Gray bedroom - 80 photos how to make a bedroom in gray tones

The overwhelming majority, while designing the design of the recreation area, ignore the gray tones, mistakenly believing that they are not suitable for these purposes. Meanwhile, many designers involved in the repair and decoration of the premises, for a long time prefer the bedroom in gray. It should be noted that the choice of shades, this is an important issue in the process, the arrangement of the recreation area. Consonantly selected nuances of a neutral palette, set the refined atmosphere, for relaxation after a hard day's work.

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  • We choose a harmonious combination
  • Union of smoky with black in the bedroom
  • Improving the walls
  • Stylish curtains
  • Impact of gray on humans
  • Photo ideas of fashionable and modern design of gray bedroom

We choose a harmonious combination

Very often, this shade is used to decorate shopping and entertainment complexes, or office space. Recently, the use of smoky color has become popular in the decoration of the bedroom.


Undoubtedly a gray tone, it looks perfect with different shades, but despite this, you need to carefully approach the issue of choice. Since we are talking about a space in which a person is as relaxed as possible, and he should be kept and comfortable. The fact about the influence of color on the psychoemotional background has long been established, relying on this knowledge it is possible to select original color duets. Where smoky is an equal partner with other colors of the color palette. More on the photo of the gray bedroom.


Union of smoky with black in the bedroom

When creating an ultramodern hi-tech interior, a cheroot-gray duo will perfectly fit. The room in this manner looks refined, fashionable and strict. Some dilute the combination with white, to create contrast and update the decoration.


 Consider the options for combining:

  • Combination in a traditional manner, gray and white. Give the room a feeling of tenderness, and lightness. Cluttering the room is not desirable.
  • Poisonously yellow with gray, will give the room a warm and cozy atmosphere.
  • Combining the blue shades with gray, create in the room the effect of the surf;
  • The feeling of unity with nature will give a combination of emerald and smoky;
  • The color of wet asphalt with red, this combination is more suitable for modern style, metropolitan apartment;
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When creating an individual image, remember that the recreation area made in mouse tones will look cloudy, it is necessary to dilute the interior, suitable for this coloring, decor elements for wood, decorate with accessories made from natural ingredients.


Improving the walls

In order to finish the walls of the interior of the gray bedroom, you can take any materials, but mostly this wallpaper. The effect of warmth and coziness, will give correctly chosen color options, with the appropriate additional use of paintings, colorful objects of interior decoration, furniture, and curtains. The walls are decorated in monochromatic color, there are possible variations, making one of the walls in intensive tones, this will create a stylish contrast.

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Another option is to make the bedroom in gray shades become more spacious and acquire a modern style, the walls painted individually are matched. See photos of the bedroom in gray tones.


Stylish curtains

The bedroom in the gray color creates a sense of boundless space, cloudy lightness and not coercion. Therefore, curtains are responsible for maintaining the direction of this concept, rather than fulfill a dominant role. For this purpose, one-color, not bright curtains are suitable.

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Impact of gray on humans

This color is characterized by neutrality and everydayness, psychologists notice that it does not lead to a surge of emotions. In Europe, gray was equated with the color of elite society. In the customs of other nations, served as a sign of regret. The action on a person manifests itself in the following way: pacification, peace, healthy sleep. What is not unimportant for the recreation area.


The versatility and versatility of gray color makes it possible to apply it as a base. If the combination is unsuccessful, the room will look sullen and sad, it is not desirable to decorate it, living rooms and children's rooms.


Photo ideas of fashionable and modern design of gray bedroom







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