The bedroom suite is a bright and modern design. (70

The choice of furniture in the bedroom can seem quite a complicated process. The main thing is to take into account the interior and naturalness of materials.

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Let's figure out how to choose the right furniture for the bedroom, which will please the look and functionality for a long time.

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Where to begin

A brown, black or white headset in the bedroom is an ideal option. First of all, it must be practical in terms of style.

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Buying furniture of neutral colors, you can afford to save on cosmetic repairs, change only the wallpaper and flooring. This set will look great, regardless of the design of the walls, replacement of curtains and accessories.

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The next step is to select the material. In the bedroom, furniture should be natural and quality. You can consider the materials MDF and chipboard, but the wooden bedroom suite will always remain the best solution.

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To create a cosiness, you should look at the shades of furniture. The best will be calm and light colors. If you prefer a dark color, then the lighting in the room should be more than usual.

Everything you need in one place

The bedroom set consists of several elements: a wardrobe, bedside tables, a chest of drawers and, most importantly, beds. If the area allows, a dressing table is added.

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According to the functional each element has its own characteristics, for example, open and closed shelves, mirrors, lockers at the bottom of the bed. It remains only to choose the optimal functions for your bedroom.

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This is an excellent option for storing things, regardless of the size of the room. The wardrobes will harmoniously fit into the headsets for small bedrooms.

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They are presented in a variety of forms - corner, built-in, stand-alone. Open shelves and a mirror will perfectly complement the internal characteristics in the form of storage compartments, fasteners and a bar for hangers.

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Bedside tables and chests of drawers

Designers are advised to choose dressers and bedside tables with large lockers. This allows you to store bulk items, such as towels and bed linens.

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From above you can install a lamp, photo frames and nice little things.

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The standard width of the bed is 1.4 meters. This is the optimal size for two, however, furniture manufacturers can offer options up to two meters wide for large bedrooms.

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You should also pay attention to skeleton beds with an extra storage space.

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Manufacturers offer whole collections, in which elements in a single style are presented abound. In this case, customers will be able to choose exactly what is required and meets the room dimensions and the required functions.

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Choose style and material

As usual MDF and chipboard, and wooden, with metal inserts furniture can find its place in the bedroom.

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Each material has its own predisposition to a particular style. Let's figure out which concepts of bedroom styles are considered by designers:

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Dark, deep colors, supplemented with carved details.

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Dark colors, bamboo doors and inserts of paintings or textures under the skin.

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Light, peach shades, "shabby" wood and dark metal inserts.

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Smooth, matte surfaces. Furniture can be unusual colors - bluish, pink or green.

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High tech

Gloss in any manifestation, metal surfaces and inserts.

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When choosing, you should follow the rule: a competently chosen surface is the basis of style and image of the interior. The lacquer surfaces will be emphasized by the classics and will be bound to the ideal order.

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The wiped, on the contrary, will be magnificent in more modern styles.

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Choosing a bedroom set for a bedroom, you should not focus on ultra-trendy sets. They quickly go out of fashion, in contrast to the classics who have become fond of designers.

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Sets for small bedrooms

Choose a suite for a small bedroom - it's easy, if you know the basic rules. A set of furniture should take up as little space as possible, at least visually. This will help light shades, different from the floor and ceiling, as a maximum of 2 tones.

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Necessary elements - a wardrobe, a bed and a chest of drawers. You no longer need to add items, so as not to "overload" the room. Refuse from the dresser will help the bed with separate sections for things.

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As a complement, cozy accessories, such as one bedside table, bookshelves or lamps, are suitable.

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Tips for designers for a small bedroom

The best recommendations from professional designers are presented in this section. And also, below you can look at the photo of the sleeping set for the perfect image and the chosen style.

  • Do not forget about the entrance, nothing should hinder the free opening of the front door.
  • To visually increase the space, you can install built-in furniture lamps and several mirrors.
  • Bedside tables with high legs will be much more functional. They can be replaced by a long shelf at the head of the bed.
  • The best style for a small bedroom is minimalism. A minimum of furniture, light shades and a few bright accents.

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The bedroom will become the most favorite place in the house if you approach it with practicality and with a soul. Choose the best style and competent solution.

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