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Nowadays, many try to use the balcony as much as possible. Recently, beautifully decorated loggias are gaining popularity. To make the loggia look attractive and at the same time it was functional it is possible to equip it with comfortable and roomy lockers.

Closet to the balcony

Thus, the correct organization of space on the balcony - this is the most effective way to create an additional room, which will also be multifunctional.


With the help of modern materials and advanced technologies, manufacturers create comfortable and practical furniture. So, furniture made of plastic is practical, durable, moisture resistant, and it is easy to take care of, in addition, it is relatively inexpensive. A huge selection of colors of plastic cabinets, allows you to choose furniture that fits your interior. The only drawback of plastic furniture is the high exposure to mechanical and ultraviolet effects.


Among the reliable materials for furniture can be attributed metal plastic cabinets, they are reliable, durable and durable, and also have excellent insulating qualities, which makes them simply ideal for storing vegetables.

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If you have a warmed balcony, you can equip it with wooden furniture. A tree is a classic material with a beautiful appearance and reliability.


If you want to put a beautiful wardrobe on the balcony, then it will be a cabinet made of laminated chipboard. This material is not only practical, convenient to use, but also attractive, besides, the price for furniture from laminate is acceptable. And an extensive color palette of this material will allow you to choose a cabinet for any design.

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Color solution

An extensive range of materials is a great opportunity in the interior decoration of the balcony. Thus, bright colors can visually expand the space, which is a very important aspect, since space saving is relevant for such a small room as a loggia.


The most popular colors of furniture for arrangement of a balcony are white, beige, warm colors and color of natural wood.


Shelves and drawers

The internal filling of any cabinet depends on the purpose of its use. So, the shelves can be different not only the height, but also the shape, the drawers can be both retractable and folding. If the cabinet is to be used for clothing, then it should have a bar or special hooks.

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Balcony_in apartment_2017

If you plan to store large items in the closet on the balcony, such as an ironing board, a dryer, a mop, a set of fishing rods or skis and sleds, then you will need a tall and roomy cabinet without any additional parts.


Quite convenient are the shelves in the closet, the height of which can be adjusted, as in the photo of the closet on the balcony.


Cabinet shape

Choose the shape of the cabinet you need based on the parameters of the room and your balcony preferences. In most cases, cabinets are installed on both sides of the loggia, near the window. The design of the cabinet can be in the form of open shelves or completely closed doors, as well as mixed type, i.e. different levels of the cabinet can have open or closed shelves.

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Closet to the balcony

The balconies are equipped with both stand-alone and built-in cabinet models.


However, there are unusual options, for example, if you put a corner cabinet on the balcony, then you not only smooth the corners of the room, but also organize a convenient place to store the things you need.


Construction of doors

Before you equip your balcony, you need to decide which furniture options, including small details in the form of a cabinet door, will be most optimal for a small room. Because the ability to open the doors of the cabinet in a small area is limited.

Closet to the balcony

The most suitable for the balcony, according to most experts, are the roller opening and sliding system.

Closet to the balcony

Recently, many pay attention to the door-accordion, however such an opening system is not suitable for every cabinet. For high furniture, this door is not suitable. In addition, due to the loose fit of the accordion door, dust and moisture will enter the cabinet.


Do not lose popularity and traditional options, such as swing doors. The fact is that doors of this type open the maximum access to the contents of the cabinet, which makes it possible to store objects of different sizes in it, besides it is more convenient from this cabinet to get the things you need. The only drawback of such a system of opening doors is that near the doors you need to leave a free space that would allow them to be easily opened.


The closet on the balcony can be not only a convenient and practical place to store everything you need, but also a real loggia decoration.


The best photos of the design of cabinets on the balcony

Closet to the balcony

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Closet to the balcony


On the video you can see an interesting version of the placement of the cabinet on the balcony

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