A small balcony - 50 photos of ideas of impeccable interior

Many people who live in their apartment are quite small in size balcony and they want to give it individual features.


To transform the interior of a small balcony, you need to prepare in advance - choose the material with which you will finish the small balcony and the necessary tool. In addition, it will be necessary to perform a number of other works, which we will consider in detail below.


Preparatory measures before finishing the balcony

The first thing to begin with is to clean your balcony of all foreign objects and things that will interfere with the work. Upon completion, you can already begin to work on the insulation. There is a great variety of options for how to design a small balcony, so before starting these works, study this question in as much detail as possible. If the balcony parapet is made in the form of an ordinary lattice, then it will be necessary to make a reliable protection against penetration of moisture and wind.

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An excellent option for doing exterior finish is vinyl siding. With the help of special mounting foam, there is an excellent opportunity to reliably hide any slots that can be formed when performing this type of finish.


After that, you can proceed to the floor of the balcony. The floor of the balcony can be made using a waterproofing film. To do this, you need to make a reliable frame of wood and install a heater on the walls, as well as the ceiling and naturally on the floor of the balcony.


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To perform these works, it is recommended to use expanded polystyrene or mineral wool. At the top of the heater install a protective film, also a good option for this can be the installation of the system - warm floors.


Expansion of the window sill on the balcony

Now, when the work on the insulation of the balcony is completed, you can perform interior finishing. Here, you can act in any direction that you want. You can make the walls of balcony balcony plastic or moisture resistant gypsum board.

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Good looking and high-quality lining. It is important to know that when buying panels that are made of wood, you need to carefully monitor the quality of the material and the lack of deformations. In this case, impregnation when finishing a small balcony special for the protection of the composition is mandatory.

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Design of a small balcony

Khrushchevka is a very common type of apartment. Such apartments are considered to be an economy class, created back in the last century to solve issues related to the availability of apartments for the population. Therefore, the balconies in these apartments are small.


In modern houses that are made of concrete panels, the balconies also have relatively small dimensions, but instead of the installed iron grating, they are made using concrete slabs.


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In order to increase the space of this type of balcony, you will need to perform finishing works that can give your balcony a unique and modern look that can delight you every day.

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To ensure that your small balcony looks modern and attractive, when performing finishing works and warming works, it is recommended to follow certain tips and recommendations, one of which are:

Objects and colors that will be used in the design of a small balcony, it is best to choose lighter. A similar way of using the finish, will give an excellent opportunity to visually increase the area of ​​your small balcony.


On the presented photos of a small balcony, you can choose the most optimal and attractive option for you interior and decoration.


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