Design of a small bedroom - 95 photo interior design

None of us should underestimate the surrounding interior. And even more so when it comes to the bedrooms. As a result of conducting psychological tests it is proved that the emotional influence of the environment on us is very strongly influenced. Accordingly, the surrounding interior plays a huge role in the life of each of us. And even if your bedroom is very small, it must be cozy and comfortable for spending time in it. We offer to understand the ways of decorating bedrooms in small rooms, as well as view the options for the proposed photo design of a small bedroom. In addition to the basic rules for the design of interior design, we will tell you how to choose the right furniture with wallpaper, as well as how to expand the space of the room.


Advantages and disadvantages of small bedrooms

As a rule, the usual options for apartments do not please their inhabitants, including owners. Low ceilings, narrow windows, and in general the area of ​​the room basically always wants only the best. And often such "negative" moments characterize directly Khrushchev. At the same time, such shortcomings can be elementaryly turned into great advantages.


If the room is small, it is very easy to create cozy nests, where everyone will want to constantly strive after a hard working weekday for a speedy rest in the company of a loved one.


Among other things, decorating the bedroom is a chic occasion to show others how beautiful you are in this matter. The fact is that here are solved such tasks that there is no need to solve in rooms with large dimensions, for example, visual enlargement of the room, the choice of color and its harmonious combination with the whole interior, as well as the selection of furniture. Doing such a thing will bring a lot of pleasure and pleasure!


What color is most suitable for a bedroom

The main purpose of the room is rest. Accordingly, the color scheme here should be calm, not loaded, pacified, and even relaxing to some extent.


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It is generally accepted that light shades are ideal for tired looks. In addition, they also increase the space visually, which is very important for the interior of small bedrooms. In addition, it's not just about white or beige, it's all about options. What you like only, if only they were bright! Thanks to them, the room will be bright and creative. To be inspired, see the options for photos of small bedrooms presented in our catalog.


You should understand that each color can be either warm or cold. The first used in the bedrooms facing the north side, but with cold shades make out the rooms that face south. At the same time, the interior will not look very boring if it is diversified with colored accents, contrasting with the general color mood. For example, you can emphasize the wall at the head of the bed, painting it with a bright color option, use juicy wallpaper, put a carpet on the wall or buy a dark-colored coverlet that will stand out among the walls of pastel color, as well as furniture products.


Furniture for a small bedroom

Since there are few places in the bedroom, you need to use a minimum amount of furniture. Of course, the bed must be. But, in order to create the impression of relatively not too much clutter of space, choose such models in which there are no legs. Such options will look less than usual, and ceilings will visually appear higher. For example, if the bedroom is small, and it is designed for children, it is worth buying a bed of two tiers. But modern designers offer a variety of options for multi-functional furniture:

  • Variants of bedside tables, combined with shelves. They store things - such are a closed option. For books or decorative items / items - open shelves are best suited.
  • The built-in model of the sliding-door wardrobe, which has a mirror door, will contain any things you need. They help visually expand the room, and also replace the mirror near the night model of the table. Of course, if you do not have too many things, you can choose a chest of drawers. You can also use boxes under the bed as a storage system.

The furnishings of a small bedroom

To begin with, it is important to understand what kind of center you will have for the compositions. Naturally, in the bedroom it is a bed. Of course, for her already there can be and chosen a certain place, in this case it will not be difficult to arrange other furniture. In the central part of the room it is necessary to leave free space, so that the room is not overloaded. Best of all, when the furniture will be installed right along the entire perimeter of the bedroom. If you decide to put bedside tables, choose options that do not exceed the height of the bed.

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Making a modern small bedroom, do not choose the options for bright and contrasting tones, which will be painted your walls, as well as furniture. It is very important to choose so that the shades between each other harmoniously. Color choose some light, but not white. But if you choose the options of light squat furniture, then the height of the ceilings you will seem to be higher. Decorative elements use the minimum amount. There should not be any details that will clutter the space. Let there be only one accent in the room that attracts attention, but it should not be in the central part of the room. Place it in one of the far corners to make the perspective visually added.


If the selected accent is elongated and vertical, the height of the ceilings in the bedroom will appear to be higher.


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Consider also the fact that the upholstery on furniture, as well as any textiles on which there will be a large picture, will look absolutely ridiculous and inappropriate in a small bedroom. It is best if you stop on the option of non-contrast or small ornaments.


