Purple bedroom - luxurious design with taste (75 photos)

The color solution creates a general impression of the interior of any room. Modern designs are full of experiments with vivid non-standard ideas, for example, the purple interior of the bedroom.

Purple bedroom (20)

With unique energy, a complex violet color is full of sensual romance and "harmony of contradictions". The combination of red passions and blue rest, he was loved by Cleopatra herself, long since considered to be "royal."

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Qualities of violet color

  • well suited for relaxation and restful sleep;
  • develops creativity, gives the joy of life;
  • lilac - ideal for children of any age;
  • bright or very dark colors of the violet spectrum can irritate or oppress.

Huge selection of shades: this is the color of lavender, lilac, violet, plum and eggplant. Beautiful saturated lilac ohttenok, fuchsia, etc.

Purple bedroom (25)

Violet paints in styles

With provincial provence, lavender paints are more often associated. Good combinations with milky, beige and pale gray.

Purple bedroom (2)

Gentle tones purple bedroom needs to be decorated with wrought (wooden) vintage furniture of light colors, textiles with lobes, light air curtains and accessories.

Purple bedroom (22)

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Arab style is emphasized by different shades: violet, the color of lilac or lavender. Light-lilac tone of walls and voluminous and multilevel ceilings will give coolness and pacification to the style of mysterious oriental fairy tales.

Purple bedroom (4)

Ideally fit into the styles: glamor, beautiful baroque, as well as Neo-Baroque, virtually the entire violet spectrum. These paints are well combined with lacquering and glossy, an abundance of mirrors and crystal.

Purple bedroom (1)

Gives luxurious luxury purple, as well as the color of eggplant and plum.

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In modern designs, there are also bedrooms in violet colors, its charming notes will create an exquisite atmosphere of mystery.

Purple bedroom (17)

Paired colors to violet: green, grayish or white, where the main tone will only benefit.

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Laconic high-tech likes bright saturated colors of violet. Clear lines of conservatism with metal elements, games of black and white tones are preferred by brutal men.

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Properly designed lighting will emphasize the mysterious sensuality of a dark purple bedroom.

Purple bedroom (23)

For the classic style, you can choose a pair of brown / purple. Here the mysterious shade will go to the background, where it will be expressed in decor, bright accessories or textiles.

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The main thing in this design is massive expensive furniture.

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Purple color in finish

The color of the walls should be chosen from the natural lighting and the size of the bedroom.

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Recommendations of designers:

  • On the violet background beautiful patterns of contrasting hues look good;
  • for a small bedroom avoid wallpaper bright or dark colors;
  • for classics choose wallpaper with floral motifs or geometric patterns;
  • gold in decoration requires luxurious furniture "antique";
  • low ceilings will be higher if you paste wallpaper with stripes of violet tones along the vertical;
  • an unusual effect of a combination of gloss, matte paints and mother-of-pearl;
  • a rich purple finish favorably emphasizes the dark tone of furniture or a snow-white color bed, cushions can pick up contrasting colors;
  • The design of the purple bedroom should not be of the same color, it is obligatory to supplement with soft wallpaper of light colors;
  • in the purple bedroom, wall-papers on ceilings, surreal themes, romantic landscapes and various flowers are spectacular on the walls (ceilings).

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Tips for placing furniture

Snow-white, beige, pearl furniture favorably emphasizes the mysterious purple background of the finish. Unusual furniture with gloss, glass or mirrored cabinets.

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Traditional wood colors, rusty tones of furniture do not look on the violet wallpaper in the bedroom.

Master Bedroom of the HGTV Urban Oasis 2014 located in Atlanta, GA.

A big role is played by bright or original lighting of the room.

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Windows in the bedroom

Small window sizes or in dark bedrooms do not need to be decorated with heavy curtains. It is better to choose a thin tulle of white color.

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Light transparent fabrics visually expand the space, filling it with light and home heat.

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Luxury purple decor elements in the bedroom can be: a panel on the wall, cushions, a large carpet on the floor, a lampshade or floor lamp.

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A warm, beautiful rug of lilac shades is the easiest method of decoration. Flowers, photos and vases are appropriate.

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The artistic painting of the walls will be an effective complement to the interior.

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Various purple or gentle lilac accessories will give the overall image of the bedroom an elegant airiness.

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The versatility of the bedroom in purple colors will create a feeling of gentle romance and elegant luxury.

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Designer original ideas on the photo: purple bedroom in different styles.

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Photo of a purple bedroom

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