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The bedroom is the most important room in every house or apartment. If we talk about modern trends, this room should be light and spacious. It often happens that the rooms are very small in size, because of this designers use the shades of white in all sorts of variations to visually increase the space. If for you is of considerable importance in the bedroom - a cosiness, silence and tranquility, which are filled with exceptionally positive and pure energy, the bedroom in white color will suit you! Among their main advantages is that they are suitable for any situation, thereby attracting attention, as well as giving the interior a certain highlight.


White color is very stylish, for today it is in the trend itself. In addition, he is strict and noble, and even he can not be called sublime. Of course, if the bedroom is perfectly white, without any other color scales, this option may not be suitable for every person. After all, for someone, he can be very "heavy" from a mental point of view ... so relaxing in comfort in such a room would be simply uncomfortable.


But, if you dream of such a bedroom that will be clean and fresh, spacious and chic, you can not even think about and choose a white color for the decoration of the room. The style of a white bedroom can be absolutely anything, at least classical, even the most cutting-edge Japanese or provans ... shades of snow-white color are relevant at any time, at the same time, they are easy to combine with other tones. They perfectly and harmoniously will be combined with various variants of decorative design, obeying the decisions of professional designers. We suggest viewing photos of white bedrooms, making sure they are unsurpassed.


I would also like to note that for fans of white, the room in such design will soothe morally and psychologically. At the same time, we recommend adding to the interior green, blue, beige, etc. to diversify the situation. In this case, it will not "strain", resembling a hospital ward.


Also in the interior should use bright lighting options, along with accessories of catchy variations.


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Unbelievably beautiful look living plants in the bedroom. So, the ideal complement here will be ficuses, blooming varieties of violets, dracene and other varieties of indoor flowers. They will not only become a bright decoration of the interior, but also bring a "life" to your bedroom.


Also very appropriate in white bedrooms are various paintings and statuettes, souvenirs, etc. - all this will bring a "living room" room.


Color combinations in white bedrooms

In the modern pace of life, we all get tired morally, and physically, at least, from the information that we manage to receive in one day. From all I want to relax, getting home, including from the visual diversity, bright screaming colors. This is the reason for the need to use muted shades, as a minimum in the bedroom.

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Of course, if we talk about white in a pure, undiluted no other shades, kind, then calm it is not called. He will cut his eyes, leaving behind a "cold sensation." Nevertheless, it can be combined completely with different shades, without any exceptions. In applying a variety of combinations, as well as colors and textures, create exquisite, modern white bedrooms that look just great, saturating comfort and coziness.


If we talk about the white walls, does not mean that they must be necessarily white. In the paint can be added color, resulting in a caramel color, or for example, coffee with milk. But as for the pile carpet on the floor of your shelter, or a leather chair, they can just be in perfect white tones. And if we consider just such a variant of a combination, then it can not be called monochrome.


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Based on your own preferences, some of your interior can be made in a contrast version, for example:

  • black and white bedroom with dark furniture
  • use of colored pillows
  • hanging photos on the walls
  • to put a vase with a bright image
  • plinth on the floor / ceiling - colored and other options that you only want.

In what proportions to use bright or dark shades in relation to white, depends on various factors, such as:

  • quadrature rooms
  • how much room is illuminated in a natural way
  • what style of design is used
  • what are your preferences, as well as your temperament


Bedroom sizes in white tones

Surely everyone knows that light colors can visually narrow the space. In the case of a low ceiling, it does not need to be painted brown or black at all. The same goes for narrow walls. If bright details and accents in the interior will be many, space can also be narrowed visually, as well as cluttered.


If the picture on the walls is elongated, as well as elongated furniture options, the ceiling height will visually appear larger. If the drawings are horizontal, the walls will appear wider.


Style interior white bedroom

  • This color is actual in minimalism, and it can be used if you prefer to design a bedroom-modern.
  • For the style of high-tech is characterized by a combination of black and white tones, as well as silvery-white, with approximately the same ratio.
  • If we talk about variants of historical styles, for example, Baroque or Victorian, one should combine white with gold, bronze or copper.
  • In the design of country style, monochrome is unacceptable. It is necessary to add to the color range of variants of fresh flowers, for example, sand, green grass, wood.

Select one of the sections below

Among the various village styles, whitewash, as a rule, exclusively Provence.

  • Also it is impossible to name a monochrome classic. You can achieve antiquity by applying a white color scheme with natural marble.
  • Art deco can be characterized with bright combinations. A very interesting variant of making white together and strips of black, and also adding spots of bright red or green-malachite.


Preference for taste in the design of a white bedroom

  • If we talk about the youth version of bedrooms, then it is appropriate to use such bright options as. For example, orange or black, red or green.
  • In the morning hours will help to cheer up every person white with a bright green or light green.
  • Violet with lilac is a luxury and sophistication.
  • Greenish, blue, sea waves - all this provides room with the freshness of the sea breeze.

