Niche in the bedroom

To usefully use all centimeters of the room, it is worth looking at the niche in the bedroom.

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Sleeper, pantry room, wardrobe, bookshelf - all this can easily be realized in an apartment with a niche.

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The modern niche is not just a groove made in the wall, because it is a perfectly harmonious space that has its own color solution, highlighting.

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The niche design in the bedroom now stands at the same level as the design of the room as a whole.

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Most often in the niches are decor elements, photos, vases, figurines, books.

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But this is when it comes to a decorative niche, because apart from it there is a functional niche, as an example, for household appliances, furniture. TV in the niche in the bedroom is not a new solution in the modern interior.

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To TV harmoniously complemented the style, it is often framed in baguettes, as pictures.

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When positioned in a TV niche, it is important to remember that its size should not interfere with the air circulation of the equipment. TV in the niche can be beautifully decorated with shelves, shelves on the sides.

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Sleeping area

The gypsum board niches in the bedroom solve a number of issues in terms of design. Primarily, the overall load on the room space is noticeably reduced. Thanks to the fact that both halves of the created niche are symmetrical, the bed does not stand out.

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Choose a place to install the bed:

  • Do not put the bed in a niche immediately at the window, because it is not comfortable to rest because of the street drone.
  • Adjustment of lighting is the most important aspect that should be taken into account in order for the rest to be full.
  • When choosing lamps, it is important to choose a yellow, discreet color.
  • The niche can be a wardrobe, and if you plan to erect something like that, it's worth taking into account in the project.

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The niche in the bedroom above the bed is often used as a bedside table, as a small locker, because not only can it accommodate a library, but also become an ornament of the interior.

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Choose for the creation of such a niche laconic forms, magnificent, you can change the volume of it as you like, but all the advantages of such a design will not disappear anywhere - low price, fast installation, spectacularity and increase of static space.

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In the niche often make a closet for things. The first thing that is done is coordinated the tone of the walls and also the texture of the selected material. Excellent combination of colors - gray tone and matte.

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Creating a cabinet

With sufficient space, the niche can be used for storing things, and for decorating. Excellent options are offered florists - plants are decorated top of the cabinet.

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From the artificial material it is worthwhile to carry out the bar, which will be used to hang things on the hangers.

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You can achieve an interesting result by creating shelves located at different levels.

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So how do I place a niche in the bedroom?

After the design selection is made, you need to start the assembly. It starts with the drawing up of a competent detailed drawing. Are bought sheets of arched gypsum cardboard.

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First of all, the markup is done, initially on the floor, and then on the wall. Points are indicated where the fasteners will be. Everything should be exact. After the sheet of drywall is processed, the workpieces are cut.

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Step-by-step instruction

  • Installation of profiles to the floor surface is carried out.
  • The parts are fastened with dowels.
  • Installation is carried out at a distance of half a meter from the end parts of the profile.
  • Step of installation of dowels 1 m.
  • There are 3 dowels on the profile.
  • On the screws set jumpers.
  • The sheets are mounted.
  • Joints are fixed, then putty is applied.
  • Fix joints.

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Niches in the interior of the bedroom - a real decoration for him. If we talk about a small room, then choose a small compact version. Such niches include both a lighting system and shelves on which small items will be stored. If the room is spacious, then there is a place where fantasies fade, but still, you need to know the measure.

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The niche design in the bedroom is an interesting solution for a stylish modern interior.

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On the Internet, in the photo of the niche in the bedroom, you can see numerous options, how you can arrange it. See, choose the options, calculate and then boldly embody.

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Photo of a niche in the bedroom

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