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At all times, each person has been building his home very scrupulously, so that further living was comfortable and cozy. Very carefully selected cloaks and bedspreads on sofas and armchairs, beautiful curtains hung on the windows.

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Curtains in the room serve not only as a decorative detail, but also for protection from prying eyes.

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To date, there are many different versions of curtains and cornices, their range is so large that a person is sometimes lost and can not make the right optimal decision.

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A wide variety of curtains and cornices

Curtains are designed so that room space can not be seen from the street, and they are able to protect from cold air and bright sun rays, which are sometimes so unpleasant.

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For fastening, curtain rods are usually used. Their design differs among themselves in the way of mounting and the material used in the manufacture.

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In the article there are photo curtains for curtains, each visitor of the site will be able to familiarize himself and choose a suitable model for his house. The assortment of products for window openings on the markets is huge - these are Roman curtains, roll and ordinary blinds, English curtains, Japanese curtains.

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But that you do not choose any curtains you need to fix it correctly. For this, a cornice is selected.

Depending on the classification of curtains, the material of the structure is determined.

  • Wooden.
  • Plastic.
  • Metal.
  • Composite composition.

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The most important criterion in choosing is the type of cornices. They can be: profile, string, baguette and flexible.

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Ceiling cornices for curtains should not only be beautiful, but also safe, especially if the house has children. String cornices are better to buy, because they have long been out of fashion.

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If there is a stretch ceiling in the room, then the curtain mounting system must be appropriate. They are bound together.

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Tension curtain rod for curtains to be attached to the structure and to the wall. Each way is in its way effective. In our time, quite a lot of different design directions and the cornice should ideally fit into any of them.

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Very often decorating the room, the usual straight cornice is not suitable. It can be a window with an unusual design. For this solution, experts recommend using a flexible curtain rod for curtains. This kind allows you to use in your house an unusual style of the interior.

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In case you use curtains and light tulle, then stop the choice is on the curtain rods for double-row curtains.

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You have already understood that the assortment of systems for curtains can be very different and everything depends on your own preferences. The main thing that all harmoniously combined.

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Modern technology does not stand still and if before the curtains used metal cornices. And today even if you have such a design, it can easily be hidden under the baguettes.

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The material serves for decorative design and conceals defects in walls or ceilings. With the help of baguettes, you can complete the look of the entire interior.

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And a decorative strip covers the details of the system - profiles and hooks. Framing cornices for curtains are quite beneficial application allowing to implement a wide variety of ideas in the room.

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What you usually need to pay attention to when choosing a curtain rod for curtains

The first thing to determine the feature of the ceiling, which it is - concrete, suspended or wooden. Next, consider what cloth curtains - heavy or light.

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In no case should the curtains be connected to the surface of the heating system. Curtains should function freely and do not cling to the windowsill.

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Based on the information, the choice of wall curtains for curtains will not be difficult. Only you can make your own home as beautiful as possible.

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Photo cornices for curtains

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Êàðíèçû äëÿ øòîð

Êàðíèçû äëÿ øòîð

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Êàðíèçû äëÿ øòîð íàñòåííûå

Êàðíèçû äëÿ øòîð íàñòåííûå

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