Bed under the ceiling

In a small apartment with one room is very small space, which is not always enough for a family where a lot of people. To solve this problem, you can make a place to sleep one of the family members in weight.

Bed under the ceiling

In this case, there will be more free space at the bottom. As a result, it is possible to put another piece of furniture on it.

  • Why a bed under the ceiling is sometimes irreplaceable
  • Popular types of beds of this type
  • Varieties
  • Some installation features
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Conclusion
  • Photo of a beautiful design of a bed under the ceiling

Why a bed under the ceiling is sometimes irreplaceable

Apartment with a small space delivers problems using a small area. You always want to have everything in the room. There is a task, how do you make it so that there would be a place for all classes?

Bed under the ceiling

Most people buy a sofa, so that you can sleep on it and watch TV at the same time. But he can not replace a full and comfortable bed.

Bed under the ceiling

Designers have long thought about the problem, like a small room, so they offered an interesting solution, this is a bed under the ceiling.


Popular types of beds of this type

To increase the space, different types of beds under the ceiling in a one-room apartment were invented.

Bed under the ceiling

Thanks to special rails, the bed at the ceiling easily moves. So - it can be controlled by a special caulk.


If a room with a high ceiling, the bed is done capitally and put a ladder on it for convenience. This ladder can replace the Swedish wall for gymnastics.



A bed under the ceiling can be:

  • Of the 2 floors - it's a place for sleeping, placed one above the other. There are many different types of beds. The material used is different.
  • Bed - attic - is necessary for one person. If it is high, you can put something else under it.
  • Hanging beds - help to save space in the room. Attached to the wall or ceiling. A ladder is recommended for this species.
  • The lodge of the French style is the ideal version, for a small space. This system is similar to an elevator. So - it fits perfectly into any decor.


When buying a bed, think about who will be on it.


Some installation features

Beds of this type are considered non-standard, so they should be installed by specialists. Although in some cases you can make a bed on the ceiling with your own hands.


If you make rails on the wall, the bed can change its position. If the bed is wide, it is attached from both sides, for safety.

Bed under the ceiling

An economical version of fasteners at the ceiling is considered not to himself, but the installation of legs of great height. In most cases, they are made of wood, which fits well in the design.

Bed under the ceiling

Advantages and disadvantages

The positive sides of the bed under the ceiling are:

  • Under the sleeping space can be guaranteed to save space.
  • This option is very unusual, so the guests will be delighted.
  • You can adjust the bed in any part of the room.
  • This bed is easily assembled and disassembled.

Bed under the ceiling

Disadvantages of a bed under the ceiling are not very many:

Bed is not cheap. Its cost is more expensive than a regular bed, so you also have to pay for the installation. But you can read the article how to make a bed under the ceiling and thereby save money.


  • Someone is afraid of heights, so he will be uncomfortable on such a bed.
  • Fear that the design will fall.
  • Assembly and installation, for security should be handled by special people.

Bed under the ceiling

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From all written it is clear that when the bed under the ceiling is well saved space. Under such a bed it is possible to put a table or a sofa, as the space remains empty from below.


Each time, experts develop new designs that are easy to use and invisible in the room. Before you decide to buy this design, check the strength of the walls and ceiling, because the weight will not be small.

Bed under the ceiling

Photo of a beautiful design of a bed under the ceiling

Bed under the ceiling

Bed under the ceiling

Bed under the ceiling

Bed under the ceiling

Bed under the ceiling


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Bed under the ceiling

Bed under the ceiling




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