Color combinations

The following applications are suitable here:

  • Walls with white furniture for bedrooms are combined with dark parquet, as well as brown / beige textiles.
  • The ceiling with the floor - white, light walls, for example, in beige, mother-of-pearl, pearl / silver with black furniture / wenge, as well as white textiles.


Natural light and windows

If the windows from your dwelling are facing south, you can use more dark and dense tones, as well as cool shades. If the bedroom is shaded, do not use dark colors. Also you can use warm versions of tones, for example, orange, coffee, yellow. In addition, you can apply the options of pastel shades: yellow, pink, beige.


That your room was not sloppy, do not use cold and warm colors at the same time when decorating a bedroom.


It is worth considering and the fact that the white bedroom will not look like a ward in the hospital, if you install a sufficiently large window in it.


French version of the glazing is a window, the height of which is the floor - the ceiling. Yes, this option is quite difficult to implement in an ordinary city apartment, because you will need to remove a part of the wall, as well as transfer the battery. Well, as for the private house, then in this case, you can afford such luxury yourself.


Thanks to the huge window, as well as the design in white tones, your bedroom will visually look much larger. They will help make the room bigger even if it is very small.


To visually increase the ceiling height, we recommend installing a ceiling curtain option for your curtains.


Regardless of what the main color used in your bedroom will be, the furniture should not visually merge with the color of the walls with the ceiling. If you use a different type of material, as well as textures or colors, you can also delineate space. For example, use the following methods:

  • Decorative plaster / relief type of wallpaper for walls.
  • On the floor, put carpet, or pile type carpet.
  • The facades of furniture should be polished, they will ideally look on the background of walls with rough coating.
  • Stretch ceiling can be made of matte type fabric.


Lighting. Furniture options for white bedrooms

If you choose directly designer furniture, it will definitely decorate the interior of any room, adding luxury and sophistication. It can be a crystal-white color, introducing "animation into the interior", thanks to its complex shapes, as well as other details in the design.


If reality is the embodiment of Provence, or a very similar contemporary cheek chic, pink furniture, cream or caramel can be installed. As for textiles with upholstery, they should also be carried out in beige and pink.


Fixtures must be installed in the bedrooms, not just one, but in several copies. When the interior is white, it is worthwhile to apply variants of colored cases, as well as colored versions of lighting. With the correct arrangement of lighting devices, the space can be very well divided into zones. So, you will have a separate place for sleeping and rest, as well as separately for the workplace.


Also, to add lighting, we recommend that you purchase a large mirror. This option is perfect for an interior in the classical style, as well as historical and avant-garde. The difference in them is only in the finishing materials.

The owners of 43

Very important! Do not put a mirror in front of the bed!

White Bedroom Ideas

As an alternative, use a mirror separately - a cabinet with a mirror on the wall. In the case of a spacious bedroom, the wardrobe can be classic, in which the doors are swinging. If the bedroom is small, and you have decided to decorate it in the style of high-tech, or minimalism, choose the modern version of the closet. It's stylish, and it does not take a lot of space for him to open the doors.

decorating-with-white-bedroom-wall art

Selection of curtains with accessories

The most successful option in this room are the curtains of the type of day and night. They are the muslin versions of the bands, which "echo" with the denser bands. The cloths here are of a two-layer type, and with the help of a special cord for adjustment, the lighting opens, or partially disappears.


Using indoor plants will be brighter, as well as more dynamic and elegant. You can not choose plants that have a very strong flavor. Keep in mind that the vines will grow rapidly if you think about choosing such a plant.


As for figurines, paintings, vases and other decor elements, this is all your preferences and taste. Different souvenirs should not be placed here in a chaotic order, otherwise the room will be cluttered. At the same time, if you prefer such decor elements, or you are a collector, you can put a cabinet with mirror doors, on the shelves behind which all this will be interestingly arranged.


As you have already noticed in the photo bedrooms in white style, accessories are used a little. But at the same time they are harmonious and successfully look at each other. For example:

  • Panels in the Japanese style, on which a cherry blossom is applied, will perfectly match the ikebana on the pedestal next to the bed.
  • Variants of Roman curtains, which are depicted drawings of the jungle with an African mask on the wall.
  • Exotic beasts with characters from fairy tales, put on curtains and tapestries, pillows. All this will perfectly decorate the design in the children's bedroom.


For ethnic styles, black-and-white versions are used, and also a variety of colors are used. A special feature is the presence of ornaments, which can be applied to furniture and textiles, to the ceiling with walls, etc.


In general, white is not very demanding, it is important to consider that when designing the interior it does not need to be too cluttered and overload the space.

120 photos in the interior of the white bedroom

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White bedroom in Scandinavian style

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