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The sconces are used to make the room lighting a little better. Allows a muffled and soft light from the sconce to relax, creating a special romantic atmosphere.

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It does not matter the pursued goal, it is important to choose the right lighting for the bedroom, so that it would be comfortable staying.

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In order not to get lost in choosing a sconce, and after placing the sconce in the bedroom above the bed, it makes sense to examine in detail what is specifically needed for lighting.


It is believed that it is easier to simply choose the lamps in the bedroom, but this is not so, because they differ in the material of manufacture, their shape and design itself.

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Before buying a sconce, before you mount it on the wall, it is worth looking on the Internet photos of the sconces in the bedroom, how they look in this or that interior, complementing, because only for your room will it be possible to choose that ideal option.

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Moreover, do not skip over the ears, as they say, and the appointment of such bedside lamps. Purpose:

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  • Bed lighting.
  • Support for top light.
  • Decor.

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Actually because, depending on what is required for your bedroom, you can choose the right kind of lamp and its shape.

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Advantages of fixtures

Lamps have a lot of advantages, despite the fact that there are almost no shortcomings.

  • Easy maintenance.
  • Easy installation.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Interior decoration.

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Bra type

Presented in the market is the widest choice of sconces, and so wide that it's easy to break your head in choice, in the selection of a truly worthwhile option.

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Wall sconces in the bedroom are available with a lampshade. Mounting is performed to the wall surface, it looks very simple, complementing the interior.

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Sconces with plafonds have an oval or round shape. They are used mainly to illuminate the bathroom.

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Sconces with hanging lights allow you to give a bedroom luxury.

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How to organize lighting?

After all the repair work has been completed, the room conditions have been made, it is worthwhile to think over the lighting.

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Sleeping in a place where a person rest and relax, and so it is so important that the lighting had a rest, and if necessary, was bright.

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If it is planned to organize the light by means of a sconce into the bedroom, it is worthwhile to think everything over beforehand so that all the advantages of the room are highlighted with light.

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The sconce is great as a light source no matter where you decide to use it, installation is important.

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Remember that if the ceilings in the room are high, then the height of the sconce above the bed in the bedroom does not matter.

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Before you hang new chandeliers and sconces in the bedroom, you should think about at the stage of repair, where and how the wiring lies, so that later there are no surprises.

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In addition, during the repair phase, you need to think about the location of the future switch - it is located so that it's easy to reach it directly from the bed.

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At what height do they hang a sconce?

What is the ideal height of the sconce in the bedroom? Everything depends on you, there are no criteria.

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The optimum height is 1.6 meters from the floor, but the direction of the light is taken into account, and where the switch will be.

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It is very important to choose the right style, design - the power of the lamp is easier to replace.

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Because the sconce is not just the lighting of the bed, but also the means by which you can distinguish the interior items, it does not hurt so to place the lamps as you need in the design.

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If you want to allocate a bed, without turning on the upper light, then you can perform the installation not on the bed itself, but as if near it.

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That's basically the answer to the question, which bra sticks in the bedroom, and how to give the intimacy of the bedroom. Everyone will have the opportunity to relax while reading their favorite literature.

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Photo of wall lamp

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