Long bedroom - which design to choose

According to most experts, with whom the owners of apartments readily agree, it is much easier to equip the square rooms. But what do those who have narrow and long rooms, like a corridor?

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Designers assure that it is not necessary to get upset prematurely, because such a room with a non-standard form can be put in order, making even a long bedroom more cozy.

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However, in order to achieve this, it is necessary to study some features of the design development for such a room and the ways of the most optimal arrangement of furniture inside the room.

The examples and techniques given in this article will help you visually correct the elongated space.

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How to design a design for a narrow bedroom?

Be sure that the non-standard layout can not prevent to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the room.

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In this case, an important condition is the correct use of those tricks and tricks that visually expand the room.

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For the design of a long narrow bedroom it is best to use several combinations of cold, warm colors.

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Remember that warm shades visually bring objects closer, unlike cold ones. Therefore, long walls of the room must be painted in cold, but light colors.

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For example, you can use pistachio or a gentle-lilac color, you can also use blue and white.

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Thus, you visually "move apart" the walls. In the event that the walls in the room are rather low, they need to be approached to visually stretch.

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To do this, use finishing materials in warm colors, such as yellow, terracotta, orange.

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When designing the design of a long bedroom, you should think about buying wallpapers with a wide horizontal strip. This will allow you to level the excess length of the room, but do not overdo it.

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It is enough to use wallpaper on one or two walls. Otherwise, the room will appear wide, but the ceiling will become too low.

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From dark wallpaper with vertical stripes or decorated with a variety of complex ornaments should be completely abandoned, as they visually narrow the space.

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Use floor carpets is highly discouraged, since the closed floor in a narrow room seems even narrower. Designers recommend using either a parquet board or a laminate.

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The choice depends on your preferences and financial possibilities. Both options are quite acceptable.

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If you plan to use a laminate, then the lamella should be laid strictly diagonally or across the room. This simple reception, which is presented to your attention in the photo of a long bedroom, clearly demonstrates how visually the room widens.

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Selection and arrangement of furniture sets

The bed serves as the central element in the room intended for relaxation. Its dimensions and location directly depend on how large the area is.

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That is why in apartments with a narrow bedroom most designers are having difficulty with its location.

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In order to choose the most acceptable option more quickly, you need to take care of creating a room project in advance, which will specify the dimensions of the entire furniture set, the width of the passages.

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The bed, like any other furniture in a long narrow bedroom, can be placed along or across the room.

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It all depends on where the furniture takes up less space. To save a few cherished meters, it is recommended to abandon the idea of ​​two passes located on either side of the bed. The optimal option, in this case, will be one pass on one side.

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The cabinet should be placed along the wall, however, do not buy too bulky models. The very interior of the long bedroom is not designed for a large number of overall products.

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In a narrow room, each free meter must be used rationally, so a wide and deep cabinet is an unaffordable luxury.

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In the event that the layout of the room excludes the possibility of correctly arranging the standard furniture, you need to contact the craftsmen who make the furniture.

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Taking into account your individual wishes and focusing on the size of the room, they will create products for you that will save you from having to wonder how to decorate a long bedroom best.

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Photo of a long bedroom design

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