Modern bedroom design - 35 photos of the beautifully

What is the concept of modern design? In fact, in this issue there are no specific requirements regarding the design. The bedroom can be decorated in the style of high-tech or oriental. Nevertheless, it will be modern.

Modern bedroom design

As for all the certain rules in the design of space, they are, or rather one - in the bedroom should be comfortable and you could always relax in it / calm down after a busy day.

Modern bedroom design

How to do it? There are several recommendations. Interior should not be overloaded with details, so that the room does not look messy. Choose the color scheme of light and calm, and also we recommend you to choose two favorite colors, which make up the room. What will it look like? See the photo of the modern bedroom design and get inspired!

Modern bedroom design

Choosing an interior style

If you have already made the decision to make repairs in your bedroom, then for starters it is important to decide on the interior style. The most common modern styles are: high-tech, classic and minimalism.

Modern bedroom design

And here it can be said that for classics it is more or less clear how everything should be in the room. Oh, in the design of high-tech or minimalism, questions can still arise.

Modern bedroom design

So, let's look at the high-tech bedroom. It is characterized by smooth surfaces of walls on which there are no wallpapers. Products made of metal are quite numerous, in particular, chrome plated. The most common here is black, white, gray, imitating metal surfaces.

Modern bedroom design

There should not be anything superfluous, at the same time, HiTech does not accept simplicity. The interior can look weird, and as for quite ordinary objects, they do not perform a direct function here. And this is exactly the idea of ​​a modern interior for a Hi-tech bedroom.

Modern bedroom design

Also no less popular is the minimalism in the design of the interiors of bedrooms and other rooms. Everything is much simpler here. Things and objects here - a minimum. And in particular, a strict ban on those subjects that do not fulfill any functional purpose. Entering such an interior, instantly there is room with ease.

Modern bedroom design

Choose a restrained color tone. At the same time, it can not be said that there are any preferences here. For example, you can choose at least a black and white scale, though white and blue. Everything is possible here. The main task is not to oversaturate the room with some specific intense color.

Modern bedroom design

As you could already understand, modern interior styles, of course, can also echo each other in the design. In all of them one of the main conditions is a lot of lighting, free space. And, despite the style you have chosen, in each of them there are general details that should be followed.

Modern bedroom design

For example, what kind of wallpaper to choose here? This is a rather complicated question. Planning modern sleeping rooms, designers prefer and do, dispense with them, choosing a smooth surface on the walls. But, every modern bedroom should have curtains. Let their choice is not so easy as it may seem, but they are necessary in this room.

Modern bedroom design

For example, in HiTech the blinds are the most suitable. By the way, this version of curtains is used quite often also in other styles. Although they are sometimes supplemented with curtains or curtains. If in your opinion the blinds are chosen only for office premises, give proper attention to the choice of "the right curtains".

Modern bedroom design

So what kind of curtains in the bedroom are called modern? But it's not so complicated here! In other words, it can be any options, the main thing is that they fit in color to the main interior and fit into the overall design. We offer you to get acquainted with the photo-modern bedrooms of 2017. On them you will see which options are suitable for every modern style.


In everything there should be simplicity, which is the main expression of modern style. As for modern furniture, it can be of any shape and color. Turning to a selection of our photos, you certainly can make a choice for your bedroom much easier.


But, it is worth remembering that if you design a classic bedroom, do not overuse design design. After all, nothing can replace a classic! It is important here to choose harmonious color solutions, as a result of which the bedroom will be simply irresistible.

Modern bedroom design

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Photo of the best modern bedroom design

Modern bedroom design

Modern bedroom design

Modern bedroom design








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Modern bedroom design

Modern bedroom design

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Modern bedroom design






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Modern bedroom design






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