Doors in the bedroom - choose wisely

The bedroom is one of the most important places in the apartment. It is very important to choose a good door to the bedroom, which will serve as a protection for tranquility and personal space.

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And in addition to its functions, it should have an aesthetic appearance, maintain the overall atmosphere of the room.

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The basic rules that should be followed when choosing a door leaf.

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Soundproofing. The most important characteristic that a bedroom door should possess is providing good sound insulation.

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The bedroom by its definition should provide peace and tranquility.

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To do this, the structure of the door should include special noise-absorbing fillers. In addition, it is necessary to ensure a tight fit of the door to the opening along the entire perimeter.

But any effort can become vain if the walls. In turn, well miss the sounds.

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Materials. The most environmentally safe, but at the same time quite expensive material for the door leaf can serve as an array of a tree.

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As a material can serve wood of an oak, a beech, an ash tree and other trees providing beautiful appearance and good noise isolation. Slightly inferior to them because of its structure is an array of pine.

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A cheaper option, but close in quality to the doors from the array, will be doors from MDF.

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They are covered from above with veneer or laminated, so they can be made in different colors and allow you to embody interesting design ideas.

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Depending on the interior of the room can be selected as a dark door to the bedroom, and the light and even white door to the bedroom will look quite modern.

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In addition, you can pick up the interior door to the bedroom, starting from the design of other doors in the living room. Also they are completely non-toxic.

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Doors made of chipboard are less qualitative, but they provide quite good sound and heat insulation, they do not deteriorate due to high humidity. They will be a good option for frequent travel.

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There are also PVC doors (PVC), but they are easy enough to damage.

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Such doors are distinguished by a variety of possible design solutions, which can be assessed by looking at the photos of the doors to the bedroom on various sites on the Internet or shopping.

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Well-proven glass doors or paintings with glass inserts. They add an additional decorative element and are absolutely safe in operation.

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In the production of such doors, tempered glass is used, which is a very durable material due to its structure.

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But even if the glass door to the bedroom somehow breaks, then fragments with safe smooth edges, preventing the possibility of cuts, will be obtained.

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Value for money

The price is a tangible parameter when choosing a door. Since a good product from a quality material will cost more than its analogues that are less resistant to external influences.

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Therefore, it is necessary to decide in advance on what price range and quality you expect.

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In addition to different materials, you need to determine the type of doors that you want to see, because the mechanisms are very diverse and besides the standard one you can use the door of the coupe in the bedroom, and if there is a wide opening, swing doors to the bedroom or even the sliding door to the bedroom.

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After you decide on the material, type and price, you need to measure.

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The correct metering will help to choose a door of the size that will fit perfectly in the opening, can provide good sound insulation and, in addition, it will be a beautiful door to the bedroom meeting all the necessary requirements.

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