Wallpapers for a bedroom - photos of the best new products

A bedroom is a room in which people not only sleep after hard days. For many people, the bedroom also combines a study, a wardrobe, and in some cases even a living room or library. Whatever it was, each bedroom is its own world for a comfortable stay, and productive activities, reading magazines and books. That is, in this room the main task is to create coziness! In general, the selected wallpaper can greatly affect not only the atmosphere in the room, but also its appearance. With everything, you will do everything properly, after reading our article, and having familiarized yourself with the photo of wallpaper for bedrooms.


What kind of wallpaper to choose in the bedroom

To date, there is a huge variety of wallpaper for bedrooms. Looking at them for the first time, it may seem that the choice is easy to get lost and get confused. But, this can be easily avoided, if you first become familiar with what wallpapers are like, how they are classified.


Wall-papers on vinyl basis

They are of a wash type. At the heart of their non-woven or paper, but the outer PVC, which, in fact, is a polymer used in the manufacture of stretch ceilings and PVC windows.


Due to the PVC layer, vinyl wallpapers acquire unique properties, such as: resistance to high humidity, to detergents, ecological compatibility, greater strength to mechanical damage, durability.

acrylic wallpaper-for-wall-bedroom-room

But the lower wallpaper layer allows you to glue the material on the wall quite easily. At the same time, in order for the final result to be positive, it is worthwhile entrusting the process of carrying out repair work to experienced professional masters.

On a non-woven basis

This type of material is also two-layer. As for their name, it comes from the lower, non-woven layer. Typically, the top layer is a finely porous type vinyl.

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Speaking about the advantages of this type of material, we can note the convenience of gluing these wallpapers. The fact is that the glue is applied only to the surface of the walls, the glue composition is not applied to the base of the material. Thus, the process of pasting occurs quickly enough. In addition, dry linens are easier to glue, respectively, joints are as neat and neat as possible.


If on the surface of the walls there are some flaws, irregularities with scratches, the best option is to use non-woven wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom. They will help to hide perfectly any irregularities.


Paper-based wallpaper

They produce such types of wallpaper from cellulose with paper. Such materials are environmentally friendly and safe for human health. They can not have allergic reactions, and they perfectly pass air with vapors.

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Among other advantages of paper-based wallpaper, you can distinguish how to simply glue them, the widest variety of colors, as well as their acceptable pricing policy.

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At the same time, there were some shortcomings, including low level of strength, fragility, as well as susceptibility to mechanical influences and high humidity.


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Textile type of wallpaper

Material from many layers in rolls. On the front side of his fabric, but the inner layers of paper, or nonwoven. The top part of this type of wallpaper is quite diverse. For this, cotton or linen, silk or wool can be used. From the type of raw materials used in the production of wallpaper depends on the final cost of the material, features during the operation and, of course, its appearance.


The advantages of wallpaper from textiles include the following:

  • High level of decorative appeal
  • Naturalness of materials
  • A favorable microclimate is created in the room

58765-living-room-wallpaper-living-room-designs-and-ideas 1440x900

Among the shortcomings is a fairly high price range of the material, a complex process of pasting, as well as their remarkable ability to accumulate dust on themselves.


Design wallpaper for the bedroom combined with furniture

In any room, wallpaper with furniture are the main elements in the interior design. To ensure that the final result is as good as possible, make sure that the colors of the walls with the furniture bedroom suite are successfully combined and harmonized with each other. This will add beauty and coziness.

design wallpaper-for-bedroom-17

Light Furniture

There are many variations, and the final result depends on what the area of ​​the bedroom is.

wallpaper-for-wall-2-1024x768 wallpaper

In the case of a small room, we recommend choosing the light color of the wallpaper for the bedroom, thanks to which the space will appear larger and more spacious. Otherwise, the room will be dark and faded. Yes, and very close. Choosing a light set, perfect partners such colors: golden with a run, a green light shade, ocher or a muted orange.

textile wallpaper

In the event that the room is large and spacious, you can play with contrasts, selecting variations of dark wallpaper to light furniture items. But, choosing such a way of registration, be careful and careful.

Provence wallpaper

To the interior was complete, adhere to a single rule: a warm scale - to warm, cold - to cold.


Dark furniture in the bedroom

In this case, the combinations can also be diverse. Typically, dark furniture options - in a warm color scheme, respectively, and the wallpaper should be chosen warm. Here, first of all, we recommend paying special attention to beige and sand color, green, brown.


Wallpaper - in every interior style


Here the material must comply with the following rules:

  • With a fashionable design.
  • Drawing without any unnecessary details.
  • The material is clean and natural.
  • In general, the wallpaper here is the background on which the whole furnishings are made.


