Ikea bedrooms - 100 photos of new products from the 2017

Have you always dreamed of buying furniture from the IKEA brand? This can be done simply by contacting the Swedish company directly.

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The furniture of the Swedish company is very reliable, and even a newcomer can assemble it on its own.

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The furniture of the Swedish manufacturer perfectly complements the interior, because its design is elegant, and the style is subtle.


The bedroom is created in a refined style, it can be the best solution for a newly educated family. The feature of the sleeping place is the presence of sidewalls, which are easily regulated, and therefore it is possible to use different thickness mattresses.

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It is worth highlighting and the cabinet, which can be installed, thanks to the dimensions, in any niche.

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This collection of furniture includes a roomy cupboard, glass doors, and so the fashionista can show her guests clothes.

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The collection also includes chests, executed soundly, with capacious boxes to store all things, linen. In IKEA it is easy to find a chest of drawers of any size, any shade, which will perfectly complement the interior of the bedroom of Ikea.

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The headset of this collection is very elegant. In addition, they are feasible in a wide range of colors - it can be white Ikea bedroom, black, and therefore it is easy to arrange a room in both Provence and country.

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The small bedroom of the Ikea perfectly fits into the bedroom in the minimalist style, where there is no room for anything superfluous, but everything is compact and seasoned. The bed has capacious deep linen drawers.

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At the head of the regiment, due to which it can be placed trifles.

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Bedrooms IKEA (13)

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Мебель Mendal особо ценится всеми любителями натурального и природного.

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The furniture is made of pine. The texture of the material is truly unique, the colors are very warm, and that's why the unique Ikea bedroom design is created.

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The peculiarity of furniture is its modern look. Handles on the cabinets are original, the head of the bed is very functional.

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Ikea, in addition to functional furniture, beautiful visually, offers a product such as a bedroom planner. What is it?

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The scheduler is a program developed by IKEA staff. The essence of it is that everyone has the opportunity to design the design of his room. "Product" allows you to "arrange" all pieces of furniture, from the proposed modular elements.

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The program allows you to select the color and style of each of the interior items, pick up the bedroom Ike textiles to visually examine in detail how the bedroom looks like in the IKEA style first with one furniture from the catalog, then with another, or in combination of several types furniture from different collections.

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It is better to look clearly than draw in your head your guesses, like that.

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Children's bedroom Ikea can also be arranged thanks to the scheduler. It's great when a child is sitting on a chair, which exactly fits his size, right?

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Creating children's furniture, choosing the color and shape, size and material, the company did everything with thoughts about children, taking care of their comfort and health. Furniture for children is very light, but it's solid, because it's understandable that it will be used daily.

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What is the bedroom of Ikea? Ikea gives a beautiful dream in a soft and cozy bed.

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Furniture allows you to create the right space for convenient storage of things. Soft textiles, a warm and cozy room, and hardly anyone will remain indifferent, being in such a room. By the way, all this at a price that is more than affordable.

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In the IKEA catalogs, scroll through the photos of the Ikea bedroom, study the description, and choose the right bed. The bed should be spacious so that you can relax comfortably.

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