Black and white interior - 80 photos of the most inspiring

Some owners of apartments think that black and white will look very boring in the apartment. However, professional designers are ready to convince otherwise.

Black and white interior

Black and white interior is perfect for any style. Black and white colors can easily fit into any interior, making the apartment more comfortable.

If you think that these tones are too gloomy, then just see how these colors will look when the curtains are open. And if you add a little brightness, the room will literally shine with colors.

Black and white interior

Psychologists say that such a decor is the desire of the owner to retire from the whole world to be alone. In such an apartment the owner feels completely protected. However, sooner or later you will want to bring a few bright colors to the room.

Black and white interior

It is worth taking care that the white color was more than black light, otherwise the room will act depressingly on the owner of the apartment.

Black and white interior

  • How to make a room in black and white
  • Effect of colors on the size of the room
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Photo of black and white interior design

How to make a room in black and white

There are several rules that will help create an excellent atmosphere when using the interior in black and white colors in the apartment.

Black and white interior

1) One of the tones must necessarily dominate the other.

Black and white interior

2) When using an ornament, it must necessarily be combined with black and white.

Black and white interior

3) If the walls are white, you should purchase black furniture. If the walls are black, then vice versa.

Black and white interior

4) When using the ornament, the furniture should be large and massive.

Black and white interior

Effect of colors on the size of the room

 Correct use of colors can visually change the size of the room.

  • If the walls are white and the ceiling is black, it will seem as if the room has become larger.
  • If you do the opposite, then the room will seem higher.


In the photo of a black and white interior, you can clearly see what an amazing atmosphere reigns in the room.


Living room

White color must be greater. You can make the walls white and buy black furniture. In such a living room it will be pleasant to be, and the room will look stylish.


Today the market can choose a variety of wallpaper with black and white drawings. You can choose any wallpaper that will suit your taste.

Black and white interior

For the floor, you can use a tile, which will be laid out in staggered order. Suits and carpet. He can soften the colors.



If the room is small, then the black and white color in the interior will be the best solution. However, let me remind you again - there should be more white color.


If the walls are black, the bed should be white. This design of the room is perfect for owners who do not like banality. For such a room you need to take care of the excellent lighting. The room should be bright and bright.


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This bedroom will appeal to romantics. You can create a stunning masterpiece that will tell you how unusual the owners of the apartment.



The use of black and white in the kitchen will surprise all the guests who look to you. Only two colors, but the effect is amazing.


White color should be dominant, and black - complementary color. The only condition is to observe the measure.


Kitchen обязательно должна быть хорошо освещена. Лучше всего, если это будет искусственное освещение.



The interior in white black tones will allow you to relax and relax after a hard day's work. The lack of bright colors only on the hand.

Black and white interior

If the room is large, then black color may well be dominant - it does not hurt the rest.

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Black and white interior

For the floor it is very popular to use a tile of black and white in staggered order. This option has always been very popular.


If you use the right tone, then any room will turn into a real work of art.


Photo of black and white interior design






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