The wall to the bedroom - photos and tips of fashionable

It is impossible to imagine the arrangement of a bedroom without a thoughtful storage system.

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The wall into the bedroom is chosen for the style of the room, and all the features of the room are taken into consideration.

Contemporary wall

The wall is the thing that perfectly fits into modern style. Why are modern walls chosen for the bedroom?

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The reason is that in it you can easily arrange all conceived - like clothes and underwear, photo frames, and TV and other equipment.

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Contemporary wall:

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Spacious - every object must be functional, and therefore the wall will not fit unless it accommodates the planned number of objects.

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Functional - the wall is comfortable to be in use. Lockers as much as possible, different shelves in different heights, different in shape to fit everything.

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Stylish - despite the fact that the wall is functional, it should look beautiful. The cabinet wall in the bedroom easily combines deep colors, textures.

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Quality. Models should choose those that do not lose the original look.

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Demountable - it is better to choose not monolithic furniture, but modular, to from time to time make a rearrangement in the room.

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Compact - bedroom should not be overloaded, very light.

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Modular furniture

Elements of modular wall:

  • Book shelving.
  • Cabinet-pencil case.
  • Chest of drawers.
  • Place under the TV.
  • Table.

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Separate wall models can include a table for a PC, and therefore, if there is a need for it, then it is worth looking for such a variant of the wall.

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Corner wall

Corner wall в спальню имеет массу плюсов.

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The visually filled corner, as it were, rounds the space, and it is appropriate when the room is irregularly shaped, and it needs to be corrected.

The ability to design anything - in the corner of the bedroom you can think about even a dressing room, if it is necessary.

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The wardrobe in the corner is a spacious room, which looks outwardly very discreetly, modestly.

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Corner wall – оригинальное решение.

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Slide for the bedroom

Gorka - furniture of economy class, and therefore it is easy to find an option that will suit the style in your room, suit for filling and at a cost.

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The slide is completed with several cabinets, which one is complemented, providing a place for storing things.

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Types of slides:

  • Corner slide with cupboard.
  • The mini wall to the bedroom has all the most basic. In general, these options are for TV, the library.
  • Slide U-shaped. Closed system, as it were enveloping the TV zone from above. That is, if you need a wall in the bedroom under the TV, then your option is a wall-slide.
  • Hill modular allows you to plan the location of all cabinets and pedestals at your discretion.

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Buyers recently deliberately bought mini systems designed to store things, for various reasons.

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So, some people save so much space, some save the budget, and some already purchased books for clothes and books. No matter what the reason ...

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Advantages of mini-walls:

  • Easy storage - because there are not many shelves, every thing will be in its place and it will be easy to find.
  • Space saving. If a compact room, then such a wall visually expands the space.
  • Modularity - the mini walls are mainly made of modular parts, and therefore are easily transported from one room to another as the need arises.
  • Cost - because the dimensions are very modest, then the price is not too high, due to the fact that not a large amount of material is spent on manufacturing.

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Today, the so-called furniture-transformer is very popular, the feature of which, first of all, is that it is possible to perform correction of the dimensions, and also to combine a couple of functions together.

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An example is a wall with a bed in the bedroom. Such designs often consist of their beds, a desk, a corner cabinet. The kit can be chosen at your own discretion, paying attention to the reliability of fastening.

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Today it is very easy to buy a quality wall for a bedroom, and at a budget price. A little more luck to the owners of a modest room, because it is convenient for them to buy a compact beautiful wall.

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By the way, in the catalogs of furniture there are a lot of photo walls in the bedroom, all varieties are represented, and so everyone will be able to choose the most suitable option.

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Photo wall to bedroom

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