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The appearance on the market of such a wonderful thing as wallpaper, greatly influenced and facilitated the life of both experienced designers and people who want to decorate the interior on their own.

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In this article, we will look at the photo of wallpaper in the bedroom, we will look in detail at the advantages and disadvantages, get acquainted with the views and answer all the questions that may interest you.

Wall Mural in bedroom (17)It is because of the abundance of different genre solutions and textures, photo wallpapers in the interior have been so popular with masters and original personalities. This kind of wallpaper gives a flight of fantasy and will show the individuality of the household.

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In the catalogs of modern companies you can find any drawing, and some organizations provide the opportunity to print your drawing, which is especially pleasing to the creative personalities - now you can have an author's photo in your bedroom that will make the room decoration exclusive and unique!

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Wall-papers on the wall in the bedroom - a phenomenon today is quite popular also because you can choose a certain texture of the coating.

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Which pattern to choose?

When choosing a pattern that will be applied to the wallpaper, do not forget about the above factor, because the wrong selected coverage can spoil the overall impression of the design.

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We offer a more detailed acquaintance with each of the types of surfaces:

Smooth coating. A standard phenomenon is enough. As you can see from the title, such wallpapers do not have certain qualities, but they will still look great.

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Surface coating. This type is a great solution for those who want beautiful wallpaper in the bedroom, and that's why: wallpapers with a volumetric coating look fresh and unordinary.

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The effect of linen fabric. Photo wallpapers with such a coating are really very similar to natural flax, although in fact they are made from high quality materials with a different composition

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Rough coating. The wallpaper with this effect creates a feeling that the surface is treated with a sponge, which gives it a haze, grace. Such wallpaper will ideally look in a small bedroom

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Picture coating. One of the most popular design solutions, when paintings are printed on the walls. This makes the interior more refined and rich

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Style "artist". The wallpaper in which this technique is applied is distinguished by carefully crafting and imitating the brush strokes of this artist. An excellent option for creative, vivid personalities

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Covering "winter". If you are still wondering which wallpaper to choose in the bedroom, then you definitely should pay attention to this option. It gives the impression of a delicate figure, as if frost on a sunny morning on the window. Looks simply amazing!

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Wall-papers on walls in a bedroom can be absolutely different, depending on an interior and your preferences. This freedom of choice is the main advantage of photo wallpapers.

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For example, if your room is made in a chic, exquisite rococo style, you can pick up wallpaper with a picture of the famous artist of that time. The apartment in modern style can be decorated with photo wallpapers with the image of geometric figures or city.

Combination of color of wallpaper

If we talk about photo wallpapers in a bright bedroom, then it can be decorated with bright colors on the surface. Vintage style will decorate images of narrow streets, or the old city.

Modern salons offer a variety of color solutions. If you still doubt the choice, the designer's help will come in handy.

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So, we were convinced that modern wallpaper in the bedroom - a thing almost indispensable and practical. But where is the location of the coating? Let's see below.

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Often photo walls are located above the bed. This allows you not to clutter up space with various decor items, but at the same time and keep the elegance.

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If we talk about the advice of designers, it is recommended not to post wallpapers where you plan to place something else (TV, cabinet), that is, the cover should occupy a free wall, otherwise the impression of the print will deteriorate.

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Most often the most suitable wall is opposite from the bed, or to the left of it.

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So, in this article we have in detail disassembled the types of photo wallpapers, coating options and prints. We hope that it will be useful for you!

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Photo of new wallpapers in the bedroom

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