Delicate bedroom - a pledge of a cozy and warm atmosphere

The light bedroom looks beautiful, contributes to rest and relaxation. To create an original interior in the bedroom, it is important to know and apply a set of rules.

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A bedroom is the main room of any house, because in it a person spends most of his life. The sleeping room must:

  • Create a special comfort for a complete rest.
  • Provide sound insulation so that nothing interferes with sleep.

To fulfill all the requirements, each of the decor elements should be combined and harmonized among themselves, taking into account the color of the room. It is also important to note that there are two ways of decorating the interior in color.

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A gentle bedroom implies that all the interior items are held in a single tonality - pastel. Do not "take" one color in the design, because the light colors are perfectly combined with dark accents.

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If even on a clear day it seems to you that the room is somehow dark, then the bedroom should be made in light colors.

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Proper lighting is being created. Artificial light should be scattered, soft, but in due quantity. To solve the task, a chandelier is used, which emits milk light.

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To read a book before going to bed, you need to take care of the lamps near the bed.

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The color solution of the bedroom must be selected correctly. It is worth giving preference to this or that color, which will become the base color. As an example, gentle wallpaper in the bedroom can be white, gray.

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In the interior, the color will prevail, but there must be companion tones. Some of the interior items can be chosen in dark colors, black. In a bright bedroom looks nice bed, whose back is forged.

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To light was sleeping, you need to use a different surface texture. Ideal - a mirror ceiling.

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The most suitable for the bedroom in gentle colors is the color - white, because as a whole it pulls together the color scheme of the room.

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Regarding furniture, it should be said that the headset should be compact and functional, and preferably executed in light color.

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It should be said that the design of the bedroom in gentle tones assumes the use of a corner space. Thus the room can be zoned according to its need, as an example, you can select a workplace, a corner table.

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Zoning elements can be as ready-made furniture designs, light, sometimes completely non-compact, and cheap, made by themselves.

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A bedroom in gentle colors with beautiful lighting will be an ideal place for rest, comfortable sleep - all this is the key to a successful selection of cabinet furniture, as well as a thoughtful arrangement.

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Furniture обязательно согласовывается по цвету с иными элементами комнаты, а также дополняет их.

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What is the main thing in the interior of the bedroom in gentle colors? Of course, the color solution.

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If light colors predominate, it is necessary to avoid extremes, in particular:

  • The effect of the "operating room" - the room will be quite uncomfortable.
  • Blurred spots - monotony bores, eyes become tired, and therefore should be dark accents.
  • Not be dominated by saturated colors, yet the basis is taken by pastel and white.

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To successfully combine interior items, you need to rely on your own taste, but in case of doubt, it is better to seek help from the designer, which will tell you how to make a gentle bedroom design.

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Ideas дизайнеров помогут в ходе проектирования дизайна спальной, где ценится каждый свободный сантиметр площади.

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Designing a delicate interior of the bedroom, you can and should apply various kinds of additions to the selected base to revitalize the color:

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Used techniques:

An interesting contrast is the dark floor with furniture of light colors, walls and white ceiling.

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In the bedroom there must be elements that attract the eye.

interior of the apartment, interior design.

Plants, images of animals contribute to the "revival" of the interior. In addition, the motives of movement, water, for example, photo waves, contribute to the design of the sleeping variety.

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Gently and cozy will look like a bedroom, if a basic light color with elements of red is added. The bedroom will be beautiful if there is a combination of white color and tarakot.

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Of course, the options are even greater, and all can not be counted.

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Bright interiors, well planned and executed - the result of inspiration, as well as modern textile elements, finishing, thanks to which the same coziness is created, as well as a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

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In general, to create a bright room, it is important to take into account a number of nuances: the first place is the functionality of furniture, as well as the correct color solution. In numerous pictures of a gentle bedroom you can see firsthand what you mean.

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