Children's desk - 80 photos of unusual design

This article is intended primarily for parents, that they could correctly make their choice in buying a desk for their child.

Children's desk

Also in this article there is a selection of tips and reviews of a photo of a children's desk.

  • Features of a choice of a table for the schoolboy
  • Correct boarding
  • Comfortable ergonomic chair
  • Material of the table for the child
  • Functionality of the table
  • Types of writing tables for a child
  • Classic rectangular table
  • Computer desk
  • Corner table
  • Table transformer
  • Loft bed
  • Photo of a children's desk in the interior

Features of a choice of a table for the schoolboy

When choosing a desk for your child, many parents pay attention to the two most important points, the cost and size of the product. However, do not forget that the most important priority when choosing a children's desk is its convenience and practicality.


At the same time, it is necessary to remember that the desk can perform not only its main function, but also an additional one - decorative, as well as how it can harmoniously fit into the interior of the children's room.


Therefore, choosing a desk in a children's room is not an easy task, by this time it should be approached with full responsibility and attention.


Correct boarding

The health of the child largely depends on the technical parameters and features of the table. For example, the child at the desk should have the correct posture and planting, in the sitting position, the load on the neck, the spine and back should be evenly distributed. All these requirements must be presented to each desk without exception.

Children's desk

However, when choosing a children's desk, parents need to pay attention to some of the technical characteristics of the table:

  • table height
  • length of countertop
  • width of countertop
  • table lighting
  • compactness and convenience

Children's desk

In this case, most parents prefer a universal desk "table-transformer" which is able to change its technical dimensions. This is certainly very convenient, as with growing a baby, parents do not need to buy a new desk for their child again.

Children's desk

Such a table can serve a child almost until the child grows up.


Comfortable ergonomic chair

Having a good desk, it is necessary to supplement one more necessary element with a good chair, on which the child will sit at the table. The chair as well as the table must meet certain technical specifications and requirements.


Therefore, many parents buy their children a large and soft armchair believing that in such a chair their child can have a correct and healthy posture, but this is not so. The fact is, a soft chair can not fully support the child's correct posture, in addition, the child's bend on such an armchair will not be even.

Children's desk

Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a regular regular chair with a back that can match all the anatomical features of the child.

Children's desk

Material of the table for the child

Most parents prefer writing desks made from chipboard only because of its low cost. However, it must be remembered that this material has in its composition toxic elements that can harm a child's health.

Children's desk

At the same time, the chipboard has a low service life, which means that in a few years you will again look for your child another desk.

Children's desk

The best material for a desk is a natural tree, but not all parents can buy such a table. However, as an alternative, you can buy a table made from MDF, such a table for quality will be slightly inferior to a table made from natural wood, but its cost will be much less.

Children's desk

Functionality of the table

Not unimportant value when choosing a desk has its functionality and practicality. In other words, this addition to the table of various additional elements: various boxes, shelves, shelves.

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It is necessary to clearly think over the purpose and application of each element, and rationally use them.

Children's desk

Types of writing tables for a child

All desks have different shapes and parameters, and this in many ways contributes to the convenient location of the child at the table, as well as the rational use of room space.


Classic rectangular table

This type of desk is considered the most common, having the appearance of a school desk. At the same time, its technical dimensions and dimensions are small, such a table can be placed practically in any room.

Children's desk

Computer desk

It is clear that a table of this kind is intended for use on a computer rather than for school assignments.

Children's desk

However, there are models of computer tables with additional functions, for example a special sliding panel for writing, various shelves for books and textbooks. Such a universal table can be a good and convenient learning place for a child.

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Corner table

This version of the desk is the most popular with many parents. He is able to fit well and harmoniously in absolutely any room, without taking up much space and space.


Due to the large number of different shelves and their complete set, such a table can be equipped not only with school accessories, but you can install a monitor and a system unit, you can also install a small TV.


Table transformer

The model of this table has an unusual feature, it is the ability to regulate all the main dimensions of the table as the child grows up.

Children's desk

This is a good way to save money, because the lifetime of such a table can be much larger than when a child finishes school.


Loft bed

This is the most economical option if you need to place everything compactly in a room, while having a small room area.

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In this case, the space is saved by the fact that the bed is located at the top while the place for school lessons is located below.


This option is most relevant for parents who have two school-age children.

loft bed

Photo of a children's desk in the interior




Children's desk


Children's desk

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Children's desk

Children's desk


Children's desk




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