Carpet on the wall - old fashioned or not

Where does the cult of carpets originate on the wall? As we believed in Russia, carpets came to us from the Ottoman Empire (that is, ancient Turkey), the Turks believed that the more expensive the carpet the richer its master. Therefore, rich people on the floor and on the walls had a variety of carpets, sewn by real professionals. But as you know, soda does not stand still.


Now most people consider carpets as ordinary dust collectors. But for today carpets are very popular. The fact that 5-6 years ago caused laughter, is now considered very fashionable. Photo of carpets on the wall:

Where can I hang a carpet?

1. Carpet at the head of the bed. Something like a nice modern carpet will not decorate your bedroom. It can be hung both vertically and horizontally, it all depends on the type of your bed. You must choose the right position of the carpet. A carpet on the wall will protect you from the cold wall and absorb the sound well behind the wall. My main advice is not to forget to clean it because there is a lot of dust on the carpet of the carpet. After all, the carpet weighs above your head and can harm your health.


2. Carpets on all sides of the bed. Let's say you have a cold room and you want to add warmth and comfort to your bedroom, then you can safely buy carpets and hang them from all sides of the bed, it will give you coziness and will always delight your eyes.

The carpet on the wall

How to hang a carpet on the wall?

Before, people did not pay much attention, but then how hangs their carpet and how it was hung. The carpet was simply nailed to the wall with nails. This method is not practical, because with time the holes from the nails are torn and the carpet does not look beautiful. At this stage of our development, there are two ways of hanging the carpet:



Ковры, как и шторы могут висеть на карнизе. Только карниз от штор отличается от карниза для ковров. Eaves для ковров намного крепче и выдержит большую массу. Этот способ самый удобный поскольку он мало затратный (одни карниз в среднем стоит от 400-600 руб.).

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Also a good way to hang a carpet. This method is that the area on the wall is spread with a special adhesive solution, which when dried, very well holds the carpet. But there is one downside, if you want to remove the carpet, then it's unlikely you will get it, because the glue pastes the carpet to the wall very well.

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And to remove the carpet it will have to impregnate with a special liquid that dilutes the glue. This method is very inconvenient if you constantly change your place of residence and it costs more than the first option (the glue costs about 300rub, the carpet removal solution costs about 500-550 rubles).

carpet-in-the interior-1

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Modern carpets

There are a lot of modern carpets, but three main types are distinguished: cotton, woolen, leather.

wall-carpets-in-the interior2


The first kind of carpet is a carpet of cotton. Carpets made of cotton come in different shapes and colors, they differ from all by their softness and very long wear and tear. Cotton is a natural material that has high strength and durability.


It is arranged in such a way that it gives an unusual combination of strength and absorbency.


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One of the features of these carpets is that, they absorb moisture very well and almost do not conduct electricity. The wool does not cling to dirt and thus the carpet remains clean for a long time. The fibers of these carpets are very soft, for example if there was furniture on the carpet, then after you remove the furniture from the carpet of its villi it will be smooth and even.



It is worth noting that these carpets have a high durability, but they are very easy to damage, because the skin is not the hardest material. These carpets are easy to clean and easy to maintain.


Photos of the best ideas how to make a carpet on the wall




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