Coffee table in the interior - a photo of a beautiful

When choosing a coffee table, it is very important to know all the minuses and pluses, nuances that there is a particular material. Which coffee table in the interior will look best? Do you need drawers and shelves in the table?

Coffee table in the interior

The coffee table is the most versatile and multifunctional piece of the living room interior.

Moreover, a beautiful coffee table can easily fit into the living room and even on the balcony, if you are a fan of reading a book over a cup of coffee. The presence of a table, as it were, makes the room cozy.

Coffee table in the interior

  • Wooden coffee table
  • Glass table
  • Metal table
  • Choosing a table for a style
  • Classic interior
  • Country Style
  • Art Nouveau style
  • Pop art
  • Loft
  • Transformer
  • Photo of design of coffee tables in the interior

Wooden coffee table

A coffee table made of wood is the most common option, which will easily fit into the most intricate interior. The main thing to do is to choose a shade that will harmonize with the existing furniture. Preferably, for the style of the interior came a table.

Coffee table in the interior


  • The widest choice of wood.
  • Assortment of texture and color.
  • Ease of processing.
  • Ecological compatibility.
  • Complement the interior of the room.

Coffee table in the interior


  • Easily deformed mechanically - chips and scratches, dents.
  • Expensiveness of the material.


Glass table

People in the design of their homes in recent years increasingly pay attention to the glass coffee table, because it looks weightless and airy, thanks to transparency. Support tables - snags of wood, corals, deer horns.



  • Visually expand the space.
  • A variety of types of support.
  • The glass is to be "toned" in any color.
  • Safety in operation.



  • The cost.
  • The complexity of production.
  • On the table during operation, scratches and chips become noticeable.

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Metal table

In processing metal is the most complex material, and therefore such models of tables are the most expensive. In addition, such a table weighs a lot, and therefore moving it around the room is difficult. The main advantage of such tables is that they are not afraid of damage.



  • Originality of design.
  • Durability.
  • Strength.
  • Decor.



  • The cost.
  • The weight.
  • The complexity of production.


Choosing a table for a style

On the Internet, a lot of photos of coffee tables in the interior, and therefore you can see on the examples that their variations can be many. Tables between each other differ in their forms, material of manufacture, purpose and decor.


Classic interior

If the room is made in a classical style, then in such an interior perfectly fit the usual wooden coffee table.

Coffee table in the interior

The exception is the decor of the base, legs, which are selected for the existing finish. In this situation, the selection of the wood tone is taken into account.


Country Style

Ethno-style strikes your eyes with your ideas and the use of materials that are common in crawling. Many can surprise with models from bamboo, someone will surprise with a complex mosaic that is laid out from seashells. This style will take in its interior a table made of logs, rough wood.


Art Nouveau style

In the Art Nouveau style, where is the fantasy waxing? Tables can be made from any material. The main rule is the observance of laconic forms. Round coffee table can fit perfectly into modern.

Coffee table in the interior

Pop art

The task of this style is the transformation of simple things into exclusive, gray everydayness thereby filling with a bright decor. White coffee table is unlikely to fit into the style, but if the designers work with it, it will become perfect and perfectly fit into the style.

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The basis of the style is metal parts and rough wood. It is furniture that has a kind of street look, a style brutal and original. If the table is in the form of a cart, then this is a sign of this style.

Coffee table in the interior


When choosing a table in the hall, it is worthwhile to think over all those "duties" that are assigned to it. If the table is like a decor, then it's worth choosing exclusive and unusual table options, and if you need a table, a table for a PC and for eating, then your choice is a coffee table transformer. In a few minutes, the table can easily be turned into a zone for eating food.

Coffee table in the interior

The purpose of the table is the storage of periodicals and books, various trifles. In order to avoid cluttering the table, it is worthwhile to think out the drawers and shelves in the table - now there is room for storing small things. You can see a photo of the coffee table that you liked, bring it to the workshop, and you will be made to order.

Coffee table in the interior

In this table there will be places for storage, which no one except you will know.


Photo of design of coffee tables in the interior

Coffee table in the interior

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Coffee table in the interior



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Coffee table in the interior

Coffee table in the interior



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Coffee table in the interior

Coffee table in the interior


Coffee table in the interior











Coffee table in the interior



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