Cots for newborns - photo examples of modern design

The birth of a baby is truly a miracle, but with the joy comes the responsibility that lies with the parents.

Cot for newborns

Parents need to create the most comfortable environment for the child, an important component of which is a baby cot.

  • How to choose a cot for a baby
  • Cradle
  • Classic version of a cot
  • Transforming baby cot
  • A cot-riding-hall
  • Cot on wheels
  • Bed-rocking chair with skids
  • Cot with changing table
  • Photo of cots for newborns in the interior

How to choose a cot for a baby

Furniture for children has its own characteristics, which must be taken into account when buying. So, baby cots for newborns are made only from natural, eco-friendly materials, best of all from wood.

Cot for newborns

It is important that the wood is not varnished or painted, it is best if it is just a well-ground wood, otherwise there is a risk of the child having an allergy.

Cot for newborns

In addition, during the formation of teeth, the child takes everything in his mouth to gnaw, which can lead to the fact that pieces of varnish or paint can get into the baby's mouth.

Cot for newborns

Both in the bed itself and in the bedroom of the newborn there should be no sharp corners.

Cot for newborns

Another very important rule, cribs for newborns should stand firm.

Cot for newborns

The most popular models are baby cots, the sides of which are made up of racks. Because with such a crib the crumb does not fall out, and he will have the opportunity to comprehend the world around him.

Cot for newborns

Choosing this model of the crib, you need to look at the distance between the slats, it should be 5-6 cm, otherwise the crumb can get stuck. In addition, now there are kits in the crib for newborns, which include bed linens and special protective boards, made of soft material.

Cot for newborns


This model of the crib is designed for infants. Cradles are, pendant, with wheels and on rocking chairs.

Cot for newborns

Classic version of a cot

Classic version of a cot достаточно универсален. Такая кроватка рассчитана на ребенка до 3-5 лет.

Cot for newborns

Special cushions in a crib for newborns, not only protect the child from falling, but also allow to fix on them a canopy.

Cot for newborns

Transforming baby cot

Cot Transformer for newborns is a great opportunity to buy a bed once for several years.

Cot for newborns

Transforming cribs come with removable parts, which actually allow the baby bed to turn into a teenage bed, with boards that are removed and lowered, with a descending dome and folding bed bags.

Cot for newborns

A cot-riding-hall

Pretty comfortable cot-riding, because it is not only a sleeping place of the baby, but also a play area. The presence of such a bed of special sides of the soft fabric, makes the crib as safe as possible.

Cot for newborns

However, when choosing a cot-arena it is necessary to pay attention to its stability, it is best if it is equipped with additional supports.

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Cot for newborns

Cot on wheels

Cot on wheels очень удобна для укачивания, а благодаря своей мобильности ее удобно использовать ночью во время кормления и днем когда осуществляется уборка.

Cot for newborns

If you decide to purchase a cot on wheels, pay attention to its stability. So on the wheels must be fixed special brakes.

Cot for newborns

Bed-rocking chair with skids

The rocking beds are designed for rocking the baby. The smooth movements of the pendulum-pendulum are an ideal solution to problems with motion sickness in the first year of a baby's life.

Cot for newborns

Thanks to the pendulum mechanism, the crumb will swing in the crib alone, and Mom will have free time.

Cot for newborns

Cot with changing table

If the baby room for the baby is small, and there is not any possibility to install a special dressing room in it, it will be an excellent solution to purchase a crib with a changing table built into it.

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Such a model, as in the photo of the crib for the newborn - is an excellent opportunity to make the most of the free space, ensuring the compactness of the child's sleeping place. In addition, it is very convenient not to carry the baby from the bed to the dresser for changing and back, when you can do everything in one place.


And since such models of beds are in most cases equipped with small shelves or drawers for the most necessary crumbs of things, this makes a crib with a changing table quite in demand.


When the time comes and the baby is so old that the need to swaddle it disappears, the changing table can be used as a play area, turning it into a toy shelf

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Photo of cots for newborns in the interior



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