Mirror in the bedroom - 75 photos of an ideally placed

The bedroom is a place where you can relax from everyday problems and refresh your strength. Therefore, nothing should disturb harmony and interfere with the process of appeasement. Most eastern philosophers are skeptical about placing mirrors in the bedroom, but we live in the modern world, so let's find out how to circumvent the prohibitions and not to harm the home.

The mirror in the bedroom

  • Mirror and Feng Shui
  • Why can not a mirror be in the bedroom?
  • How to combine feng shui in a normal life
  • Optimal solutions for mirror location in the bedroom
  • Photo of the correct placement of the mirror in the bedroom

Mirror and Feng Shui

By Feng Shui mirror can favorably affect the energy of the home, but subject to certain conditions. Incorrect arrangement of mirrors can lead to that you will receive in the house of the energy vampire. The key magic of the mirror is to reflect the flow of negative energy and to attract the natural force that fills the universe.


The mirror should be high, so that you can evaluate the image. From the top of the head to the end of the mirror, there must be distance, then there will be a rise in the career. After all, really, seeing only the face or figure to the waist, we can not assess the completeness of the image, make accents. And the surrounding people can notice all the shortcomings, because they see the whole image, not part of it.


Why can not a mirror be in the bedroom?

The magic of a mirror is the reflection and multiplication of energy flows. When installing mirrors in the kitchen area, it is necessary to take into account that the reflection falls on the table. Then there will be a multiplication of prosperity. In the bathroom, the mirror allows you to restore the harmony of the spiritual and physical beginning. But in the bedroom these techniques do not work.


In a dream, according to Chinese scientists, the Feng Shui man is freed from the negative Qi energy. If there is a mirror in the interior of the bedroom, negative energy will double, which can be detrimental to the person. Constant misunderstandings and quarrels between people sleeping in such a room will begin, then it turns into real hatred and can lead to a divorce. Read: Corner cabinet in bedroom - 110 best models for bedroom interior

The mirror in the bedroom

A more serious reason for the prohibition is the reflection of the couple in the mirror, as people multiply. You are no longer a tandem, but 4 people.

The mirror in the bedroom

At a subconscious level, give a green light to a partner to find a replacement or comparison with others. And love triangles appear.

The mirror in the bedroom

How to combine feng shui in a normal life

Each rule has exceptions, and in the Chinese doctrine one can find the golden mean of placing a mirror in the bedroom. The correct arrangement look at the photo of the mirrors in the bedroom.

The mirror in the bedroom

The main thing that is worth observing, so that the reflections of a sleeping person does not fall into the mirror. That is, you can safely put the mirror in the bedroom with a mirror or hang a mirror on the wall. But remember: being in bed, you should not see your reflection, so you can forget about the mirror ceiling in the bedroom.

The mirror in the bedroom

Many of us have a wardrobe with a mirror in the bedroom, how to be? If there is no possibility to move the cabinet to another place, then it is necessary to stop multiplying the energy of Qi, just to hang it overnight.

The mirror in the bedroom

Psychologists believe that having woken up and seeing their reflection a person can get scared and get into a shock state.

The mirror in the bedroom

Optimal solutions for mirror location in the bedroom

  • above the headboard - expands the space
  • The sides of the walls, without reflecting the beds
  • in the doors of the wardrobe

Mirror in the bedroom

If you put a chest of drawers with a mirror in the bedroom in a corner, then this will provide an influx of positive energy. But often stands side by side of the bed, because it can store all the necessary things

Mirror in the bedroom

Designers have long used the doctrine of feng shui, while not overloading spaces, create masterpieces.

Mirror in the bedroom

For decorating a bedroom in the Mediterranean style will be appropriate mirrors of round and oval shape, as if repeating droplets of sea water. Read: Cabinet in the bedroom - an overview of modern models in the interior of the bedroom (50 photos)

Mirror in the bedroom

To increase space in the room, interior designers on the wall of the head of the bed make a mirror with rays of the sun, to reflect large particles of light. This technique is particularly effective on dark wallpaper or a wall.

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Mirror in the bedroom

Mirror in the bedroom is a practical thing, it should not be abandoned. The main thing is to choose the right location and enjoy the harmony of peace.

Mirror in the bedroom

Photo of the correct placement of the mirror in the bedroom




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Mirror in the bedroom

Mirror in the bedroom

Mirror in the bedroom

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Mirror in the bedroom

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Mirror in the bedroom









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Mirror in the bedroom

Mirror in the bedroom

Mirror in the bedroom

Mirror in the bedroom

Mirror in the bedroom

Mirror in the bedroom


Mirror in the bedroom




Mirror in the bedroom

Mirror in the bedroom


Mirror in the bedroom

Mirror in the bedroom


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