Chairs in the interior of the kitchen - photos of the best

The chair in the interior is an integral part of it, which indicates whether there is a taste among the owners or not. Often a chair decorates a house, but it also happens that it destroys the style of the room. How to choose a chair?

Chairs in the interior of the kitchen

By shape and appearance chairs are divided into such groups: a bar stool, an ordinary chair, a chair-chair.

Each chair has legs connected to the seat, and a backrest. The difference between the bar stool - its height, and the difference of the semicircular chair in the presence of armrests.

Chairs in the interior of the kitchen

  • How to choose a chair? There are nuances?
  • Seat
  • The weight
  • Design
  • Materials for chairs
  • Chairs made of wood
  • Chairs made of metal
  • PVC chairs
  • Wicker chairs
  • Accommodation of chairs
  • Chairs in the kitchen
  • Design of chairs
  • Photo of unusual chairs in the interior of the kitchen

How to choose a chair? There are nuances?


Height. The feet of a person that will sit on a chair should stand on the floor. Legs in the knees are bent at 90 degrees.

Chairs in the interior of the kitchen

Depth. Each person has its own length of legs, and it is not very pleasant when the edge of chair sitting rests on the popliteal fossa. The depth of the seat must be at least 45 cm.

Chairs in the interior of the kitchen

Width. If a person is overweight, it will not be convenient for him to be on a narrow chair, and therefore the seat is optimal for a width of 40 cm.

Chairs in the interior of the kitchen

Жесткость. Seat может быть трех видов – мягкое, полумягкое, а также жесткое.


The weight

Easy chair is easy to move around the kitchen, and this is the right quality. But the heavy chairs in the interior of the kitchen look much more solid. Such chairs in operation are safe.



According to its design features, the chair can be either integral or collapsible. One-piece chairs for the kitchen are the most usual option, but it is convenient and convenient in spacious kitchens. If the apartment is small, the kitchen is tiny, then it is better to use collapsible chairs.


Materials for chairs

Depending on the material from which the chair is made, its reliability and strength depend directly, as well as its appearance.


Chairs made of wood

Wooden chairs for the kitchen give the interior solidity. The texture of the tree and the color are perfect for any style, creating an atmosphere of home comfort. Types of wooden chairs:

Glued - made with veneer.


Bent - made from wood, which has a special treatment.

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Joineries are made from wood pieces.


Chairs made of metal

Metal - the material is highly durable, and it is often possible to see it in combination with plastic and wood. Basis - corners of metal, pipes, profile, forging. In the style of Provence, metal chairs for the kitchen emphasize the sophistication of the interior.


PVC chairs

Earlier, colored plastic chairs were used for street cafes, hotels, but today it is often possible to find such chairs in the apartment.


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The advantage of plastic is that it perfectly imitates glass. Often in the interior you can see the use of transparent chairs to visually do not litter the small kitchen.


Wicker chairs

Wicker chairs легкие, сидения пружинистые, и потому сидеть на них удобно. Wicker chairs основа «деревенского» стиля.


Accommodation of chairs

The appearance of the chair is directly determined by its future location. Kitchen, bedroom, living room, children's - a place for a chair is everywhere. Kitchen chairs for the kitchen should be durable and easy to clean.


Suitable for these chairs is a rigid seat. If we talk about chairs for children, it is important to remember their safety, and if the living room, then the harmony with the style.


Chairs in the kitchen

If there is a special area for eating, then carefully choose a set of chairs.


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  • The chairs should be simple to clean. If the hard seat is not your option, the upholstery should be leather.
  • The chair should be as simple as possible, without pretentiousness.
  • Chairs for a small kitchen are chosen mainly plastic, transparent, so as not to clutter visually an already compact room.


The chairs for the kitchen should be as user-friendly as possible, should not be distracted from eating. Most of the chairs from famous designers can give the room an exclusivity and uniqueness.


The chairs for the kitchen from Ikea are not just convenient to use, but also visually very beautiful. All chairs with the right proportions, and therefore you can not get tired sitting on them. In the assortment of the store there is a wide choice of styles of chairs, which will perfectly match with different dining tables.


Design of chairs

What color to choose chairs? The choice of color depends directly on what is being pursued. If the chairs need to be "hidden", then the color is chosen as close as possible to the color of the walls, and if you make it a bright accent, then the color should be bright and contrast. Photos of chairs in the kitchen are a lot on the Internet, and so you can choose the option that best fits your kitchen.


Photo of unusual chairs in the interior of the kitchen



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