Red bedroom - what it should be

Modern design can sometimes seem very bold. Each color, even the brightest, has its place in the interior.

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Unusual color shades, decor elements and original furniture are what you need to create a special atmosphere.

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The bedroom in red colors is an excellent solution, an interesting experiment for the creative owners of the house or apartment. However, do not ignore some of the rules by which the room will definitely become perfect.

There is little red

Deciding on the creation of a bedroom in red, it is worth determining how much red can be accommodated in the room.

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If you add an insufficient number of elements, or vice versa, overdo it, the effect will turn out to be unexpected and unpleasant. There are only two ways to verify this. One of them is turn-based, and the second, very radical.

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Gradual introduction of elements of the desired shade

The red bedroom is not only interior decoration of the room, but also accessories with furniture.

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It is first to choose neutral and light colors, gradually adding a red plaid, cushions, shelves, blinds, lamps. One day an understanding will come that the design of the red bedroom is ideal.

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A bold decision at a time

In this case, you just need to make a choice in favor of finishing: wallpaper, floor or elements on the ceiling. Even furniture can be chosen in color. The main thing is not to overdo it and get boldness.

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This color is very bright and sharp. It can visually visually reduce the space due to its properties.

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If you fill the red up to 30% of the room, then it will create an unprecedented coziness, warmth and passion. However, if you add more, then red can cause a sense of anxiety, aggressiveness and reluctance is in the room, which, incidentally, is designed specifically for rest and peace.

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Bust and how to cope with it

Despite the emotionality and ardor of red, the red interior of the bedroom means rest, relaxation and coziness.

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To create an optimal, non-irritating environment, it is recommended, nevertheless, gradually to introduce red into the most favorite place of the house. How to do it correctly and stay happy with the owner, the designers know perfectly.

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Everything consists of small things

Gradually placing bright accents in every corner of the bedroom, you can quickly come to an equilibrium. In a room of neutral color, red objects can be anything, from plinths to a cat's sleeping place.

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Items can be of different sizes, such a move will be interesting in the design.

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Designers, in general, create accents with padded stools, bookshelves, paintings, baskets for storing things. If the room has a lot of light, then the red curtains in the bedroom will be a great addition.

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You can also use color in furniture: choose a completely red frame or add it in individual elements.

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The main thing, red should be the same shade in every accent. If you choose a wine - everything should match, or maybe it's crimson or coral? We work on the same principle.

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A big and important decision

Those who decided on radical measures - creating an interior of a red bedroom from scratch, have no right to be mistaken.

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When decorating it is worth considering that the shades of red in one room can be three: the main one, its darkened and clarified options.

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The main one is applicable in small accents of the room. The darkened will be based in textiles and larger things. In the event that the choice fell on the red wallpaper in the bedroom, a clarified version will come to the rescue.

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Dilute red will help: gray, brown, beige, cream, sand and classic white. White needs to be applied carefully, adding another color to avoid strong contrast.

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Cold scales will give practicality to the style of the bedroom, and warm tones will give peace and romance.

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An interesting solution is the addition of drawings, textures, geometric shapes. It is worthwhile to focus attention and in the world - it should not be much, but it is fundamentally important to choose it correctly.

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Lighting is always chosen warm - it will give mystery, comfort, comfort and hide the small flaws on the skin, which is important for a romantic atmosphere.

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Designers, before choosing the format, style and color shades, are advised to look at the photos of the red bedroom and fall in love with one of the presented samples at a glance.

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Despite the originality and courage of the idea, the red bedroom is a great option for those who value comfort and wish to strengthen family relations.

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