Gray bedroom - 65 photos of examples how to design a bedroom

For a very long time scientists have proved that each color has a special effect on a person.

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It is for this reason, before you start the repair work in the bedroom you should carefully think over every detail, since any small thing will have an impact on the well-being and general condition of the body.

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Increasingly, when determining the color range, for the bedroom, choose a gray color and this is not accidental.

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Gray is not necessarily gloomy and depressing, it can be light, airy and relaxing, and what better way than not feeling reassured after a long working day?

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Bedroom in gray tones

Strangely enough, the gray bedroom is not only cozy, but also very fashionable. Gray wallpaper in the bedroom, will serve as a wonderful background for bright interior details and decor. Designers suggest applying this shade in certain styles:

  • Minimalism.
  • Contemporaries.
  • High tech

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A bedroom in gray with a harmonious combination with other shades can become a masterpiece and produce a beneficial effect on its owners:

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The perfect combination is a room in gray-blue tones. This situation brings calm, contributes to relaxation and quality rest.

  • Gray-green combination of colors removes fatigue and stress.
  • Gray-red bedroom, will excite their owners, and have an exciting effect.
  • Especially cozy and comfortable is the bedroom in combination of gray and yellow colors.
  • People who are original and loving experiments can finish the bedroom by combining gray with purple.

Bedroom design in gray

The bedroom of such a plan is distinguished by the cleanliness of the lines and the simplicity of the situation. The main thing is not to overdo with the number of additional colors, ideally they should not be more than two.

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The dark gray bedroom will be original if you combine the main color with white. White touches give the room a lightness and simplicity, from which the room will be radiant.

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However, it is worth remembering that the white color can be different, the snow whiteness will be given by cold, and white with an admixture of yellowness will add comfort.

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Gray walls in the bedroom, especially in combination with black - it's a winning combination of colors for real men or hi-tech lovers. This design is very harmonious, does not cut eyes and suppresses aggression.

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Gray-violet or gray-pink bedroom is perfect for a fragile and sophisticated nature.

This design is distinguished by a noble combination of shades, the main thing is that the pink extra color is not too saturated. Otherwise, the overall picture will be vulgar and ridiculous.

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Combining gray and green, as in the case of pink color, do not choose saturated greens, since such a combination will tire and have an irritating effect.

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For an optimal combination, it is enough to use a gentle green color in the decoration of the room. For this purpose, a light green veil, pictures on the walls, fresh flowers, etc. are suitable.

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The bedroom, in which the predominant gray-blue tone is considered the most suitable option for a married couple. The main thing is not to use saturated blue shades, which, according to psychologists, drown out sensuality, which negatively affects the relationship of the couple.

The most daring option of combining gray is the gray-red bedroom. This option is suitable for strong, ambitious people.

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However, it is necessary to avoid bright, screaming shades of red, it is better to choose soft, muted orange or red colors.

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It is best to make the dominant color gray, and the shades of red to apply as bright spots and accents.

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