What to choose, a combination of colors or a game of contrasting colors, it is up to you to decide! The most important thing with all this is observing the correct balance of design. This is due to the fact that in the style of Art Nouveau necessarily all components must competently combine with each other.

non-woven wallpaper-for-living room


Спальни, оформленные в таком стиле выглядят очень мило и изящно. Мебель в них, как правило, светлая, а на текстиле и обоях можно увидеть прихотливые рисунки. Обои могут быть выбраны любые из множества цветовых вариаций, к примеру, синего или его оттенков, светлого зеленого, бежа или белого, золотистого желтого. Можно рассматривать и такие варианты рисунков, в которых встречаются чуть ли не все цвета, которыми можно оформлять Provence.


Again, in this case, a measure must be observed. That is, if on textiles, curtains - there is a picture, then choose a plain wallpaper.


Loft style

The main way to design this style is the kind of walls when bricks / plaster are visible. Of course, the bare brick laying will not look very aesthetic, so they make it an imitation. The remaining walls are decorated with calm, neutral wallpaper, plaster.


The wallpaper is selected without any drawings, monochrome, with abstract images. If you still prefer only a picture, choose a soft color, and geometric shapes should be small and repeat often enough.



Here are suitable light versions of wallpaper, in warm colors. Often they are chosen in a box / flower. The main thing is that moderation should be observed, since it is still a bedroom, in which to rest and not to strain should also eyes including!


Muted monochrome wallpaper options, on which a discreet drawing, can be just an excellent choice!


Style of Japan

Here are important principles such as:

  • The details are necessarily concise.
  • In the decoration - minimalism.
  • Materials should be natural.
  • The interior is decorated in a neutral color scheme.


With regard to the decoration of the walls, then this option is chosen wallpaper, with an ethnic pattern, panels made of wood.


Classic style

The figure is clear and repetitive, and quite often you can see floridity and pathos to some extent.

bedroom_in_classical_ style_6

Colors can be very light or saturated.



Since the interior here should be as laconic as possible, respectively, and the wallpaper should be in accordance with the basic rule of decoration. You can choose almost any version of the wallpaper color, because in this issue it all depends on the basic color scheme of the room. But, as for the drawings, they should be as carefully as possible. The best option, if the picture is not at all, the wallpaper will be monophonic, or an abstraction, but not bright. For example, on one of the walls there can be images of large sizes that will play the role of a separate interior element.


Wallpapers in the trend of 2016-2017 years

In this season there are several novelties of wallpaper in the bedroom:

  • Theme of vegetation
  • 3D drawings
  • Images of large size black and white color scheme
  • Geometry
  • Various, individually-ordered photo wallpaper.


Modern photo wallpaper

The most important thing is that the room was in all harmony, and it does not bypass the photo wallpaper. But, for their application should be prepared only one wall, which will be accentuated, so as not to overload the situation.

3d wallpaper-wood

The photo design of the wallpaper in the bedroom can be in accordance with modern trends, but only according to your preferences and wishes. At the same time, there are basic rules according to which the material is available:

  • On one wall. In accordance with the classical method, the figure is located behind the head of the bed.
  • The decor should be a minimum number. The wall on which the picture is depicted is not to be forced into furniture, otherwise the appearance, and the impression as a whole, will be spoiled.
  • With other walls, there must necessarily be harmony. Since the photo wallpaper accentuates all attention, the rest of the walls are covered with usual monophonic wallpaper.

It is necessary to approach very seriously and responsibly to the choice of a picture, as you will see this drawing every day!


Color in the interior


This option is light, light and spacious, with no boundaries. He is chosen by romantic natures.


The main property of this color is in the soothing effect. In comparison with blue, which is very close to it, the blue does not look gloomy, does not depress. An excellent option to make miniature bedrooms, because he is able to visually make space more.



Quite popular in the bedrooms, because it helps to remove the negative and irritation, helps to relax quickly and have a rest. The color is natural, looking at it always looks happy, which is why it is used in the design of rooms for various purposes.



Color for strong and confident people. Regardless of how much it is used, it is still dominant among the others, setting a special atmosphere throughout the room. This color perfectly design living rooms and kitchen facilities. If it is correctly combined with other colors, it will also look great in the bedroom.



It is quite popular, it can soothe, reduce the level of activity. It looks great in large rooms, but in small rooms it is strictly forbidden to use it.


The black

Quite the contrary for bedrooms. After all, he is somewhat intriguing, on the other hand is able to put pressure on people. It is better if it is used in combination with some other color. In this case, the best option is black and white!



Он универсален, его можно сочетать с любыми оттенками. White – цвет легкости и открытости, но если он будет использован самостоятельно, может показаться скучновато.



Sufficiently compatible with different color options. Great for compact rooms, but also for those in which natural light is not enough.



It is quite actual for bedrooms. At the same time, any of its shades on the person's psycho-emotional state operates in an exceptionally positive way, helping to relax.


Making your own bedroom, adhere to the rules and recommendations of experienced designers, while always rely on your own tastes and customs. As a result, your rest room will be the best!


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