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It is proved that the color of the interior affects the health and mood of a person.


Increasingly popular with the design of the bedroom, modern designers acquire a green color, symbolizing peace and harmony.


Psychologists say that the green bedroom can restore strength, relieve tension and improve well-being. Consider what needs to be considered when creating a green bedroom design.


  • Which shades of green are preferable in the bedroom
  • With what a good combination of green
  • How to choose furniture, textiles and accessories
  • Photo of bedroom design green

Which shades of green are preferable in the bedroom

Each person has a green color associated with natural vegetation, which, as you know, has a calming effect on the psyche, relieving the hassles of urban everyday life and helping to find harmony with the surrounding world.


The green scale is considered an easy sleeping pill, so this is almost the ideal color solution for a bedroom.


This is confirmed by a photo of a green bedroom. According to the esotericists, the presence of green color in the rooms strengthens the immune system and saturates with energy.


The abundance of green shades, changing the character of space, allows you to embody many unique design ideas.

If you want to become the owner of a green bedroom, you first need to decide what effect and mood you want to achieve.


Designers recommend the following solutions:

  • Light green tints (green, greenish pastel) will add serenity and vitality;
  • soft colors of olives, pistachios and green apples are ideal for rooms that are rarely illuminated by the sun, helping to visually illuminate the room;
  • Kiwi, menthol and salad shades will give temperament to well-lit spaces;
  • classic, slightly muted mustard and olive shades, as well as the color of green tea will create an ideal place for tranquility and relaxation;
  • freshness and intensity of the interior will add a tone of emerald and malachite, as well as lime shades.


Artists rarely use one color in the interior of a green bedroom.


The visual effect is achieved by combining close palette shades and with the help of properly selected accessories, furniture, textiles.


With what a good combination of green

Universality of color allows using it in decoration of ceiling and wall coverings, furniture facades, textile elements and decor.


Its main advantage is the combination with the entire color palette.


The main goal of the decorators is to impart a stylish interior and ensure comfortable living due to a harmonious combination of color spectrum.


Classical decorations of the bedroom in green colors are as follows:

  • the whole range of cold green successfully combined with white, yellow-orange and peach flowers;
  • bright deep green is best combined with white, brown and mustard;
  • green-blue tone perfectly complements the blue-blue and white-yellow scale.


Ideal in the interior is considered to be a combination of white and green, both seeming to be both classical and extraordinary.

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For a bedroom in green color, beige-green combinations with lemon, terracotta, chocolate and red-yellow impregnations in the interior are considered popular.


The combination of a green hue with another shade of the spectrum is very simple: green wallpapers require curtains and beds of a different color, and vice versa - light wall coverings are decorated with green fabrics.


How to choose furniture, textiles and accessories

Before choosing the accompanying materials for the bedroom in green colors, you should decide on the style. Green scale, taking into account the characteristic shades, is suitable for any style solution:

  • for the classics is good saturated green;
  • oriental style shades of khaki, colors of natural stones (malachite, emerald, nephrite);
  • admirers of Japan should choose the color of green tea;
  • romantics recommend a green pastel;
  • lovers of country is to give preference to bright greenery;
  • Modern style involves the use of gray-green and coniferous tones;
  • Art Deco harmonizes the apple and the color of the young needles;
  • Ecological style greets luscious grassy hues;
  • Minimalism prefers marsh and the color of forest greens.


Having defined the concept of style, it is worthwhile to focus on the selection of furniture and accessories. In order not to be mistaken in decorating a green bedroom, we advise you to follow the basic recommendations of modern designers:


Furniture made of natural wood is considered preferable. Well fits wicker, bamboo, as well as rattan furniture. A light or dark tone is chosen individually.

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Green wallpaper in the bedroom is used for giving luxury and depends on the location of the room. For small and dark spaces suitable wallpaper soft green shades, for light rooms - noble cool shades of greenery.


The choice of textiles also depends on the intensity of natural light: in the southern rooms use a rich green and dense fabrics, for the northern premises preferred thin materials of warm shades.


Lighting plays an important role. For green bedrooms suitable for warm, soft, penetrating into all corners of the light. Designers recommend to abandon the big chandelier in favor of lamps and highlights, with which you can adjust the degree of illumination of space and create maximum comfort for sleep and rest.


Elements of decoration (pillows, stucco moldings, stickers, vases, paintings, flowers and much more) should not only be green. The main thing is that they correspond to the general concept of the interior and do not weight the design.


Choosing a bedroom in green colors is always an original decision. Laconically and tastefully selected interior will turn your green bedroom into a real island of peace, harmony and coziness.

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