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Designing a bedroom interior for a child is quite a creative process, but it's very interesting and responsible. After all, this room will be your first baby room in your kid, in which he will spend most of his time. We offer to consider the photo design of children's bedrooms, how original and unusual it is possible to decorate such an interior.

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When you start repair work in the nursery, it is important to understand that you will need to create such spaces, where all your own preferences will be combined, in harmony with the interior of your housing, but at the same time, so that the child will be provided with everything necessary for full development .


We plan a children's room

If you are planning the apartment before you start living in it, or doing a complete renovation of all rooms, think about the fact that the children's room must be spacious enough and well lit by the room. After all, for the full development of the baby is very important the availability of free space and a large amount of light! If you have chosen a room with dark corners, you should immediately get rid of them using different versions of the lighting devices, as well as the decor. This will help create a fairly cheerful atmosphere and mood. In the room should be "incendiary"!


This room is conditionally divided into three parts: a zone of games, for training and rest (sleep).


To visually distinguish these spaces there are special methods. But, the choice depends on your fantasies, preferences and opportunities from a financial point of view. The easiest way is to use different color scales in each functional area. Also an interesting option is to make podiums that will be on different levels.


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Depending on how active your baby is, you should choose a wall finish. The wallpaper is better to choose a special - washable type. Or you can provide a special place on the wall, glue it with a paper on which the child will depict his works of art.


For the floor, choose non-variegated coatings. If you prefer a carpet, it is better that he had a low pile, so there will be less dust, and caring for him will be much easier, easier and faster. At the same time, the carpet should be warm, because the kids are very often played on the floor.


When designing the interior of a children's bedroom, it is worth considering that the child grows and develops very quickly. That is why it is necessary to plan the space of his room as if "in advance". Choosing one or another variant of registration, ask yourself the question, for example, and whether my son / daughter will come up after five years ?.

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At the same time, for the universality of the interior, the items must be strict in the room, and also they should last long enough.

This applies not only to finishing materials, but also to furniture and other things. But as for the very childhood, this can be done with the help of some decorative elements, for example: curtains and pillows, your baby's drawings, funny illustrations and stickers, carpets and other things that can be easily removed, or simply replaced with something different.

The room of my daughter

Of course, every parent wants his child to have all the best. Accordingly, decorating the bedroom for the daughter is quite exciting. We recommend you to listen to our advice so that you can easily cope with this task.

  • Do not stick to stereotypes, making out the design of the children's interior for the daughter. It's not necessary for pink colors to be used inside the interior. Consider other options for pastel shades, such as: melted milk, sky blue, light yellow, milky apricot, etc. After all, such variations of colors can be very easily diluted with bright decorative elements.
  • For girls, the presence of some beautiful things is important, which can be supplemented by using nice and interesting accessories. Yes Yes! It's about soft toys, hearts with bows, stars with flowers and ryushikami! At the head of the crib bed little girl can hang a canopy, sketch a beautiful little pillow, spread great children's stickers on the walls, buy a beautiful girl's bed linen. It is important to think over so that everything between itself is originally combined with the interior of the whole bedroom.

Depending on the age of the child, one should also take into account the fact that girls like to participate in the process of registration of their "own housing"! So, if the walls are empty, your baby will probably want to hang some posters or posters there, paste photos, or postcards. All this must be thought out in advance. Accordingly, for photos it is necessary to prepare one place, equip some interesting variants of fixtures and shelves. Also do not forget that there will be a creative process. Therefore, special notes can be created for notes in advance. board.

  • Lighting needs to be thought through and organized very carefully. Lighting devices should be many and let them be everywhere: near the bed, the table, the mirror, on / in the closet.


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The girls insanely like inscriptions on the walls. For example, with the help of a stencil can put her name, the characters of fairy tales. Well, if the daughter is already a teenager, you can put phrases and quotes on the wall ...


Look at the photo of the design of the children's room worthy and interesting versions of what we have listed to understand how this can all look!


Room for a boy

Boys - they are, as a rule, fussy and mischievous, energetic and insane dreamers. Therefore, take into account that in his room should be a lot of space so that he can spill out his energy, at least! It is the modern style that will be the best option to decorate a boy's room. Here, there is no need for pretentious furniture, as in a girl's space. And even vice versa, a functional position combined with practical as well as technological innovation is very important. Let's consider the most interesting variants of design.



If the son is fond of traveling, he likes funny pirates, with crazy interest reading books, or watching movies / cartoons on a similar theme, definitely this option will be just perfect. It simply can not remain indifferent to the various versions of submarines, ships and pirate flags. Here you can use such devices for interior decoration, like: globes and maps, ropes and flags of other countries, a clock in the form of a steering wheel. But another funny element will be a box-chest for toys of the kid, instead of a usual cardboard box.



