Modern bedrooms

What are modern bedrooms? This is the place where you can relax, retire, gain strength, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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A thoughtful design of this room will help to remove excessive tension, fill the desire to move on.

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You can no doubt assert that modern rest rooms have acquired recognizable outlines. Often, designers use modern style design for the arrangement of living space.

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As interior designers and customers, it attracts comfort, comfort and, of course, impeccable cleanliness in design.

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It seems that everything is tested, tested, so where did the new modern bedroom design come from? Harmony is recreated in the right place. The designer in this case is only a guide between ideas and reality.

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You will certainly see similar details accompanying the projects of rest rooms, photos of modern bedrooms of our collection to that confirmation. And yet, let's talk about some nuances.

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In any restroom there must be a dressing room. And even in a small room you can experiment with dividing the space into certain zones.

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Take advantage of reception with partitions, or an exclusive screen.

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Creation of actual interiors of sleeping rooms provides as much as possible free space. Excessive conditions clutter the room, so it should not be in the sleeping room.

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Excessive decor does not allow you to completely relax your eyes, colorful multicolor, too, prevents complete rest.

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Therefore, building a bedroom in a modern style, follow the rule: the bedroom is intended solely for sleeping.

The best finishing materials

The basic requirements for finishing materials are naturalness and accuracy.

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Many designers show flawlessly flat surfaces of the walls, decorated with wallpaper, designed for painting. Ordinary wallpaper has a barely noticeable velvet structure.

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Simply put, the wall surface of the rest room in a modern style is a kind of traditional finish plaster that is painted by a professional.

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Decorating with a stone, or a natural array of the head of the bed - the common ideas of modern bedrooms. There are projects with more extensive use of decorative stone, wood, but extremely rare.

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In the decoration of the main wall, the use of any finishing materials is welcomed. Preference: natural.

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If we talk about the floor surface, then the bedroom design of modern ideas almost eliminates the use of stone. Natural massif and laminate of calm pastel shades are welcomed.

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At the same time attention should be focused on a comfortable, beckoning sleeper in a sleeping place.

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Often, partially or completely the laminate is covered with carpet. If the choice falls in favor of the carpet, then it should be fluffy, pleasant to the touch.

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The ceiling for the design of modern bedrooms 2017 provides for openness and cleanliness. Give up the impending racks, and also exclude an excess of fancy curves of plasterboard.

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The ceiling surface must be created exclusively for lighting fixtures.

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With the modern interior of the bedroom, lighting can be very diverse. You can use a variety of levels of lighting, including for the ceiling, walls and even the floor.

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Light can be everywhere, but not simultaneously. Add traditional lighting fixtures with LED lighting to visually increase the room and give it a depth.

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The use of LED backlighting makes it possible to create delightful lighting effects.

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Furniture with mirror surface

Often the furniture for the bedroom is equipped with mirrors. It is the mirror surface that blurs the boundaries of the room, which is especially important in the arrangement of modern small bedrooms.

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A separate huge mirror is placed on the wall surface or placed directly on the floor.

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It is preferable to avoid reflecting the sleeping place so as not to multiply those movements from which we are trying to get rid of.

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What is the difference between a bed in a modern lounge from a traditional bed? In a textured enough high headboard. Some people like to lift it lightly, and someone to the ceiling.

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At the same time, curly elements can be on the head, but not too pretentious.

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Use the tips that were discussed today, when creating an original and cozy bedroom in a modern style for your dream dreams.

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