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Spring on the street and in the shower, and of course, I want to bring the appropriate mood to our house. The easiest way to update the interior is to acquire new modern curtains, but to choose for all their variety is no longer such a simple occupation. In this article, we will consider in detail all the exciting issues of acquiring (creating) the ideal outfits of your windows, tell you about fashion trends and showcase the novelty of curtains of 2018.

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Unity with the outside world

So what will be the trendy curtains in 2018? Designers are increasingly turning to inspiration for nature, which means everything should be natural, but at the same time it's alive. How to achieve this effect? First of all, we forget about complex designs with a large number of tiers, ruches and draperies, but we give priority to the simplicity of the lines.

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Do you think it will be boring? And here not! Liveliness is achieved due to curious invoices of materials and colors, the use of floral and ethnic motifs is welcomed.

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Color solution

What color will depend only on your preferences, it is allowed to use both darker and lighter than the main shade of the room. Cold colors are recommended to choose for the windows overlooking the sunny side, but for rooms that are deprived of natural light, warm shades will suit.

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You can also focus on the curtains, choosing a contrast bright color. If the drapes are selected with a pattern, then the furnishings and wallpaper should be more calm, monophonic. Light curtains add space.

Also, when buying, do not lose sight of the practical side of the product, so if the room gets a lot of light, it is better to look for more dense fabric. Here, too, have their innovations, like, for example, curtains on the lining, which in turn prevents burnout, prolongs the service life, creates heat and noise insulation.

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If you select an interesting fabric for the padding that matches with the base fabric or that matches the decor elements (pillows, wallpaper pattern, furniture upholstery, etc.), it will be worthy to be demonstrated, for example, in the photo below.

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Styles and directions

The best curtains of 2018 are already rightly recognized:


For several years they have been the undisputed favorite of many housewives. They look great in a small bedroom and kitchen, and also successfully combine with other types of curtains. One of the great advantages of Roman curtains is that they do not hide space, and at the same time are stylish and modern. In most cases, this option is chosen for the kitchen or bedroom.

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Это действительно новинка нынешнего сезона, подойдут для выражения минимализма, хай-тека, авангарда. Japanese шторы могут быть выполнены в виде двух тканевых панелей, или же составлять целый ансамбль из тканевых панелей разной плотности, фактуры, тонов, тем самым позволяя регулировать различную пропускную способность света в разное время суток.

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As a rule, these are canvases up to 1.5 m wide, moving to the sides along fixed guides (akin to the doors of the closet). Cloths are stretched on the frame to ensure no folds.

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The curtains can be made of different fabrics - linen, cotton, satin, chiffon, silk, organza (the key criterion for choosing the fabric - it must keep the shape). They are considered very environmentally friendly, because the absence of folds and natural fibers attract less dust.

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Idea Japanese Window Curtains of Japanese Curtains I Cant Stand The Rain Pinterest That Spectacular Window Curtain


For those who are not ready to give up pomposity, aristocracy and solemnity of the interior. Here much depends on the choice of fabric, so for a spacious living room is to find velvet, shiny, dense materials, but in small rooms it will look good light air fabrics, such as poplin, chintz, flax. Such drapes are suitable for interiors in the spirit of Provence, country.

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Will serve as an unusual decoration, especially spectacularly look on the windows on the floor. The material of thread curtains can be any - dense and thin threads, they can be supplemented with glass beads, beads.

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Due to the ease of operation and care for them, it's not the first year in the top of the sales leaders, they can live organically in any interior. If you prefer classics, then they can be successfully supplemented with conventional curtains.

Assortment of roller blinds in stores will allow you to choose the options in any color range and with any ornament. Also in specialized companies you can make a beautiful design of curtains to order in the catalog.

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In pursuit of novelty, the main thing is to hear your attitudes, and be guided by your instincts and preferences, and then new curtains will please you and your guests for more than one season.

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