apply it in many houses, regardless of the chosen interior style. The main advantages of white are openness, purity and brightness, even on the floor, even on the ceiling.


It is so interesting to play with light that the atmosphere is created not only white, but also yellow, and the visual space looks very spacious. If you decide to choose white curtains, conduct a thorough analysis of the interior of your own bedroom. White is cold or warm. Very popular shades like ivory, alabaster, parchment, eggshell.


Stylish beige

It happens that the beige and its various shades simply do not pay much attention, choosing the finishing materials. But with the help of its warm range, deep shades are supplemented. If you choose curtains in the interior of the bedroom in soft colors, they will perfectly blend in with the cool beige on the walls, while the room will look very elegant and spectacular. In the modern method of design use beige with gray, where the second - is the background.


If the bedroom is spacious and large, the curtains can be dark, contrasting with the wall materials. If they are in the same color scheme, while necessarily bright, the room will visually look larger.


Blue color for health

Despite the fact that many people like this color, in the design of rooms it is not always risky to use. After all, with him the room can look cold and unfriendly. Although, if the design is designed correctly, you can be sure of the comfort of the fresh, relaxing environment. It is very important in this case to choose exactly the shade that suits you, and also it should be combined with other interior elements. Curtains should be chosen in cold blue shades for the organization of "fresh" space. If you choose warm shades, then the windows should go to the northern part of the world.


Blue is the color of the sea with air, it is positive, alive. Making the bedroom in blue shades will help to make your sleep sound and relaxed. Since visually blue curtains are capable of increasing space, it is justifiable to use them in small bedrooms, as well as in the case of small windows. Blue contributes to the organization of thoughts, calming the psyche. The option is just perfect for decorating a children's room, and even more so if the baby is active enough.

Green Tones

This shade is great for bedrooms, which are decorated with a maximum of three different colors. It is worth considering that in the bedrooms people not only sleep, there are also couples for love, which means that comfort must be mandatory. Since men with women are different, and this manifests itself in interior design. In this case, green will be an excellent compromise. After all, it is neutral, acts like a good sedative. By the way, as in other variants, it also has the most successful shades for the design of bedrooms, namely: lime, green tea, olive, brown / yellow tint, emerald, malachite, pistachio color.

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For example, against the background of very dark furniture, even black, the green ones will not be too pronounced. But, if the set is made in light variations, then the game of contrasts will only be on hand. If the room windows are facing north, there will be an excellent choice of curtains of pastel shade.


Red Tones

For those who love bright colors, red color in the bedroom will be an excellent option, despite the fact that it has a somewhat aggressive impact on the person's mental and emotional state. But in fact there are a lot of variety in red shades!


According to the recommendations of designers, it is still red alternating with different versions of neutral, light colors. It is important that it is harmoniously combined in the main interior of the room. You can see the variants of such decorations in the selection of our photos. The ideal option for decorating a bedroom with red is dark red in curtains, and a forged bed, on which there will be expensive textiles of exactly the same color!

Curtains of what colors to choose in the bedroom?

Because this room is the soul of a home, it must be beautiful and sensual. As a rule, most of the strength of mankind is not too choosy to room design. Not every man can immediately give an answer as to the color of the curtains in the bedroom. Therefore, it is best to deal with the female sex.

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Nevertheless, there are some nuances about the design of the color scheme, which you should know about. So, girls with blond hair blond, look great against the background of blue or lavender. The brunette is decorated with peach or pink, but also lavender. People with very ruddy cheeks do not fit green. As for the yellow, they do not need to make out the bedroom, even though he is able to cheer up and perfectly raise the mood.


People, whose taste qualities are developed at a very high level, create the most wonderful variants of interior solutions, adding curtains in the color of violet / lilac.


Based on the main recommendations in our article, create your own unique, chic interior bedroom and enjoy it for a long time!

Curtains in bedrooms101 photos!

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3 window bedroom curtains

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interior of the apartment, interior design.

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off white curtains bedroom

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Pastel Bedroom

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