What ways to visually increase space?

If your bedroom is not too large, do not get too upset about it. In order to visualize the room seemed more or vice versa, less, you can use some of the techniques with which we will introduce you.


Using mirrors and glass elements in the style of a small bedroom

In this issue, the mirror is given the main role. It can be the only one hanging on the wall, or on the door of the closet. This method will perfectly add volume, but if there are several small mirrors on the wall, they are able to break the space, while its faces are hidden. To make the room look as light as possible and more, it's best to hang the mirrors in front of the windows. Maybe it's when the room uses a design that simply does not suit the use of wall mirrors. In this case, you can use different versions of mirror surfaces, for example, tiles, panels, stained glass.


"Such material as glass is fairly transparent and light, so the space will not be cluttered. You can make some glass elements in furniture, for example, the same shelves, cloths in the door, a coffee table.


Ceiling and walls of gloss

If modern modern designs are taken into consideration, they often use glossy paint, because when it is applied to walls, it is able to visually enlarge the space of the room. But do not overdo it by choosing the color of the material. For example, if you choose some bright and aggressive options, you will most likely have a feeling of fatigue and anxiety. The main task is to choose a pastel shade option so that it does not press too much. But, in this case it is important that there is an ideal even surface. Mirror type of gloss can perfectly refract light rays, giving out any irregularities and flaws visible, because of what it will seem, as if the painting was made completely untidy.


Also, space will help increase the options of glossy stretch ceilings. Combined with perfectly selected lighting options, it seems as if the space is infinite. But if you make a mirror ceiling with an imitation of the starry sky, which will chaotically flicker the lights, will create the impression, as if in a room "a piece of space from space."


Special wallpapers for a small bedroom

Using photo wallpapers, the way we perceive the surrounding space can be deceived. To date, fortunately, there is a huge and diverse selection of such materials, and even those with perspective in a vivid manner. Very often you can see variants with images of landscapes / cities. But, this type of material should be glued to one - an accent wall, it is with her help will be increased room space. If you prefer a promising version of the design, then clearly, it should not be applied to one of the narrow walls in a room of rectangular shape. Thus, you will only contribute to the fact that the premises will get even more elongated shapes, and you will have the impression that you are in a tunnel.


If the space is rather disproportionate, the proportions of the walls can be changed visually if there are strips on the selected wallpaper. For example, horizontal contributes to the expansion, if they are on the wall that is already. If you prefer vertical, the ceilings will visually appear higher.


Also do not fit the wallpaper options, on which the pompous / very large size drawing. Because of the large details, the room seems much smaller in size. But if the wallpaper will be too shiny and ornate, the situation as a whole will be broken. After all, everything in the room will be terribly piled up to look like. It is very important that in small bedrooms it is harmonious, otherwise it will not be cozy there.


Lighting in the idea of ​​a small bedroom design

The question concerning lighting is very important in any room, and even more so if it is a small room with small dimensions. It is not necessary that it should be a classic with a single variant of central lighting. In this case, the room will not be more comfortable. It is best that the lighting be zonal, which will illuminate each of the corners of the room.


If the fixtures are placed on the walls along the entire perimeter, then the ceilings will appear to be much higher visually. By the way, a very good result will be from a variant with multi-level lighting.


Balcony, combined with the bedroom

If you have such an option for planning, you are very lucky. Due to it, the space of the room is not something that visually will seem more, it will be so in fact! If he will be included in the basic design of the bedroom, then he will continue it. In addition, it is an excellent option for furniture placement. Here you can very comfortably and comfortably get a job and read a book, a magazine, or just think about a good ... By the way, if you have any hobby, a hobby, this is a very good option for this kind of classes. Here, and daylight coverage will be many times more.


Interesting design options for small bedrooms

If you are still looking for the options for creating your own bedroom, choosing the most suitable option, you should look at the proposed video options, as well as a photo of the design of a small bedroom. After all, it is here that you can find exactly what you have long dreamed of and this will be the best solution for you. Surely, inspired by fresh ideas, you can not only choose a wardrobe in a small bedroom that you like, but also meet all the needs and preferences. And if you approach the issue with full seriousness and responsibility, the design of your bedroom will envy many residents of the huge bedrooms that are very cold and faceless. After all, that's all, and happiness, to "chase" not for square meters, but to equip coziness in their own housing.


95 photo of a small bedroom design

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