Floor in the bedroom - the criteria for choosing the perfect

One of the most important repairs in the bedroom is the choice of floor covering.

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Nowadays, there is a huge variety of materials, the most common of which is cork and parquet board.

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With the same success, you can use linoleum, carpet or laminate. First and foremost, the choice of bedroom flooring depends on the design of the room and your taste.

Carpet cover

Carpet cover представляет собой наиболее экономичный и не требующий больших затрат материал. К тому же он довольно долговечный и практичный, так как не нуждается в особом уходе.

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Separately it is worth noting that the carpet has good aesthetic qualities. Well, to cope with the laying of the carpet can any, even an inexperienced person.

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Step-by-step instructions for laying the carpet in the bedroom

  • Prepare the carpet of the right size and roll it into a roll.
  • Spread the adhesive over the surface with a serrated spatula.
  • To prolong the durability of the carpet, it is necessary to lay a felt pad under it.
  • An additional layer of glue should be applied over the substrate.
  • It remains to paste the carpet and walk along its surface with a roller.

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In addition, there are alternative ways of laying the carpet. For example, it can be fixed with double-sided tape, or simply put the carpet on the surface, fixing the edges of the material with the help of skirting boards.

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Linoleum прекрасно вписывается в дизайн каждой спальни и иногда даже выигрышнее чем ковролин. Так же стоит отметить что при желании сделать в спальне ламинат, но при этом вы не готовы много тратиться, то хорошим выбором будет линолеум с текстурой, похожей на желаемую.

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In addition to different textures, you can experiment with the color of the floor in the bedroom. In addition, it's easy enough to take care of linoleum.

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As in the case with carpet, the floor should be checked for cracks, depressions and other irregularities. If necessary, we recommend to treat the surface of the floor with several layers of primer.

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If you think that your floor is not flat enough, then this problem is solved by sheets of plywood, which are attached to the surface by screws or using mastic.

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Formed cracks without problems are sealed with putty.

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Step-by-step instruction for laying linoleum

  • Cut linoleum with a small margin
  • Place the material on the floor, spread it and give time to rest it a little.
  • Cut the excess with a sharp construction knife, not forgetting about the niches and grooves.
  • Twist the linoleum half.
  • Roll the mastic onto the main surface with a roller.
  • Stick the linoleum on the floor surface.
  • Repeat steps 4-6 with the second half of the canvas.

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Parquetная доска представляет собой лучший вариант покрытия пола в спальне и гармонично вписывается в каждый интерьер.

Parquet (1)

This is a very durable material, but it requires proper care, because it can lose its shape due to humidity.

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We recommend to install a moisture resistant plywood on the main floor surface, thanks to which it is possible not only to achieve an even surface, but also to protect the parquet from shrinkage deformations.

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It is worth noting that the bright walls are in perfect harmony with the dark floor in the bedroom.

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Step-by-step instruction for laying parquet in the bedroom

  • Find the middle of the room and place the main surface.
  • Lay the cord in the middle of the room.
  • Combine two parquet slats on the system "spike-groove".
  • With a notched trowel, apply a little glue on the plywood sheets.
  • Release excess glue solution.
  • Fasten the slats with self-tapping screws.
  • In a similar way, lay the remaining ones.
  • Get rid of the cracks between the wall and the floor by using the edging strip.
  • After installation of the final bar, install the wedges.

Cork cover

Cork covers look modest and beautiful, it is for this reason that designers often use this kind of floor in the interior of the bedroom. The cork material is made from pressed wood.

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Due to its porous and cellular structure, such a coating is characterized by good thermal insulation. In addition, they do not change their shape under the influence of humidity.

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But this is not all the advantages of cork coatings, still need to add environmental friendliness and safety.

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They are not toxic and do not cause allergic reactions. Cork board is resistant to fire, it is not prone to decay and the appearance of fungus.

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Perhaps the only drawback of the cork board is the high cost, which is higher than the cost of carpet and linoleum several times. Compensates this minus its durability and durability.

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Kinds of cork coatings

  • Liquid cork. This is a finishing material, which is applied to the surface as simple paint and varnish materials.
  • Adhesive covering. The most common type, received its name from the method of installation.
  • Sputtered cork. Liquid coating, which is applied to the surface by air spraying.
  • Castle cover. Cover with special locks, which make it possible to avoid applying adhesive solution.

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Laminate представляет собой довольно бюджетное напольное покрытие с хорошим сроком службы. Его зачастую используют при обустройстве спальни.

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Before installation, the floor surface is leveled, using a concrete screed. To ensure good sound insulation we recommend to lay a waterproofing film on the cleaned concrete, on top of which it is necessary to lay foam polyethylene.

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A little bit of advice: if you have a small room, it is recommended to use a light or white floor in the bedroom to visually expand the space.

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Step-by-step instruction for laying laminate in the bedroom

  • Mount the first parquet floor in the corner using retaining wedges 6-8 mm thick.
  • Install the following panels using the "spike-groove" method
  • After the end of the work, knock on the surface of the floor with a kyanite.
  • Using skirting boards to get rid of cracks between a wall and a floor.

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Let's sum up the results

The most suitable for finishing and floor design in the bedroom is the cork and parquet board, as they are the most sturdy and wear-resistant.

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Carpet cover, ламинат и линолеум станут отличной альтернативой если вы ограничены в денежных средствах. Интересные примеры фото пола в спальне можете посмотреть ниже.

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And most importantly, do not forget that before you begin to lay any type of floor, you must always level the work surface. Since how depends on it the quality and durability of your flooring.

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