The layout of the bedroom - how to equip a room for sleep

The layout of the bedroom depends on the shape of the room, its dimensions, how many people it settles for. An important role belongs to the priorities of the owners themselves.

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In any case, the pursued goal is to create a comfortable bedroom.

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Layout according to dimensions

Before you buy furniture and plan to arrange it, it is worth making a diagram of the existing room, leaving between all pieces of furniture the space allowed.

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If the room is small, then by itself, the allowable distance can be reduced ...

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If you think carefully to create a plan, then in a small room, so will the furniture be arranged, so that there will not be any inconvenience when living.

Criteria for ergonomics

A minimum of 70 cm should be the passage between the bed and the wall. Due to this distance, it is comfortable to prepare for bed and then to pack. If the bed is double, then from both sides there must be such a passage.

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If it is not possible to leave the passage from both sides, the bed to the wall is placed one side, but at the same time free footing so that the sleeping partner can safely get to the place.

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If there is a mirror, then 70 cm distance from its front edge to another piece of furniture. Only in this way will there be enough room for comfortable use, sitting on a chair.

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The comfortable distance to the cabinet with swinging doors is an open door and about 30 cm.

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Do not block the space at the window with the closet. Believe me, you will quickly get tired of making your way to the window through something.

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Bedroom furniture

In the bedroom, the bed is the main piece of furniture.

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Its choice should be treated responsibly, taking into account the convenience of the approach, as well as the drafts, where the heating appliances are located, and how the door to the room is located.

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Around the bed is arranged a different furniture. When planning a bedroom room, the place that will be occupied by the bed is chosen first.

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The bed is large. The larger the bed, the better, but it is worth considering the availability of space and for other furniture.

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Not necessarily that a lot of furniture was in your bedroom, from some you can safely refuse. But if a spacious room, it is worth buying the entire furniture kit, because it will be much more comfortable.

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The closet is a useful thing, but if there is a dressing room in the apartment, then do not put it in the room. By the way, maybe think about the layout of the bedroom with a dressing room?

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Even in a small bedroom, this option of planning - winning space, if, of course, everything is done sensibly. In this case, again, the whole place is occupied, from the ceiling to the floor.

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The bedroom is an ideal place for a dressing room, because all the necessary things are at hand.

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Curbstones at the bed - this is the convenience in the first place, because it is convenient to put an unread book and phone on them in the evening, put water. If this pedestal is not, then all this will be stacked on the floor or on the dresser, away from the bed, which is not entirely convenient.

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Chests are an ideal place for storing bed linen.

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Additional furniture

If the bedroom is spacious, then it can be created a special area for relaxation, and it is performed in the corner of the room. To equip the place, you need a comfortable chair, a floor lamp.

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If you put yourself in order primarily in the bedroom, then it is in the interior to provide for the presence of a mirror in full growth.

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Bed. If the bedroom is spacious, then the bed is placed head-to-wall with no openings, and at the same time the bed is located in the center of the room.

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The layout of a rectangular bedroom does not accept the arrangement of furniture around the perimeter of the room, because there will not be a cozy room, but a "corridor", a "box".

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Other furniture in bedroom

Dressing table is usually located perpendicular to the window.

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The closet is most often pushed into the corner, into the darkest zone, so that it is not particularly visible.

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If possible, it is worth making a built-in wardrobe.

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Remember that you need to leave approaches to all areas, so that the mood and nerves are always normal.

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Saving space

On the Internet, on numerous photos of the layout of the bedroom, you can contemplate the techniques by which to save space. For example, instead of curbstones, shelves are used at the bed, which makes the interior much easier.

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Instead of a chest of drawers, a closet is placed, which is combined with a chest of drawers.

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Instead of a stationary dressing table, a mirror is used on the wall with a shelf. In addition, a paddle on wheels can be chosen.

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Instead of a cabinet, you can use a bed that has a lifting mechanism, drawers that extend.

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If the bedroom is small, you can not do without a cabinet, and in this case it is worth giving preference to the closet.

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The layout of the children's bedroom is not an easy task, especially if there is not one child, but two, and even more difficult if the children are of different sexes.

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But at the same time, if you approach the question correctly, you can find acceptable options. It is important to pay attention to sleeping places - it can be a bunk bed, an ordinary bed, a roll-out unit, a chair-bed - a sea of ​​options, and everyone will find one that suits everyone.

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By the way, the space of the room can be saved both physically and visually. In general, the use of all solutions in a complex way to achieve the desired result in the planning of the room.

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Design and layout of the bedroom allows you to think through each action, take into account every detail, and step by step to come to the planned.

Curtains in the bedroom (10)

Without this, we can not manage not to turn off the right path in creating a paradise corner in the bedroom, which will be every day pleasing, bringing relaxation.


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