High-tech bedrooms - a modest and non-standard design in a

People who lead an active, dynamic lifestyle usually abandon the classic design of the apartment.

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They are more fond of a modern style, like hi-tech. It is in it, as well as possible, combines functionality and high technologies, thanks to which the design of the bedroom high-tech becomes more and more fashionable, popular.

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This decision is especially important for people who live in a modern furious rhythm.

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Characteristic features of the style

It should be noted immediately that this style stands out among the rest with its utmost brevity. It can be seen not only in the features of the interior decoration of the high-tech bedroom, but also in the small details that fill the room.

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It is completely inappropriate to use any bright prints, floral ornament, curtains with frills. The room designed in this style should look as restrained, strict and practical as possible.

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However, this does not mean that the bedroom will look too ascetic. The appearance of the room will become more modern, and this will add a gloss to it.

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But before proceeding to the direct design, you should work out the key points that will determine the style of high-tech:

Surfaces in the bedroom in the style of high-tech, should have a smooth finish. The exception concerns only those subjects, in which the texture is barely noticeable. The walls can be painted with a paint that mimics the brickwork.

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It is absolutely not permissible to use retro or vintage. All equipment in the room must be modern.

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The same rule applies to any small technique. Perhaps, that is why most people say that the style is meant for wealthy people, keeping pace with the times.

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It is not customary to decorate windows with curtains or curtains. The preference in this case is given to the blinds, however, there are exceptions. Pay attention to the photo of the bedroom in the style of high-tech, which is provided below.

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It shows that the specific design of the room requires the use of curtains. Designers argue that if such a need arises, it is permissible to use curtains, but with the simplest cut. It is best to use light material, with a metallic luster.

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Color Solutions

When decorating a bedroom in this style, preference is given to black. Because it is he who can emphasize the severity and modernity of high-tech.

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But there are also various combinations of light pastel shades. Often used shades of sand, noble ivory.

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Style almost does not restrict the owner of the apartment in choosing a color scheme. The main background can be thinned with shades such as blue, yellow, pink, red and even green.

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But in everything you need to know the measure, so do not overreact to the abundance of different bright colors. This will not only spoil the design, but will also cause rapid fatigue.

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According to the statements of psychologists, a lot of colored inclusions, which are chaotically located in the decor, cause rapid fatigue, nervousness.

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And also experts speak against white high-tech bedrooms, as the abundance of white color can cause uncontrollable attacks of fear. Apply white color is recommended only in combination with black.

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Refuse to have and the idea to use bright bedspreads with intricate patterns. They absolutely do not fit the chosen style, so they will look depressingly ridiculous.

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In that case, you want to use textiles with a print, get carpets and curtains with geometric patterns. Such products harmoniously fit into the overall design of the room.

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How to choose the right furniture?

Style hi-tech in some ways akin to minimalism, which is why it is highly recommended not to overload it with a furniture set.

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We draw your attention to the fact that high-tech bedroom furniture should not only be modern, but also multifunctional, be able to change its own geometry.

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That's why it's worth giving your preference to transforming furniture, which will become a wonderful trendy filling for the room.

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Bedroom furniture should be light, mobile and beautiful. Refuse the idea of ​​cluttering it with unnecessary furniture. It is enough to place in the bedroom a bed, one chest of drawers and a small bedside cabinet.

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That is why the narrow high-tech bedrooms are so popular that they allow creating a stylish design even in a small narrow room. The whole set of objects that you fill the room, must have the clarity of lines, simplicity.

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Photos of a bedroom in high-tech style

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