Chandelier with their own hands - the simplest manufacturing

Many people have creative inclinations, as well as a rich imagination, which is a good help for implementing various creative ideas and ideas. For example, you can easily change any interior object in the house with ease. As an illustrative example, you can turn your attention to an ordinary chandelier. In this case, the premises where there are unique and unusual interior items and even made in hand, this gives the room a special atmosphere.


The most widely used chandelier is made by hand from various obsolete materials.


  • We make a chandelier with our own hands from plastic bottles
  • We make a chandelier with our own hands made of wood
  • We make a chandelier with our own hands of thread
  • Chandelier with their own hands - step by step instruction
  • Chandelier of threads
  • Photo of a chandelier made by own hands

We make a chandelier with our own hands from plastic bottles

1. With the help of sharp scissors we produce various patterns, shapes and different shapes for use on your chandelier.

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2. To fix the chandelier, you need to fix a few thin rods, then all the other rods are connected, but one rod in the middle is removed, it is necessary to place the bulb. At this stage, the chandelier becomes a hedgehog.


3. We make the connection of all the prepared figures with a prepared frame of rods.


We make a chandelier with our own hands made of wood

To make this chandelier you need:

  • a few wooden bars having a width of about 40 cm.
  • several liter cans, for making a plafond.
  • paint or varnish for wood.
  • small self-cuts necessary for fastening, as well as grinding paper having a fine fraction.

For example, the number 1322667 Y 1 EK 4 Y 02 is indicated by the following diagram


1. To begin with, our slats are sanded with sandpaper until the slats are smooth.

2. It is necessary to make a notch on the slats on the back side to install the wiring. Read: Crafts from leaves - (75 фото)

3. It is necessary to make three holes where the plafonds will be mounted.

4. Color the slats in the natural color of the tree.

5. The cartridge itself must be fixed in the hole in the cover, screw the bulb there.

6. As a plafond we use a liter jar, previously painted it in a bright and light color.


We make a chandelier with our own hands of thread

When manufacturing chandeliers from different types of threads, it is necessary to take:

  • a plastic bowl or other suitable object of the desired shape.
  • different threads with different shades, you can use the white thread color, but then paint the shape of the shade in the desired color
  • glue or make a special viscous mass for shaping the shade.


So, the process of performing such a chandelier consists of several stages:

1. First we need to make a special paste, for this we need half a glass of flour, mix a half liter of water and add another glass of hot water and a few spoons of sugar. All the resulting mass is well mixed to let it cool, a viscous sticky mass is obtained.

2. We throw our threads into the received mass, after which these threads must be wound on a plastic bowl or on another prepared form, and let it cool for one day.

3. After the threads have dried, they have acquired the necessary shape of the lampshade and it is possible to separate the threads from the shape.

4. Mount to the bottom of the ceiling, and the chandelier is ready to hang it.

We make a chandelier with our own hands of thread

However, the main feature of such lampshades is that all materials from which the lampshade or chandelier is assembled are very easily ignited, therefore for safety reasons it is recommended to use light bulbs of not high power 50-60 Watt.


Chandelier with their own hands - step by step instruction

What would make a chandelier with their own hands would require:

  • an electric wire, a cartridge and a light bulb of low power up to 60 watts.
  • exclusive use skeleton.
  • colored thread and glue.


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As a frame, you can use an old and unnecessary chandelier, which can be transformed. This is how some modern designers come in, give their old and unnecessary things a second life.


So, you need to determine the size and fabric that will be involved in the process. Next, you need to sew the cover of the necessary dimensions and put it on the frame. As a decorative decoration, you can use almost everything, which is enough for imagination. In this case, you can use a variety of cut patterns, beads, buttons and much more. Next, mount the cartridge with a bulb to the lampshade. All the old thing has found a new life.

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Chandelier of threads

At the moment, a special popularity is acquired by a chandelier made in the form of a winding made of threads. This chandelier is very quickly done, and it looks very nice. To produce such a chandelier, a large amount of PVA glue will be required, but an ordinary ball or other sphere will be needed.


So, we inflate the ball to the desired size, wrap the entire surface of the ball with threads and apply PVA glue to the threads. Next, let the product dry up after that, break through the ball at the same time, make a small incision resulting in a hole. In this hole we mount a light bulb, all the beautiful chandelier is ready for use.

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Photo of a chandelier made by own hands



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