Apartments in the style of minimalism - photos of the best

The combination of refinement and simplicity, elegance and geometric rigor of forms - that's what a minimalism style is. Such an interior solution can attract very different people.

Minimalism in the interior

What are the main features of the design of an apartment in the style of minimalism?

This popular style was born in the 1970s of the last century. At that time, the art of pop art, which was distinguished by bright, screaming colors, was widespread.

Minimalism in the interior

For a tired of the riot of public colors, a completely new style became a breath of fresh air. Hardly appeared, minimalism gained popularity both in architectural projects and in interior design.

Minimalism in the interior

Fashion for this current was captured by the United States, after which it began to spread in South America and Europe.

Minimalism in the interior

Expressive colors faded into the background, giving way to soft light colors, clearly marked by shapes and lines. The room must necessarily be empty space and good lighting.

Minimalism in the interior

Despite the absence of a heap of details and obvious simplicity, in reality the minimalism in the interior of the apartment is subject to certain rules. Creating such a design, an expert must take into account all the details, work out a clear structure.

Minimalism in the interior

  • The basic elements of style
  • Features of the design of apartments in minimalism
  • Design of different rooms
  • 120 photos of apartment design in the style of minimalism

The basic elements of style

Rectangular shapes, straight lines of objects immediately attract attention. By specially constructed space gives rest to tired eyes. Very few people can remain indifferent, being in such premise. In the design most often apply calm clean shades, which are associated with relaxation and relaxation.

Minimalism in the interior

Features of the design of apartments in minimalism

Monochrome gamma of colors, diluted with semitones. Pastel and light shades can be added to the palette.

Minimalism in the interior

Wallpaper monochrome. On the walls there are no patterns, prints and decorative elements.

Minimalism in the interior

Natural lighting is welcomed, so the apartment should have wide windows. Electric lighting is used according to the idea of ​​the decorator.

Minimalism in the interior

Materials are used very different: from wood to brick. Do not bypass the plastic, glass, aluminum and concrete.

Minimalism in the interior

Design of different rooms

One of the most important premises in any home is, of course, the kitchen. Very often it serves not only as a cooking place, but also as a canteen where we eat. To match the style of the kitchen should be a sample of impeccability.

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Separated with the help of light sources, shades and textures on the functional area, it must contain smooth smooth surfaces.

Minimalism in the interior

It is allowed to use any available materials for finishing. Externally, this kitchen is close to the style of hi-tech.

Minimalism in the interior

Excellent fit in the interior of the fixture, in shape resembling pyramids or executed in the form of prisms. It is good to place the lighting not only on the ceiling, but also on shelves, and even on the floor.

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Minimalism in the interior

As a rule, in apartments with the minimalism used in design, a spacious and bright living room. But even a small space can be visually increased, using certain tricks. And by combining the living room with other rooms, you will significantly increase its area.

Minimalism in the interior

Characteristic of the use of long windows, from the floor to the ceiling. They naturally expand the available space at a glance. An excellent solution will be to make panoramic windows around the perimeter of the wall. It looks very impressive!

Minimalism in the interior

While decorating the bedroom, do not forget to get rid of unnecessary things to free space. Unnecessary items are best left in the closet. Do not overstock the room with extra furniture - only the most necessary. Ideally, only the bed, which is the center of the entire room. It looks great on a small podium or with a canopy.


To issue a minimal studio apartment in minimalism is also quite realistic. Let everything be in the same color range. Accent attention by hanging a small panel or electronic clock on the wall.


It is good to draw ideas from the already existing developments of famous decorators. See more photo design in the style of minimalism, to decide on your own interior solution.

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120 photos of apartment design in the style of minimalism

Minimalism in the interior


Minimalism in the interior

Minimalism in the interior


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