Corner cabinet compartment - photo of the best design

The main feature of corner cabinets is that they are installed in the corners of rooms. Such furniture allows more efficient use of corners and does not take up too much free space.

Corner cabinet compartment

Usually the corners are used ineffectively, at best, only one bulky cabinet is placed on one of the walls, which occupies a pile of free space.

Angular furniture allows the most efficient use of the entire space of the corner and does not clutter the room. This is especially important for small rooms and studio apartments.

Corner cabinet compartment

This allows you to save a few, since the sliding doors are more expensive. In general, corner furniture has a higher cost than usual. The price of the cabinets depends on the following parameters:

  • Complexity of manufacture;
  • Material;
  • Dimensions;
  • The presence of additional elements (lighting, accessories and so on).

Corner cabinet compartment

If the cabinet is made to order on an individual project, then it is more expensive than the serial models with similar characteristics.

Corner cabinet compartment

  • Corner cabinet selection
  • Corner cabinet design
  • Inner space
  • Disadvantages of a corner cabinet
  • Photo of the design of the corner cabinet in the interior

Corner cabinet selection

During cabinet selection it is important to consider the features of the room. There are several types of such cabinets: rectangular, trapezoid, five-walled, built-in corner wardrobe and so on.

Corner cabinet compartment

For small rooms, five-walled pavers are best suited, as they are very roomy, but do not look cumbersome. Often such furniture is installed in the hallways, as there is not much room in these rooms.

Corner cabinet compartment

For the hallways is best suited small triangular cabinet.

Corner cabinet compartment

It is worth noting that some people do not correctly understand the advantages of corner cabinets and order themselves such furniture only because of unusual appearance or because they consider: "Any corner furniture is better than usual".

Corner cabinet compartment

Sometimes the result is the purchase of a product with a small cut. That is, in fact, the cabinet just put it on one of the walls of the corner, like ordinary furniture. In this case, the advantages of the corner structure are practically not disclosed. Read: Coffee table in the interior - 115 photos of ideas for perfect design

Corner cabinet compartment

Moreover, the extra space of such a cabinet is enough only to put several pairs of socks in the closet, and the resulting ledge deep into the room visually takes away much more free space. In addition, corner furniture usually costs more, so there is also an overpayment for almost the same useful volume.

Corner cabinet compartment

Therefore, before buying or ordering furniture it is worth considering whether a corner cabinet is suitable for a particular room or you can get by with traditional furniture and save money.

Corner cabinet compartment

It is best to look at the photo of the corner cabinet of the compartment, this will help to decide.

Corner cabinet compartment

Corner cabinet design

The closet compartment in the interior of small rooms occupies an important place. Now there are many ready-made corner cabinet solutions. Many designers recommend buying models with mirror doors.

Corner cabinet compartment

Reflective surfaces allow you to visually increase the space of the room. With such products you need to handle carefully so as not to break the mirrors.

Corner cabinet compartment

In the case of conventional closets, designers recommend that when space is limited, only models with sliding doors should be bought. Corner cabinet can also have swing doors without any inconvenience.

Corner cabinet compartment

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Inner space

Inside can be located as offices of outer clothing, and shelves for bed linen, shoes and so on. Many models have mezzanines for storing different things that are rarely used. If desired, you can order a corner cabinet for your project or the results of designers.

Corner cabinet compartment

Disadvantages of a corner cabinet

The corner cabinets have several drawbacks. For example, if the angle is already set, then before installing the cabinet you have to do a rearrangement of the furniture, which may require the services of movers.

Corner cabinet compartment

In addition, corner furniture almost always has a higher cost than usual. The disadvantages also include the fact that the sliding door system further reduces the space of the room by about 10 cm.

Corner cabinet compartment

Thus, the corner cabinet of the compartment allows you to effectively use the space of the room. Such furniture is modern and multifunctional, designers often use similar models in their projects, especially for interior decoration of small rooms.

Corner cabinet compartment

Recently, such furniture is very popular, so the choice of such products is huge and almost always you can choose the right option.

Corner cabinet compartment

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Photo of the design of the corner cabinet in the interior









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