Of course! Every boy has his own hardships to various kinds of equipment. Some people like cars, some like planes, tanks, trains, cosmic lights and stuff. Choosing furniture for children's bedroom sonny, choose a bed-car, - a train, another masterpiece. In the room you can arrange a variety of wooden models, and on the walls hang bright posters, as a result of which his monastery will have a finished image!


Sport version

If you know that the son is passionate about one of the sports, then there is nothing that his room will be in this topic. Let there will be some thematic necessary items and accessories, for example, a punching bag, hang diplomas and other awards that testify to his achievements, maybe he will like to hang a football poster / o. If space allows, in a children's son you can organize a place for sports, where your little son will conduct independent studies, developing at any time, when he wants.


We make room for two kids

As you have already managed to understand, decorating a child is not a simple task. But if the kids you have not one but two, then the task of interior design will be twice as complicated. It is important to consider the following aspects:

  • What is the age of the child?
  • Boys and / or Girls
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Are there any specific features in their development
  • It is important that all functional areas are equipped in the room


At the point, the age category and the interests of the child will not be emphasized. It is worth paying special attention to zonal division, in which two single / two-sexed babies will live. Everyone needs to organize a place for sleep and rest, for lessons, a storage system, a zone for games, creativity. It is very important to manage, it is most appropriate to organize everything in one room, while the interior should not look somehow overloaded. In turn, each child will be able to show activity in his own way.


Absolutely regardless of the sex of the children, each of them must have their own corner, where the children can dream and play and cry ... It is important that none of them are not deprived of the result of differentiation.


Daughters and sons

If it so happened that you have such an option - gay girls, decorate the interior of their mutual room creatively enough. Here, the style and color solution should somehow harmoniously and appropriately look in relation to each other. Mentally you can divide the room in half, and use for this purpose some kind of partition or color design.

Registration of the room based on the age category of children

Yes, this issue is also important. After all, at each age the child may as well not yet be, and there should be some own vision regarding the design of his housing. Therefore, consider the main age categories and design options for each of them.


Two or three years

Just kind of thought through the design of the bedroom with a baby cot for a baby, how your baby has grown up. Yes, he still can not make a choice about the colors he likes, but that's for sure, we can say with certainty that each of them at this age must "drive" around the room, but how not to jump on the bed! The main criterion in the organization of the room for the baby is the moment regarding its safety. It is important to take care that the furniture is made of hypoallergenic materials, it should also not stick out anything like corners, drawers. Here, it is better to select items inexpensive, and also simple in terms of cleaning.

Childrens Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Four to seven years

Here is a real world that can be grasped at this age! A child under seven runs, jumps, plays, develops, receives guests, learns a lot of new things, makes some discoveries. It is not necessary that the space be strictly divided into zones. So far, a table for which the kid in the future will do homework in school, you can decorate with some beautiful and interesting versions of toys, other trifles. But with the help of bright colors the mood will rise, the child will be stimulated to be much more active. In the interior it is not recommended to apply more than three different color schemes.


Schoolboy. Nine - twelve years

Now the baby becomes more mature, more independent. Yes, and he feels like this. He constantly changes interests and hobbies. From the room now you have to gradually remove a lot of things at all, for example, the same toys that were used for the baby at a very early age. At the same time, you do not need to do anything yourself, according to your own preference. It is very important, regardless of the sex of the child, to consult with him, what he needs, and what does not already exist. You must understand what he would like to see his home. Therefore, the interior should be updated based on his new interests and hobbies.


If the kid likes to draw, and it's good for him, you need to hang the wall with his works. Also it concerns some of his personal achievements, for example: letters of commendation, medals, forgery and other things. It will be not only pleasant for him, but also for you!


Child is a teenager

It is in this period that the process of becoming a person takes place, when the room of your son or daughter must absolutely correspond to his age. Low chair is no longer relevant? It should be replaced with a new, higher one, but instead of a crib, it is already worth installing a sofa. If necessary, equip and workplace by installing a roomy table. The child must take part in all this. Try to find compromises in the choice of colors, furniture, flooring.


Here he will not only sleep. Now this is his living room, study, and also a game room. The plan must be done in advance, so that literally every square centimeter was used for its intended purpose, and the same time, was not a bit cluttered or overloaded. If you have a daughter, it is necessary to provide in its room a spacious version of the dressing room, in which there will be a huge mirror, which is very important. If you have a boy, you must have a computer zone.


When you make repairs in the nursery, you should wait at least a couple of weeks to settle there child. After all, even if you use some kind of safe materials, to weather the chemical. odors will need time so that as a result the child does not feel any ailment!

