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When designing balcony windows, you need to take into account their differences from conventional windows in the living room or bedroom. As a rule, they have a large area, very diverse in terms of the availability of opening and not opening elements, have less possibilities for decoration due to the small area of ​​the loggia.


Vertical and horizontal shutters to the balcony

The design of vertical blinds consists of strips of dense impregnated fabric. They can be deployed along its axis, thus regulating the amount of light in the room. Depending on the design, the blinds can be moved left, right, or in different directions simultaneously.

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Installed blinds with fastening on the ceiling or in the window aperture. Use vertical blinds as curtains on a window with a balcony is not recommended. Through the lack of the possibility of fastening in the window opening, they have to be mounted to the ceiling. And this when turning the stripes leads to a loss of 20 cm of the balcony area.


A more appropriate idea for curtains on the balcony is the installation of horizontal blinds. As a material for their production, plastic, metal or wood is used. The amount of light is regulated by turning the strips, and such blinds are opened up to the top of the window opening. The method of fastening to the sash of the window does not prevent its opening.



In appearance, this type of curtains resembles horizontal blinds, but they are performed with dust-treated fabric. Installed on the opening or in the opening. The light flux is regulated by squeezing the folds of the fabric. These curtains are opened by lifting up.

Blinds pleated on the windows of Nizhny Novgorod

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On the market there is a huge selection of designer solutions for curtains-pleated: from simple monochrome and to curtains with a printed pattern or metallized coating. They are not demanding for detergents and are perfectly cleaned even with water. In the photo, the curtains on the balcony harmoniously fit into the interior.


Roman curtains

Roman curtains приобрели большую популярность в последнее время. Изготавливаются они из двухслойной ткани, которая собирается в широкие горизонтальные складки при открытии. Монтируются на створку. Регулировка количества света в помещении производится при помощи шнура и цепочки.


The use of striped Roman curtains today is one of the most popular design options for curtains on the balcony. In addition to the original form, the use of bands for design has a practical value: alternating light and dark elements allows you to more effectively adjust the level of lighting. A huge selection of design for this kind of curtains allows you to choose the right option for different rooms: from study rooms to rest areas.

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Roller blinds

Обладают высоким светопоглощением, из-за чего этот вид штор часто называют светофильтрами. Ткань для рулонных штор отличается уровнем прозрачности. По своей конструкции напоминают ролетную систему. При открытии штора по мере наматывания на вал поднимается вверх. Roller blinds на балконе крепятся к потолку или на створку окна, что позволяет экономить пространство лоджии и не мешает открытию окон.

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Depending on the type of construction, there are three types of roller blinds:

  • open - curtains, equipped with an open shaft for winding. This allows you to save space and install the design directly on the leaf;
  • closed - the shaft is completely hidden under a special case. It closes a certain part of the window and reduces the amount of transmitted light. But the curtain is not so much soiled as with the open type of construction;
  • mansard - systems designed for use on inclined windows.


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When choosing roller blinds, you must also be guided by the level of their transparency.

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Transparent - perfect for windows on the north or east side of the building. They disperse the light and make it less rigid.


Darkening - let light through, but delay heat. Create a coolness on the balcony.


Light-proof - curtains, which are installed on the windows from the sunny side. Fully absorb light.


Day-night - curtains, which have transparent stripes for adjusting the light flux. When they are combined, the light freely enters the room. In the opposite position, the curtains become light-absorbing. Equipped with a special adjustment mechanism, which increases the cost of curtains of this type.


Photos of the best designs of curtains on the balcony








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