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Pondering the capital arrangement of the apartment, many decide to perform a reconstruction of the balcony or loggia. From the success of this event depends on the overall condition of the apartment, and the degree of comfort in the room. Thanks to the internal cladding, the apartment receives additional heat and sound insulation.


In addition, the reconstruction of the additional room will protect against the negative effects of moisture and precipitation. Such a loggia or balcony after all renovation works can be used not only for storing things, but also as an independent room, for example, a rest room.

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Currently, the modern market offers a large selection of materials that will be relevant for the arrangement. The presented photos of a covering of a balcony allow to understand, how much at the consumer the big choice of variants of design of a balcony. If you have certain skills in construction, you can try to cope with the task yourself.


Before you start work, you should carefully study all the features of certain materials, as well as options for the design of the balcony or loggia.


What materials to use

Today, with the arrangement of balconies, a wide variety of materials are used, differing in their characteristics and aesthetics. It is difficult to say which of them should be called the best, and which - do not meet the needs of consumers. Everything is determined by the wishes of the owner of the apartment, its financial soundness. In addition, the state of the object itself, the choice of the window profile and other factors is of no small importance.


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Among the materials that are currently in demand for the reconstruction of the balcony, the following should be mentioned:

  • plastic type panels;
  • decorative rock;
  • siding;
  • linen;
  • plasterboard.


Each of them has an excellent appearance, ease of operation and ease of maintenance. For the optimal choice of materials that are used for insulation and paneling of the balcony, you should know about their properties.


Panels of plastic type

This type of material is in demand when it comes to the arrangement of a large balcony. Indisputable is its value is affordable. In addition, the panels are offered in different colors and textures. Thanks to this balcony can be arranged quite interestingly, realizing the most daring fantasies in the interior.

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In the production of plastic panels, polyvinyl chloride is used. Their structure resembles a sandwich, inside which is a porous layer, and on the outside - solid layers. This design is low in weight. But at the same time there are panels and a disadvantage - they are amenable to mechanical damage, which must be remembered during installation.


The very process of installing such materials is not difficult, while it perfectly resists all negative atmospheric phenomena, temperature changes and high humidity. The outer side of the material has no pores, due to which it has a water repellent effect, the inner part allows air to circulate freely. The undoubted advantage of the panels is the ease of maintenance.


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Panels are classified according to design for the following types:

  • laminated type - in this case, the outer part of the material has a special film, due to which the strength characteristics and elasticity are increased. Such panels can be of different texture, for example, imitating a tree or a stone;
  • with the presence of a thermal imager - under the influence of high temperature, a thermal film is applied to the panel, this image will be bright and attractive;
  • with the presence of flexo printing - the pattern is applied to the panels, then treated with a varnish, due to which the material acquires resistance to UV rays and wear.


Plastic panels are chosen by those who value the practicality, durability and accessibility of the arrangement of the balcony. Excellent characteristics make the material in demand among consumers.


Decorative stone

The arrangement of the balcony with the help of decorative stone has recently become more popular. This is explained by the characteristics of the material. From its natural counterpart it is light and light in weight, while the space with the inner skin of the balcony will not lose the coveted centimeters, which is important for small rooms. The material is characterized by an excellent appearance.


The consumer has a choice, a stone to imitate granite, a masonry made of brick or a cobblestone surface. Thanks to a decorative stone, you can mask the unevenness of the wall, so before working with the material, there is no need to level the walls.


Acquisition of the material itself involves purchasing the tools that are required to work on the arrangement of the balcony, it is a question of barking, toner, glue and the like.


Sheathing, made with the use of decorative stone, has the following advantages:

  • beautiful appearance of the interior;
  • high resistance to water;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • large selection of color shades and textures;
  • availability.



Siding актуален при обустройстве как внешней стороны балкона, так и его внутренней части. Материал обладает высокой степенью защиты от негативного воздействия воды и климатических явлений. Siding доступен в стоимости, но обладает отличными эксплуатационными свойствами.


Turning to the siding, the consumer receives the following benefits:

  • low weight and affordable cost;
  • attractiveness and choice of color shades;
  • environmental friendliness and safety;
  • resistance to negative phenomena of an atmospheric nature;
  • resistance to shock and corrosion;
  • resistance to low and high temperatures;
  • can simulate different types of natural materials;
  • has a long service life.



At all times, materials of natural type are very popular with consumers. That is why the lining is in demand for balcony arrangement. But at the same time it should be understood that it is quite an expensive and difficult task to perform reconstruction with the help of an array. In addition, natural material always has a lot of weight, and this is an additional burden on the design of the balcony.


All this suggests that it is better to use a lining instead of an array, with which you can achieve a beautiful paneling of the balcony.


Этот материал обладает хорошей теплоизоляцией и другими положительными характеристиками. По своей сути вагонка – это панели, которые соединяются с использованием способа «шип-паз». Такой метод гарантирует герметичность системы. Cladding безопасна, не аллергична и при этом создает удивительную атмосферу комфорта и уюта на балконе.


The car is represented by the following types:

  • Wooden type is actual for arrangement of internal premises; raw material for such material is cedar, alder, spruce or pine;
  • MDF paneling assumes that the wood fibers that are pre-pressed are used at the base, for which high pressure and high temperature are used. Then the surface of the material is covered with a PVC film, which can mimic a variety of natural materials. Such material is quite budgetary for the design of the premises.


Plates of drywall type

Drywall has long been appreciated by consumers. The explanation is the fact that the material is available in the cost, it is easy to work with and it can be used to make any designs. In addition, the plasterboard system will serve for many years, it forms an even surface, behind which all irregularities are hidden.


How to customize the balcony with your own hands

The ways of the inner covering of the balcony are determined by the materials used, because each of them has its own structure and mounting features. But the installation steps are identical.


To work with plastic panels you will need a drill, a hacksaw, a level, an electric jig saw, a hammer and a stapler.


The work begins with the installation of the crate, which is set according to the level. To insulate the structure, use mineral wool, polystyrene or other material. The next stage requires walling. At the same time, work starts from a blank wall, on which the U-shaped box is mounted. One side of it is attached to the crate, the ceiling and the floor.


Direct mounting of panels begins with the installation of the first element, which is fixed to the box. Then the panel should be carefully moved to the top of the box until a click is heard that indicates that the panel is in place. Then it is fastened with a stapler to the crate. In this way, you should install all panels, the latter is fixed with the help of the finish profile.


Then proceed to the design of the openings of windows and doors. However, here there are features, installation should be carried out from the opening to the corner. Slots that can form in the corners, easily hidden by a decorative skirting board.


While doing the arrangement of the balcony, the owners of apartments should not be afraid to experiment. Then the result will definitely please you.


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