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The main advantage of each apartment is the balcony. With the right arrangement, this can result in a very useful room. Sometimes from the balconies make small rooms, for this you need to properly insulate the territory.


The ceiling is the main type of the loggia. It creates a general impression of the interior.


We need to understand how to make the ceiling so that it looks beautiful and effective and fits perfectly into the overall climate.


There are many options for finishing the ceiling on the balcony. But in order for it to last the longest period, it is necessary to provide in advance whether the glazing frames are properly installed.


Characteristics of the methods of ceiling decor


If the balcony is not glazed, or is not insulated, then the process of its decoration is easily simplified. For an even ceiling suitable for ordinary paint, to use it you need to putty the surface.


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The paint should be special, which will last a long time, despite the effects of external damages. If the surface has defects in them, it will completely hide the textured paint. It is designed for facade work.


The ceiling is painted with rollers, with the help of their nap it is possible to create a creative textured background and, of course, to hide small discrepancies. This method is used if all other surfaces are decorated in the same way. And one style is achieved.


Paneling of the ceiling with panels

Modern and very common way of finishing. Widely used because of the simplicity in mounting panels. Such a design the owner of the apartment will be able to install independently.

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Panels have a large variety. This natural material from wood can be replaced with MDF, which is completely modeled under a natural tree.


Also suitable for finishing polymer PVC panels their range of design is huge. If the balcony is not glazed, then apply siding for facades.

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Natural wood material.

The peculiarity of such plating is that it is environmentally friendly panels. And of course there is one drawback - a natural tree does not like moisture and, under bad factors, becomes a breeding ground for insects. Before installation, the lining is treated with special antiseptic means.


Boarding on the basis of MDF

It is also called fiberboard. External appearance of such panels is difficult to distinguish from natural. But according to qualitative criteria they are easily determined. The balcony is not safe for the human body.


It contains formaldehyde resins and, if the sunlight hits you, you can smell an unpleasant smell. With a man who has economized on value, he forgets about more important things.


Plastic panels

The plastic ceiling on the balcony in the installation plays out any lining. Materials for the manufacture of panels are applied taking into account the harmlessness to human health. The design is not afraid of waterlogging the room. To clean and wash the ceiling will take a little time.


If you choose high-quality panels, they will last a long time and will not lose their natural color when exposed to direct sunlight. They are used both in glazed balconies and without framing.


A wide selection of finishes for this type of premises will allow it to fit into any interior of the apartment.

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Most people with special danger are stretch ceilings on the balcony. And this is fully justified if the space is not glazed. These solutions are suitable for rooms with correctly installed frames, and it is very nice if the room is heated.


Polyester films can withstand even summer overheating. The surface for use can be: matt and glossy. They have a large selection of color textures. Everything depends on the wishes of the tenants. The main disadvantage of stretch ceilings is their high cost.


Photos of elegant ceiling decoration on the balcony









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