Making a bedroom in an apartment

Bedroom, a place intended for rest, for restoration of forces.

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But if the apartment is very small, the bedroom performs several functions at once: bedroom, living room, office, and sometimes even a gym.

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Despite the fact that the room is multifunctional, its furnishings should be as calming as possible.

How is the design of a small bedroom made? How to choose the color of decoration, decoration and textiles?

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Bedroom decor

The design of the bedroom hides all the shortcomings, raising as it were the virtues, creating the desired visual effect.

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The stages of the design of the bedroom: the surface finish of walls, flooring, surface treatment of the ceiling and decoration.

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Wall decoration

The surface of the walls in the entire room occupies a large area, and in principle affects how thoroughly the room will be perceived.

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Therefore, planning the design of the wall in the bedroom is worth choosing the right material for decoration, color and texture.

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And if the room is small? It is easier to paint walls with water-based paint, which does not burn out in the sun, it is attached to the walls well, and gives any shade to the room.

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The wallpaper creates a unique room design. So, the types of wallpaper:

  • On a paper basis - a budget option, but not very wear-resistant.
  • Vinyl wallpaper pleases with a variety of textures and colors, in care is not whimsical.
  • Liquid wallpaper allows you to create a very unusual and pleasant touch with a beautiful soundproofing.
  • Natural wallpaper - cane, papyrus, bamboo, thanks to which the walls breathe.

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The design of the bedroom in the apartment is mainly based on a number of principles.

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So, if the ceilings are low, then it is worthwhile to glue the canvas with a vertical strip to give the height to the room, and if the space is narrow, then it can be made more square with wallpaper of light tones on long walls, and dark tones on short walls.

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And how to create a niche in a bedroom? It's simple. If a large niche, it can become a central element in the interior, if it is highlighted with red wallpaper.

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If the wall cavity is not very visible, then it should be pasted with dark wallpaper to make it not so noticeable.

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The room will become more refined and more original if the walls are finished with plaster. So, the material is environmentally friendly, and therefore it is easy to create different textures.

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Ceiling decoration

On numerous photo design of the bedroom it is traced that there are no requirements for the ceiling design, and all materials and design are selected for the layout of the room and for stylistics.

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If the bedroom decoration style is minimalism, then it's best to use a white ceiling, and if you need a pronounced effect, a multi-level ceiling design can be made.

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Stretch ceiling creates different effects in decor. So, the monophonic ceiling will expand the visual space, and the fabric with a pattern of individuality will add room, sophistication.

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Window decoration

Window decoration in the bedroom allows you to make adjustments to the size of the room, give the room coziness.

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A more intimate room will be provided with curtains that protect it from the sun, but they should be used only in spacious rooms, because drapery of dark color "eats" space.

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If the room is small, then the windows should hang curtains, tulle. In the sleeping Provence, light curtains are used, with a print.

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The sleeping bed should be attractive from an aesthetic point of view, comfortable. The design of the bed in the bedroom suggests the options:

  • At the head of the pillow.
  • Drapirovka.
  • Декоративная ширма.
  • Accommodation of furniture and shelves.

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Very interesting bedroom ideas

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New materials are used in the design of premises, in particular, such as vinyl, and stickers that transform the interior of the room are made of it. Figures of flowers, animals, abstraction - all this animates the interior.

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Mirror in the bedroom is not at all novel, but it is also used as a decoration. The zest of the interior is able to give a variety of mirrors in shape, framed in frames of silver, gold.

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It can be concluded that the interior design of the bedroom is fascinating and not at all a difficult process, everyone can do.

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Photo of the bedroom decoration

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