Combined loggia - photos of the best ideas for successfully

Open unified space is a trend. Thanks to this, the premises acquire not only an additional area, but also a volume. If you combine a room with a loggia, you can not only make a bedroom or a living room more, but also organize a mini zone at your discretion. The room is transformed, it becomes lighter, more attractive and functional, as you can see by looking at the photo.



The main bonus is the increase in the total area of ​​the room. As a rule, for this purpose, remove the partition between these rooms. The common space becomes multifunctional. The additional area is organized by:

  • Corner for relaxation;
  • Mini-sad.
  • The office.
  • Children's play.
  • Library.


The options can not be considered. In this case it is desirable to style the design to pick up a similar room, so as not to introduce dissonance.


Unique ideas and design styles

Decoration and equipment of the transformed space should be easy, not to weight the interior. Some ideas may help you:

Study. You can organize a full-fledged workplace with a table, ergonomic shelves and good lighting.


Corner for tea and relaxation. A small sofa, a comfortable chair, a coffee table with a decorative lamp will transform the space.

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Home mini-garden. Ideal for lovers of living plants. In this case, the flowers will not clutter the sills. But the floors require good waterproofing.


Corner for lessons, hobbies and sleep. In this case, it is important to install furniture that corresponds to age and a comfortable sofa or hammock.


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Several options for the design of a combined loggia with the use of stylistic elements, which will add a twist to the interior.


Vintage style includes walls made of natural stone, wooden floor, living plants and original furniture.


Swedish style combines wooden walls and comfortable furniture.

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balcony balcony

Romantic motives. Light colors, light armchairs, a small table, stylish lamps, natural materials create a pleasant atmosphere.


What reconciliations are needed for redevelopment

Before the start of the dismantling and construction and finishing works, it is necessary to prepare and coordinate the design documentation in the controlling bodies. It is advisable to turn to professional designers for builders. Otherwise, problems and difficulties may arise during the legalization of the expansion of the living space.


Project documentation should be coordinated in the following instances:

  • Independent Architectural Bureau (licensed);
  • BTI;
  • Sanitary and Epidemiological Service;
  • Interdepartmental Commission;
  • MSDS and MSF;
  • ZHEO or the management office of your home.


To the draft of the general redevelopment, the permits of the above-mentioned bodies, it is necessary to attach the permission of all the co-owners of the apartment and submit it to the housing inspection, which issues the final verdict.


Construction works

First of all, you need to arrange additional warming and heating. To do this, it is necessary to install metal-plastic windows, in which the double-glazed windows correspond to the temperature regime of the region.



The partition is removed completely or partially. If the wall between the room and the loggia is a carrier, then only the window and door unit are removed. In the latter case, the window pillar is decorated and used to create a bar counter, a table, a shelf for souvenirs, books or flowers.



An external waterproofing of the wall is carried out. The ceiling of the wall and the floors are insulated with mineral wool and other insulating materials. Then the vapor barrier is laid. Since heating radiators are forbidden to be placed outside the rooms, electric convectors and warm floors will be an ideal option for thermal insulation. If necessary, you can adjust the heating temperature.


Finishing work

To describe the options for finishing, you need a whole book or a separate site. On the photo of a combined loggia it is easy to see the variety of materials used. However, it should be taken into account that the decor should correspond with the design of the main room. It does not have to be one color, but combining completely different styles visually "breaks" the space and it will be difficult to achieve the desired increase in the room.


In the photo section, which shows the combined loggias with the room in different colors and stylistics.


Photo of the design of a combined loggia


















individuality-and-useful-living space-instead of loggia-19



combined loggia2

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