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A considerable part of free time, ladies spend in front of the mirror. By putting their appearance in order, their rituals are filled with attractive mystery or incomprehensible magic. Well, any magic, requires a special place and time for rituals.


It is impossible to look like a model, standing in the bathroom or the hallway. But it is very convenient, without much haste, to turn into a queen, near the dressing table with a mirror in the bedroom.

Purpose of the dressing table

In order to correctly apply makeup, you need not only diligence and skills, but also certain conditions. In any family in the morning a small queue is going to the bathroom. Therefore, put yourself in order, apply make-up and use skin care products, for a long time, you are not someone you will not allow.

Plexiglas chair at antique, dark-wood dressing table with table lamp with pale lampshade

In order to achieve the best results, it is necessary to carefully consider each site of the face. It is much more convenient to do this by looking at yourself in a large mirror at close range. Natural and bright lighting is necessary, so that the make-up has seven-fold forms.


Do not forget about the number of all kinds of tubes, jars, bottles, pencils and other packages containing various women's cosmetics. All this requires a separate corner for storage. Yashchichki created specifically to accommodate an excessively rich arsenal in one place. Dressing tables in the interior of the bedroom occupy a special place. Experienced designers, with their help make small accents, in general appearance.


Large and small dimensions

Quite a wide range is a whole range of dressing tables. Their sizes can fluctuate in a fairly wide range. It depends on the size of the bedroom. A large room, you can put the most capacious furniture. A special role is played by the design of the table: with drawers or without them, with a hinged mirror, or with a fixed one and the like. There are different versions on the photo of the dressing tables for the bedroom, on which you can look at them attentively.

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A small table, includes only a pendant box, which is hidden in the countertop, closed and opened by a hinged lid. Often, these models are equipped with only two legs and tightly fixed on the wall. The design is so small and not high, it does not have much stability. Manufacturers, small models, advise to mount on the wall, including on 4 legs.


A folding mirror is permissible, but only with a size not exceeding one-third the length. However, this kind of option is recommended for use only in modern exteriors, where practicality is more significant than decorative, since a small mirror is not a decorative decoration of the interior.

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Main characteristics

A classic option is a wall table. Such models, as a rule, are installed near the wall and have 4 legs. Also, it is possible to use it as a partition, or to put it to the foot of the bed.

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The main principle of the wall-mounted dressing table is its attachment to the wall. He can have two, four, or six legs. Which perform purely decorative purposes.


Suspended or cantilevered, this cover does not have support legs, over which are attached to the wall drawers. It can be as minimal as it is large enough. This type prefers innovative styles, as the hanging furniture is very convenient.

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Photos of the best ideas how to decorate the dressing table in the bedroom

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