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In ancient times, people used chests. But getting things off the chest was not convenient! Then people came up with a chest of drawers-a chest of drawers! The chest of drawers is an indispensable thing in any apartment!


  • How to use a chest of drawers?
  • How to choose a chest of drawers?
  • We decorate the dresser correctly
  • Photo of modern commodes in the interior

How to use a chest of drawers?

How to use a chest of drawers in space? Of course, the main purpose of the chest is the storage of things. In the bedroom, the chest of drawers is most often used to store beds, pillows, blankets, etc. Also use mini-chests-console tables with drawers on high carved legs.


In the living room, the main function of the dresser is the storage of photographs, albums, discs, etc. Of course the dresser also has a decorative function, it is good to decorate your living room!


In the children's room in the chest of drawers are stored notebooks, pens, everything for the child! The chest of drawers is a good platform for the child's experiments.


In the hallway store shoes, umbrellas, outerwear, varnishes for shoes. It is not recommended to decorate the chest of drawers in the hallway. There is a chest of drawers - it performs its direct functions!


The chest of drawers is best used in a spacious bathroom. There it stores bath accessories, body care products, etc. Decoration of the dresser in the bathroom is simple, just hang a mirror over it! It's practical and looks good!


How to choose a chest of drawers?

Many people can not choose a chest of drawers for themselves, they can not decide on the color, size, material from which a chest of drawers will be made! You need to understand what exactly you want! To the chest was complete with furniture, so that it was made with one material or one color. Of course people are used to buying furniture in the kit. But if all the furniture is dark in color, the chest of drawers is recommended to choose a dark color! That is, the darker the furniture, the lighter the chest should be. Read: Unusual chairs - photos of the most beautiful designer novelties


Light color does not always fit the interior, for example in a room where bright colors exceed, a light chest will be tasteless. It is recommended to paint a chest of drawers after purchase!


An interesting kind of chest of drawers are rarity, they are well suited for classical interiors. But in modern styles it is better to use futuristic dressers!

Large and massive chests of drawers look good in spacious rooms, in which a minimum of furniture! For example, a chest of drawers can be the only place in the interior where things are stored! If the chest of drawers is in the center of attention, it is recommended to decorate it with something unusual!


We decorate the dresser correctly

To the chest of drawers in the interior looked good, you can hang over it a picture, a mirror! It's pretty practical and looks good!


Elements of decor can be placed in different ways! On the chest of drawers you can put a casket, a vase, a candlestick. We recommend choosing decor elements, such that they are the size of half the mirror or picture or above them. And to create a dynamic interior is better that high and low accessories vary greatly in height.


Do not choose too big or too small a picture or a mirror! You can also use the TV as a decoration! Although it is a separate accessory. It is important that the TV does not go beyond the chest of drawers! Do not need to decorate the dresser too much! Now furniture with a mirror is popular. In this case, do not overload the chest of drawers with decorations! Also, do not leave space above the chest empty!


If the chest of bright colors, then it is necessary to select accessories of the same color type. You can also decorate the chest with your own hands! This will undoubtedly give uniqueness to your interior! You can decorate chests of drawers and flowerpots!


Here are such simple tips to help you choose and properly make a chest of drawers!


Photo of modern commodes in the interior

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