Design of a children's bedroom 110 photos

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bedroom artistic design for kids bedroom decorating ideas using with regard toKidsBedrooms Ideas BoysKidsBedrooms Ideas Boys Regarding Your property - Modern Real Estate


Kids room with blue sky and white clouds painted on wall and ceiling, double twin beds, green side table with small drawers.

bedroom-kids-room-marvelous-purple-childrens-bedroom-ideas-with-white-wooden-beds-near-white-wooden-cabinet-2-drawer-and-brown-leather-arm-chair-near-bed-also-black-fabric-lounge-2-chairs-on-the-brow bedroom-wonderful-fun-kids-bedroom-design-ideas-with-white-green-egg-shape-bed-and-pillows-also-brown-wooden-nest-shape-bed-frames-also-large-folding-floor-lamp-with-childrens-bedroom-ideas-plus-kids biancomo_003 b-img_6bebbf09bf01 children-bedroom-designs children-bedroom-interior-design-with-furniture-and-wallpaper childrens-bedroom-childrens-bedroom-ideas-for-small-bedrooms-amazing-home-design-and colorful-children-bedroom-design conductor-5-blue-image contemporary-childrens-bedroom-furniture-5 contemporary-shared-childrens-bedroom-design-with-light-wood-accents-loft-beds-and-storage-cabinets-plus-study-desks-contemporary-shared-kids-room-design-ideas-light-wood-accents-child-room-furniture cool-childrens-bedroom-accessories cot 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Colorful interior of playroom. 3d render.

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eike_006 elegant-bedroom-design-for-girls epic-childrens-bedrooms-44-regarding-interior-design-ideas-for-home-design-with-childrens-bedrooms Photo-3-children-with-bunk beds-1 Photo-3-children-with-bunk beds ikea-creative-and-fun-kid-s-room-design__1364308440175-s4 interesting-childrens-bedroom-decor-ideas-for-playing-kids-rooms-with-colorful-interior-design-pretty-modern-inspiration-collection-and-toys-storage-also-purple-fur-rugs-on-wooden-floors interior-cool-design-ideas-of-children-girls-bedroom-with-white-color-wooden-bed-frames-and-headboard-also-silky-purple-color-disney-princess-theme-covered-bedding-sheets-and-pillows-also-fur-carpet-a interior-simple-kids-rooms-design-ideas-with-brown-color-wooden-bed-frame-and-yellow-color-covered-bedding-sheet-and-pillow-also-wall-color-and-combine-with-stripes-pattern-plush-carpet-and-ceramics-f kids-bedroom-bedroom-fancy-white-shared-childrens-bedroom-design-with-pink-nuance-with-small-rooms-decorating-ideas kids-bedroom-cartoon cartoon-themed-bedrooms-ideas-for-kid-review kids-bedroom-designs-kids-room-designs-and-children-kids-children kids-bedroom-modern-child-room-interior-design-ideas-kid-room-modern-teen-bedrooms kids-room-amazing-the-important-appearance-of-the-kids-room-boys-camouflage-bedroom-ideas-bedroom-picture-designs-for-boys-bedrooms-painting-a-boys-bedroom-ideas kirill-03-dub-belford2-1200x900 maxresdefault-1 maxresdefault I'll take a shower wallpaper_for_the_foot_mal__3 original-childrens-bedroom-furniture-for-small-rooms from-1-year-to-years pleasing-ideas-for-childrens-bedrooms-design-with-gray-bedstead-along-white-bed-covers-also-white-upholstered-chairs-and-ottoman-on-the-laminated-wooden-floor-also-gray-wall-paint-color-with-kids-bed rs_dahlia-mahmood-blue-eclectic-kid-room-airplane_3x4-jpg-rend-hgtvcom-966-1288 save-space sexy-bedroom-decor-ideas-childrens-bedroom-decor-ideas-house-design-ideas small-kids-bedroom-childrens-bedroom-ideas-for-small-bedrooms-amazing-home-design-and-on-picture-bedroom-1024x819 bedroom_for_the_ girl_3_0 str_14522 str_14529 stunning-room-separator-ideas-for-childrens-bedroom-interior-designing-collection-with-red-car-shaped-bed-on-wooden-flooring-spaces-also-round-rugs-and-flat-television-unit-ideas two-kids-room13 unusual-kids-bedroom-modern-design-fire-truck-shape-bunk-bed-design-brown-red-colors-bed-frames-dark-wooden-laminated-floor-plush-rug-beige-wall-paint-color-recessed-ceiling-lights-kids-bedrooms-idea varietta_006 win_for_detsk in-pictures in the interior of the children's room design-nursery-room-0019

Interior design of the children's room of the girl with a lock

Interior design of the children's room of the girl with a lock

interior-nursery-room-for-girl fairy tale1 sovremennye-di-10

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