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After some time, any furniture loses its original appearance. Virtually all kinds of furniture have a property, rapid wear and tear. Rarely wear cabinets, tables, chests of drawers and so on.

Decor chairs

However, the most wearable type of furniture is undoubtedly the chairs, since we use them much more than the rest of the furniture. The body of the chair itself does not wear out so quickly, and not so much, does not the upholstery of the seat and back.

Decor chairs

So many will definitely decide to get rid of the old and shabby furniture, but it's absolutely not worth doing so as you can restore any old thing yourself.

Decor chairs

In order to perform high-quality decor of a wooden chair, you must have the necessary material and tools, as well as have certain skills in repairing furniture, well, have a great imagination.

Decor chairs

  • Basic types of fabrics
  • Decoration process
  • Seat finish
  • Restoring the backrest
  • Photo ideas of beautiful decor of chairs

Basic types of fabrics

Before the beginning of work it is necessary to be defined with type and color of a fabric which will be established on seats, and as on a back of a chair. Many experts advise in these works to use only the most reliable fabric.

Decor chairs

For the restoration and decoration of old and damaged chairs, it is preferable to use a durable fabric based on a tapestry that includes 100% cotton and artificial fibers.

Decor chairs

This material is considered quite strong and durable, it has an increased resistance to wear. The main advantage of tapestry is its fibers, which have a direction on one side.


But for the restoration of antique or rare furniture it is desirable to use special silk for furniture. The basis of this fabric has artificial fibers. And in appearance, it looks very attractive and original. Chairs tipped with silk will not leave anyone indifferent as they will have a chic and rich look.


When restoring antique antique chairs it is necessary to use jacquard fabric. This is one of the most expensive and extraordinarily beautiful materials of the chair waist. However, some antique chairs are decorated with modern materials, such as arpatek and microfiber. The main advantage of these types of fabrics is their impeccable classic elegance.


Decoration process

Before proceeding to the very process of decorating an old and shabby chair, you will have to stock up on everything you need:

  • upholstery fabric
  • the seat will require foam and linen
  • decorative cord


But in the process of decoration you will need to use the necessary tools:

  • joiner's kit for works
  • pliers and knife
  • construction stapler
  • sandpaper of several types
  • furniture glue
  • machine grinder
  • hammer or wooden kiyanka


Before the beginning of the restoration of any chair, it should be carefully examined, and to determine the degree of its wear and deformation. In some cases, to restore the damaged stool, it will not take much effort to restore it.


In this case, the damaged parts can be fastened with special fastening angles having the required dimensions. It should be noted that even a small restoration will require disassembling the chair entirely and disconnect all its components.


In this case, each part of the chair must be restored separately. For more effective and long-term use of the chair, it is necessary to use tight and reliable components for the connection.


Remove from the chair the original coating wholly while using the machine tool or nazhdachku. Then, you need to put together the whole structure, using the wooden kyanik and special furniture glue, preferably using PVA glue.

the table

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Seat finish

Many modern chairs have a removable seat, so this design will have to work out of the box. However, in other cases, the decoration of the chairs must be made on the very structure of the chair.

alteration-of the old-chair_of_syllable_53x7oma7elta4ca4n

Next, you need to stock up foam, from which eventually will be made a soft and comfortable seat. The dimensions of this element must be exactly the same with your skeleton and deviations are not allowed. At the same time, most experts believe that the thickness of foam should be chosen individually.

alteration-of the old-stool-style-eight-eighth-sixteenth

After that, you need to make a batting canvas that will have all the basic and necessary dimensions of the "saddle" of your chair. However, in this case, you need to leave on each side a place of about five centimeters for fastening, using staple braces. After that, it is necessary to make the layout of the fabric for subsequent upholstery. Its size should be identical to the batting sheet.


On the seat prepared under the seat, you can safely lay foam rubber, then, in the seat it is necessary to fasten the batten prepared in size, remove excess parts with a sharp knife. With the help of a stapler, the upholstery is worn throughout the contour of the frame, it is desirable not to allow the formation of various folds and flaws and bumps.


Staples are nailed in several rows around the perimeter of the "sidushki." Upholstery fabric is not desirable to tighten tightly, as this can cause rapid deformation of foam rubber, and this will lead to premature wear of the chair seat.


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Restoring the backrest

To make the backrest very soft and comfortable, you need to use a compacted cardboard or thin plywood sheet that have exact and similar dimensions.


In this case, plywood and foam should also have the exact dimensions of the back of the chair. But the batting and the upholstery during installation should have a small release tolerance of about five centimeters, but no more.

Decorate stulev-5

Also, to decorate the back of the chair, you must install a pre-selected fabric for the upholstery. It is stretched face down, a plywood blank is placed on top of it.


Далее, на эту поверхность нужно установить подготовленный в размер лист ватина и поролона, после чего, на их натягивается upholstery fabric. Все это, надежно фиксируется используя специальные скобы.


The entire finished surface should not have any roughness, flaws and bumps, it should be perfectly smooth and smooth, and all the excess must be cut with a knife. After that, perform processing around the perimeter of the seat and back, using a braid or cord, hide all visible seams.


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Decor chairs

Decor chairs

Decor chairs

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